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The best way to contact us is via email. 


Email us here if not Tech Support

If it is technical support please use the Technical Support page under Support/Contact Us.  Most likely your question is addressed in the Knowledge Base so if just spend a minute you could get your answer immediately answered if the question is in the Knowledge Base.  If not, we will respond to you as soon as we go back on line.

How is your record counted?

If it is a session recap – where we discussed the Trade opportunity, if it is a live trade in the room or it is a Info Center alert we count them.  The record is the cross section of what traders took since we may discuss 15 trade opportunities and 20 traders may take 3 of them another 20 may take a different 3 of them and so on. That means that the record is what traders took, but not what an individual trader would have taken since they cannot trade them all, cannot stay up 24 hours a day and can never risk that much of a margin account.  Additionally, the spreads are all different since we probably have over 50 different Brokers represented in the room - like today where one trader’s broker was quoting 40 pips spread and another was 1.8 pips. The trader with the 40 pips spread could not have taken the Trade at all, while the other could.
We also have traders who made a mistake and lost or moved their stop to quick and broke even and others did not and got 80 pips.  That is why we try and take only the conservative average.  Even if a trader or two lost ( due to inexperience, or something else) and 30 traders took it the loss would actually help bring the average of the winning trades down.

There is a live video on the Live room results page showing how results are tabulated.
Hope that covers it

Do you have live Beginners lessons

We used to have the beginners classes in a live environment but they were always exactly the same so we finally just recorded all of them and beginners can watch them at will 24-7.  By the way, most watch lesson 2-6 4-5 times.  You can access beginners lessons is under education on the website.

Do you have a mirror trade service that I can copy?

No- in fact we are against it since it teaches Blind dependence on someone else and never makes a trader a trader. There are lots of services who do that and many brokers now offer it internally.

How do I update my email address with ProAct?

Once you are logged in you can change your email address.  You can change this address, then click "save" and future emails will be sent using this address.  

Which broker do you recommend and why?

ProAct Traders is not an Introducing Broker (IB) and thus not licensed to make recommendations on any particular broker. We are prohibited by law in the USA to make a Broker recommendation (you have to be licensed for that), but because we are a largest block of traders, Brokers will compete for your business.  We have some of those on our website and you can start your search there.

To find the lastest Broker information go here

How Do I whitelist ProAct?

Instructions are below.  In addition to ProActTraders.com also add dsisend.com  (our mass mailing provider)


I have an iCloud account and am not receiving emails

OK,  I did some research and just got off the phone with Apple.  Apparently Apple doesn't support bulk email sender domains, such as @DSISEND and doesn't offer a whitelist option.  They suggested that I set up a gmail account.

How to search for something on our site?

This is a big site since we are home to traders who range from beginners to advanced accomplished traders.  There are over 200 vidoes on this site and each is geared to a different level of trader.  That is a lot to sift through not counting if you already watched a video or located a checklist and now want to find it again.


Use the Search function under the Home Icon.

Do you have an affiliate marketing program?

Yes we do.  Our refer a friend is strictly for our current traders and allows them to reduce their costs by networking their trading buddies.  But for those who want to actively market our charts we have a great program.


An affiliate is paid $50.00 of the chart fee monthly for as long as their referral is a subscriber.  The month time period is from the 15th to the 15th of the month, and we pay within 5 days ( the 20th) as this allows credit cards ( from overseas to clear).  If you are marketing from a website we do have to approve the message on that site.  Please contact us at info@proacttraders.com to discuss this opportunity.

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What are the different levels of participation at ProAct Traders?

We have 5 levels of participation with us and they are:

7 day free 

7  days use of our London and the NY Session live room  COST: FREE

Demo Trader - 

10 days use of our software and the NY Session live room  COST: FREE

LEVEL 2 Chart Subscriber only - 

Subscription for our charts on a 30 day cycle- NO CONTRACT - Most are professional traders who no longer need the live room  Cost: $200 per cycle

LEVEL 3 ​Chart Subscriber with the Live room - 

Subscription for our charts and Live room access and Endeavor advance training on Monday night.  Includes the Info Center (one click access) and daily heads up alerts to your cell or email as well as access to the Session recap viddeo each day.  Also a 30 day cycle- NO CONTRACT  Cost: $300 per cycle

LEVEL 4 Fast Track Trader - 

A special one (1) year mentoring program which includes all of the above, plus a 3 day webinar (repeats are free as long as you are a ProAct chart subscriber) and daily private Market Analysis class BEFORE the NY session each day.  Cost:  varies depending on the marketing done at the time but usually around 3K. After 2 months Fast Trackers DO pay as a Level 2 subscriber but enjoy the Live room with no cost.

Drill down on all of this here

Trading Methodology (57)

What is the best trade to look for each day?

The RF1010 is the BEST trade to spot breakouts for the first movements of the session. It is a great INITIAL TRADE for a new directional movement.  The Pole Trade is the best in ranging markets.  Both are taught in the opening video of the NY session every day.

Only trade an RF1010 in the First 2 hours of the session and only if you have a wide open space to trade in!

The Pole and the  RF1010 is the BEST trade to spot breakouts for the first movements of the session as well as reversals. It is a great INITIAL TRADE for a new directional movement.  The Pole Trade is the best in ranging markets.  Both are taught in the opening video of the NY session every day.

Only trade an RF1010 in the First 2 hours of the session and only if you have a wide open space to trade in!

Where do I position the HSI TOOL?

HSI's are used at a top or a bottom of a "leg. Waves" The HSI tool is designed to measure the fibonacci Sequence of Elliott Waves.  In a 5 wave move down you place the start of the HSI at the Top of each clearly defined wave.  In a 5 wave move up you place the start of the HSI at the bottom of each clearly defined wave.  there are only 5 waves in a move therefore the maximum times it can be uses is 3 waves!  It does not matter which chart compression you find it on - only that you find it. A 60 minute usually shows it very clearly.  There is a tutorial on how to use this tool in the Tutorials section.

Click the Graphic to enlarge then hit the esc key to return


What’s the basic premise you use to trade and are depicted in the PA Charts to maximize gains and minimize losses?

While no trading system can guarantee 100% success, this is the closest we’ve found. After years of searching we found a way to measure MOMENTUM – the pulses in the market that indicate the Big Boys are entering. A simple confirmation process of using the correct trade setup for where you are in the move gives us a unique edge in the market …and you need an edge!  We only look for trades with REALISTIC targets by using a combination of established Technical Analysis techniques (support and resistance, Fibonacci retracements and extensions, trend lines etc.) and then using our proprietary HSI Tool we find the targets and take only those trade setups that have at least a 1:1 risk for reward.  


We only trade in the WOS ( Wide Open Spaces) so a trader has to look first for what is the structure of the current market,, where is the opportunity and what are the barreirs to that opportunity,

This requires work!  You must identify the wide open spaces by finding all the places in the charts where you cannot trade ( barreirs) and this by default leaves nothing but the areas you can put on a trade.  Once that area is defined the decision to take a trade ( alwasys ONLY WITH THE DOMINANT TREND) is determined by a minimum of a 1:1 rward to risk ratio.

How did you test your system?

When we back tested our system it ran over 80%. We are not a real fan of back testing because it is not realistic in the real world, but all of our trade setups were tested using REAL money (not demo) in a live environment so we stick to them. We are rules based and we adhere strictly to the rules of the trade setup. We also trade our own money so we put our money where our mouth is. We have found (the hard way) that we need NOTHING else!

What is the difference between a Retracement and a Pullback?

 A retracement is any movement against the current flow of candles. A Pullback is a major retracement of 100 pips or more that does NOT change the trend direction. Any 100 pip Pullback allows you to readjust the HSI targets using the HSI tool.  You can use a MAXIMUM of 3 "legs" or "waves" to plot the HSI.

Click graphic to enlarge and hten hit the esc key to return

Is there an overview of your methodology?

Yes!  Under Education you will see "First videos".  Click there and you can watch a 12 minute overview of our Target Trading methodology.

When is the best time to trade your system?

 Forex is a 24 hour market. We like to have volume in the market, which translates into movement and momentum. All the major markets (London, New York, Tokyo) provide that. A lot of volume comes into the market during Fundamental Announcements (FA’s). It’s the best and also the worst time to trade. No matter what time of day, in all honesty, we let the PA Charts guide us into and out of trading opportunities. We avoid trading after 11 am because we’ve found afternoon trading here in the US generally becomes a low volume market and laborious. We’ll start looking at the market again around 7:30 p.m. Central Time. The Best TRADING for MOMENTUM TRADERS (that is us) is in the first 2 ½ hours of each session. Download the tutorials so you know how to enter a trade in the early session for 55 PIPS!

How important are the T30’s?

We’ve found that when the price action hits a T30 (the horizontal lines posted on your chart) it is the best indicator to guide us through the majority of the move and still keep us from giving back a lot of earned pips. When you hit one of these lines and the charts gives signs of weakening, (i.e., smaller candles, indicators closing up in the extreme area and crossed over the opposite direction, color change or any combination of this) move your stop in tight and be prepared to exit. The earlier in the session the more likely that the T30 is just a stalling point. The latter in the session the more likely it is the end of the run. We try and do everything we can to stay in until the HSI target is hit! We are always looking for a movement of 55 pips or more. This is measured from the white dot on the 10 minute RF1010 setup.

What happens if I am in a trade and the 10 minute gatekeeper has a black candle the opposite way?

It is an early warning sign that the momentum is shifting to the opposite way. It means to move your stop and protect your profit but stay in the trade because many trades are only pausing and will continue on. It also means heads up for a potential reversal. If the black candle has enough momentum to turn the moving average the opposite color - PAY ATTENTION. This could be the start of the move in the new direction.

Is any one indicator more important than another?

No, we need harmony and then we trade the "real estate of the day".  Indicators simply feed us information to take into account along with our Technical analysis.  DO NOT BECOME AN INDICATOR JUNKIE!

How about scalping for 5 pips?

REMEMBER: YOU CANNOT BE SUCCESSFUL SCALPING THE FOREX LONG TERM! This is because you must overcome the spread - and you have to overcome the spread both on the entry and the exit. That means that a currency must move twice the spread PLUS 5 pips to net 5 pips ( the broker is quoting the spread at the end of the trade just as he does at the beginning). Most traders understand that they are paying the spread out of their account at the start of the trade, but do not realize that at the end of the trade they must still overcome the spread that is quoted at that time as well.

The deck is stacked against you in scalping and to scalp 5 pips each trade means that to be successful long term you must be right 90% of the time! This is why we teach to trade to a T30 (30 pips) and your first trade of the session is 55 pips! Will you get it? Who knows -but it is better than 5 pips. At 30 pips average profit you only need to be right 50% of the time to have an increase in your margin account. At 55 pips average profit you only need to be right 40% of the time to have an increase in your margin account.

Charts stall opening a chart and then suddenly start

First be sure that it is not imtermittent feed from your internet provider.  IF not then it is clogged history files.  Here's how to Fix it.

  1. Right click on the ProAct Charting icon.
  2. Select “Open File Location”
  3. In the url box at the top of the file list click on Roaming.
  4. Scroll to the v1 folder and select.
  5. Double Click on the Histories folder.
  6. Click Ctrl-A which selects all
  7. Press Delete key and remove all the history files.
  8. Restart Charts and allow all the histories to rebuild by clicking on each tab.



Does a trend make much of a difference?

Any experienced trader will tell you an established monthly trend supersedes a daily. A 4 hour trend supersedes a 30. But there are also potentially eight 30 minute sub-trends within a 4 hour chart. Our experience has proved to us that when our indicators in harmony, they are more than sufficient to make high probability winning trades time and time again because they are demonstrating harmony which occurs inside the current dominant trend. And whether the market is trending 400 pips on a 4 hr chart or ranging, we’ve found that when the charts are in harmony with the 240, our proprietary indicators gives us more consistently winning trades at a risk appetite comfort level we can live with day after day. If you want to trade higher time compression trends, be prepared to use larger stops and risk larger losses on any one trade. The THICK RED moving average on the 10 minute Wild Card closely approximates the trend that is currently in force since it comes from the 240 chart.

Does the time of the day/trading session also have some impact?

Definitely! Volume comes into the market during the both the London and NY sessions. If you've traded the NY session for long, you know they like to take out stops in both directions for 20-30 pips, maybe a couple of times, before a definite direction can be confirmed. That means the potential for whipsaws, exhaustions and imminent reversals. When this happens, I like to plot out the major support or resistance level on the 30 min chart, pay close attention to the T30 levels, be patient and wait for the ProAct Charts to confirm a breakout or reversal.

What does TFPD stand for?

TFPD is an nemonic for the basic FXTT methodology.

Trade For Pips Daily


 T=trends, F=fibs, P=PSRs, D=divergence.  

What are PSRs?

PSRs are "previous support and resistance" points.  They are places the moves will stop and consist of previous supports and resistance points in a move.  PSRs are defined as one candle sticking up/down, with two candles to the left higher/lower and two candles to the right higher/lower.  Twins are counted as one candle when marking PSRs.



What are the rules for drawing trends on the charts?

Use the channel key on the charts.  Trends are done ONLY on a 240 minute chart.  They are anchored on a support and a resistance, must be at a 45 degree angle or less, and must prove the heart line once placed.  Three points confirm a trend, if you have only two it is a working trend.  There is a video on trends in the video Library.

What are fibs?

The term "fibs" is short for fibonnacci lines, which follow the fibonnacci sequence.  That sequence is 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377 and so on.  The ProAct fibonnacci tool has fib extensions built in as well.  The .500 fib is not a true fibonnacci number, but is universally used in trading so is included in a properly set up fibonnacci retracement tool.  Fibs are placed on a leg of a move to show where the currency will likely go in  the next move.  

There is a video on this in the video Library.

What is divergence and how do we find out if it's happening?

Divergence occurs when the moving averages and the candles move in opposite directions.  We use a 60 minute 6 aces chart to look for divergence.  The MACD on that chart is a 60 minute MACD as are the candles.  If the MACD is not following the movement of the candles we have divergence.  The MACD almost always wins.


What is "paper trading"?

There are multiple types of paper trading.  Paper trading done  to practice entries is done on a 10 minute chart ONLY.

There is a video on this in the video Library.

Why do I need to understand patterns?

Professional traders are aware of the patterns formed by price action and use them to make decisions on the direction of the moves overall.  Since we are following the professional traders, the Big Boys, we need to be cognizant of which patterns exist and how to trade them.

The website has a page under Resources to get you started on Patterns.

What are the 3 musketeers?

This is the ProAct name for the 3 Heiken-Ashi charts at the bottom of the RF1010 setup template.  They are used to identify waves and are NOT to be used for current pricing information, which is obtained from the trigger chart on the RF1010 template.  WHY?  Heiken Aishi candles always start at the 50% of the previous candle which of course is most likely not the real price of that candle at that time.  NEVER USE THE PRICE QUOTED ON THESE CHARTS AS REAL.

Heiken Aishi candles are designed to take the "noise" out ot the candlestick movements.  When they are all three in harmony,  a move has a higher statistical probability of occurring in the direction these charts are showing.  Each chart is a different time compression and represents the traders who actively trade at that level:  Big Boys: the 240 and 60 and the 10 helps us nail our entry when in harmony with the big boys.  Heiken Aishi candles open at the 50% elvel of the last candle printed. That means that if we have no wicks on the opposite side of the trend direction, then we did not even had a 50% retracement inside that candle which means that the market has sufficient participants to keep a movement with the trend in tact.

Click graphic to enlarge and then hit the esc key to return

What type of trade do we use the 6 aces template for?

The 6 aces template is used for reversal trades, so uses a  15 minute time frame. 

Drill down on this setup here

What is a Royal Flush?

A Royal Flush is a specific type of setup based on the RF1010 template.  To have a Royal Flush ALL of the parts of the RF1010 template, including the 3 musketeers along the bottom, the PATOs along the side, and the main trigger chart have to be indicating a move in the same direction.

Learn more here

What is a "gatekeeper chart"?

The gatekeper chart is found on the RF1010 setup, it's the 10 minute chart in the bottom set of 3 charts.  We use it to look for the parts of an RF1010 setup, including the black jack, the HMI, and the position of the candles relative to the moving average.  Once you determine that the gatekeeper has all the necessary components in place to be called a trade setup, you go to the 10 minute "trigger" screen and confirm the trade itself using the real estate of the day.

What do we do if the 240 trend is up and the day chart trend is down?

Depends on the Real Estate of the Day.  WE TRADE THE 240 CHART - inside the day chart.  The day chart supersedes the 240 trend, so you would trade the 240 trend up and at the day chart after the trend change down - trade down using the analysis you did on the 240 chart itself. 

How do we put a "road map" on the charts?

We use a 60 minute chart to set up a "road map" once we are done analyzing the 240 minute chart.  You would add any lines you see as single line trend lines, channels, etc, as well as placing a fib on the dominent leg of the move trying to get the cross into that new area you are currently trading.  You can also use the trend line to mark shorter lines by deselecting "ext left" and "ext right" and thus create short lines on the charts.  Many traders do this to mark head and shoulders, wedges, or other items they want to watch.  Also, many traders use the "text" tool on the 60 to keep notes reminding them of what they are specifically looking for.  The text tool has a handy numbering option should you choose to number things such as Elliott waves as well. 

There is a video in the Video library on this if you are a ProAct subscriber

What are the uses of the fib lines in the fib retracement tool?

Fibonacci retracements are placed on a leg in a move.  As the trade progresses, they can be used for multiple things, such as adding to positions, or moving stops as the move progresses.  Retracement Fibs are used to find the area wher the correction might stop and the trending move continue.

Click graphic to enlarge and then hit the esc key to return


PSRs and HSIs as targets

PSRs (Previous Support or Resistance) and HSIs are interim targets on the way to the ultimate target in a wide open space.  Once a PSR is hit, it is dashed to show it has been weakened.  The beginners lessons covers both of these.

Color of candles

The ProAct candle colors are based on momentum.  If there is momentum in a buy, the candle will be green.  If there is momentum in a sell, the candles will be red.  The algorithm run looks back over a specific proprietary time scan to determine how to color them.  If there is less momentum than prior candles, the candle will have a black outline.  This signifies there is price action, but no momentum.  This is why you can have a red candle going up or a green candle going down in a move.  

How we trade a fundamental announcement called also a fundie?

The FXTT method of trading a fundie consists of several steps.  First, get flat in any trades you have open before the fundie which may be affected by the fundie.  An example would be EURUSD, with a fundie in the EUR or the USD.  In both of those cases you would get flat (close out the trade) prior to the fundie being released.  Second, analyze all the pairs affected by the fundie to determine whether a trading opportunity exists, and if so, if it is based on the fundie being positive or negative for the currency.  Thirdly, after the risk and reward using the FXTT methodology.  Thirdly, go to a 1 minute chart and watch the candles as the data is released.  ALWAYS wait 3-5 minutes before making ANY trade, even one you have fully analyzed.  This is because there are always straddlers so the Big Boys whipsaw the pairs up and down, taking the straddlers in on both sides.  You want to see the actual move after the 5 minute time ONLY.  

There is a video on this in the video Library.

Note:  At times a fundie can cause a very fast and large move in a pair. This is a missed opportunity as we also never jump into a trade which is moving quickly as it is too risky.

What is meant by "reticular cognition" and how does it apply to my studies?

Reticular cognition is the database your brain builds when you focus on doing repetitions of a single task.  At ProAct this is used when learning patterns, currency personalities, trends, etc.  The proper way to study all of the ProAct components so you build reticular cognition is to do 300 of them, say a specific pattern repeat, at one sitting.  Then, take 24 hours off so your brain can build a database of the work just done.  You only do ONE subject at a time, such as 300 trends, to enable your brain to create the database.  Once built, your brain will actually recognize the trend, pattern, etc, faster than your conscious mind can figure it out.


What are the basic forex patterns?

The are listed on this page - there is also a video to help you.

How do I study patterns?

You can download the chart pattern recognition tool  on the "free tools" page on the web site and  Do only ONE pattern per day, a minimum of 300 of the pattern, then take 24 hours off so your brain can build a database out of the work just completed. 

There is a full page on chart patterns on the website:

You can download the Pattern Recognition Trainer  to get you started correctly.

What does "let it center" mean?

This means to allow a candle to move up/down to the 50% area of a prior candle.  This allows us to get into the trade at a better position and demonstrates the market is going to go in the direction we anticipated.

There is a video on this in the video Library.

What does "make it prove it" mean in trading the FXTT method?

This describes what you are doing as you wait for a candle pattern, or price action, to show it is going to do what you anticipated it will do.  What is the criteria that you have decided the currency must do for you to commit to taking this trade.   It is based on the "Real Estate" of the day and can be multiple factors.  

Some Examples:

  • Break out of a pattern
  • Break into a wide open space
  • Retrace to a fib number
  • Square up
  • Break, Hook and Go

These are just a few that you may identify.

Real Estate of the Day is determining the current structure of the currency ( Trend, Fibs, PSR etc.) and creating a trading plan for this particular piece of chart real estate and what will be your trigger to take a trade.

The reason to take the trade is FIRST: a good Reward for Risk ratio, SECOND:  the behavior the currency must exhibit for you to consider the opportunity and then finally a valid trade setup.  

The least important thing is the TRADE SETUP!

What does "let your trade come to you" mean?

Many traders have difficulty waiting for the trade setups FXTT uses to actually become trades.  A trade setup is not a trade.  You need to identify the entry point, which may not occur in the charts for many hours, and wait for that to happen.  This is called "letting your trade come to you."

What does "squaring up" mean?

There are multiple types of squaring up.  One type is based on a candle pattern, and it means a move has retraced or pulled back to a previous  candle.  This is often seen on Fridays which is "square up" day.  See "square up day" for more information.  

There is a video on this in the video Library.

What does "know the exit before you enter" mean?

We always know where we would exit a trade before we place it as we are trading to targets.  We also always calculate the total risk and the reward at our target prior to placing a trade.  In order to do this calculation, you must know the planned exit.

What is basic Elliot Wave as part of structure?

The basic Elliott Wave pattern is five waves followed by an A,B,C pattern, then a repeat.  They can vary greatly in appearance.  There is a diagram showing basic Elliott Wave patterns here.


You can also find information about them on the internet. 

What is meant by "wide open spaces" in the FXTT system?

The Wide Open Spaces (WOS) are those spaces between barriers and/or targets, such as fibs, HSIs, PSRs, trend walls, single line trend lines, channel walls, etc.  We only trade in the WOS as they are the places where currencies can move from target to target.


Click graphic to enlarge and then hit the esc key to return

What is a Break, Hook and Go?

A break, hook and go is a move made by the Big Boys which we look for prior to entering a trade.  They can look like several different candle combinations, so there is not one single definition. 

What is meant by "structure of the market"?

The structure of the market is the a combination of several factors.  Traders need to be aware of the trends in the marketplace, the current wave structure, any patterns in the market, and so on.  This helps traders anticipate where the market may move next.  Without this determination by the trader, the trader is just gambling, not trading.  Learn the structure!  We review structure daily in the live training room.

What does this mean by "Monday is construction day"?

The market makers (also called the Big Boys) use Monday to set up their trades for the week when the markets open for the next 6 days.  They show their intent on the charts by price action. 

What is meant by "Friday is square-up day"?

Traders need to "balance the books" at the end of the week, if they are getting out of positions.  This means that those who have buying all week need to sell their way out, and those who have been selling all week need to buy their way out of trades.  These are difficult to trade and usually result in losses for inexperienced traders.  We do not even open the room on Firday due to Square up day!  Look at what happens if we get a violent square-up on Friday.  You would be trading the correct way UNTIL they square up- see graphics of actual squareups below:

Click graphic to enlarge and then hit the esc key to return

What are Scott's 2 rules for trading?

1) He who loses best will win in the end! Assume your position is wrong until the market proves what you positioned is correct. Keep your losses quick and small. 

2)  Press your winners correctly without exception. You will become the best trader you can be by being wrong small, not right small! Get that in your mind now. You are going to have to press your winners if you really consider yourself to have the ability to make a living or extra  income from trading. Otherwise, face the truth that you are only playing to  break even  .You must at all times be able to put only a portion of your expected position  on at entry and be able to at least double your size somewhere along the route  of an expected move.

What are Scott's 3 questions for each day?

There are really just TWO questions we have to answer throughout each day:  

1) What are the Big Boys doing today and why?

2) What is the next most probable move?

...and once we get that figured out and are ready to trade it

3) What's MY risk?

When should we be trading?

We only trade the first 2-2.5 hours of each session, when we have overlapping markets.  This improves the liquidity in the market. Note:  Do NOT trade the Frankfurt open, which is just before the London open. There is a diagram of the hours to trade.

What is meant by "press your winners"?

When placing a trade, you need to identify a place where you can at least double your position.  This is called pressing your winners.  Without the ability to add on to your position, you will not be able to make large profits trading the forex. 

Here's a 1/2 hour video on how to do it CLICK HERE


How can you anticipate a move?

I am often asked “ How can you anticipate a move that might actually materialize?

While there could be a hundred different ways, the most consistent for me is to always look for the “preponderance of evidence from the charts”.  Look for a currency that is moving with the dominant trend of the day when it is in harmony with the overall trend.

This is when the incredible charts that we developed really help you ( I have attached one showing what I primarily look for).  We are not indicator junkies and so the reason we take a trade has nothing to do with an indicator setting etc..  But what we use our special charts with their indicators for is to find the “preponderance of evidence from the charts”. 


Use Scott's three questions to drill down on what you see.

(1) WHY are the Big Boys doing WHAT they’re doing? Then, before actually placing a trade ask

(2)What moves are probable

(3) What's MY risk?


What are the best pairs for beginners to trade while learning the system?

Beginners should trade the AUDUSD, the NZDUSD and the EURGBP.  The reason for this is that all three of these are less volatile, more predictable pairs, which do not typically move in wide swings, thus stopping you out.  The EURGBP is a very slow moving pair but also typically pays more than the majors.    The AUDUSD and NZDUSD tend to move all day as well so can be traded in the Asian session if you have a job and are away from the charts during the New York Session hours.

What are fundies? What does dollar positive and dollar negative mean?

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2014 03:49PM CDT


Fundies are Fundamental Announcements, which can be news events such as press conferences, bankers’ statements, etc, or specific data releases such as Non-Farm Payroll, Interest Rate decisions, and so on.  We track the high-impact fundies only, based the grade assigned by Forex Factory (www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php). 
Released fundies can be positive, negative, or neutral.  Positive means the actual data for the fundie was better than the forecast released prior to the fundie.  Negative means the actual data for the fundie was worse than the forecast released prior to the fundie.  Neutral means it was either the same as or minimally different from the forecast released prior to the fundie.
The market builds in the forecasted result as part of their decision making process when trades are placed. Thus, if a fundie release is markedly different from what they have built into their decision, they must quickly react and price that data into their open positions.  This can cause very quick, volatile moves in the pairs affected by the fundie, which is why new traders are instructed to get flat (be out of all trades which may be affected) before a fundie.  Once the fundie effect has been shaken off, the market will often return to the same structural plan it had been working on prior to the fundie. 
Example:  Non-Farm Employment Change July 3, 2014.

Previous: 224K, forecast 214K, actual 288K.  The forecast was for 214K new jobs to have been created in the past month.  Since the market made trades based on a result of 214K but the actual was higher at 288K, this is a “dollar positive” fundie.  If you think of the pairs, say USD/JPY, a positive fundie will drive the USD price up and the JPY price down.  However, on the NZD/USD the NZD will go down as the USD goes up.  It’s like a scale or teeter-totter.  The USD side reacts in the direction of the fundie, whether a given pair goes up or down depends on which currency is the base pair. 
On June 6, 2014 the previous was 282K, the forecast 214K, and the actual was 217K.  That variance between 214K and 217K was not large enough to require any adjustment in the built-in decisions, so it was a neutral fundie.
All pairs have fundies at multiple points during the week and it is the trader’s job to know when they are taking place and to take the appropriate action.  ProAct has a great tool to remind you of the fundies which can be set to audibly alert you as they are released, but in your time zone.  That tool is the Fundie Control Center described in a separate knowledge base question

What is the ATR and where can I get it every day?

The ATR we use is the 14-day Average True Range.  You can get the same numbers by using the FREE ATR script for your cell phone on the ATR page of our web site.   The page is here

Does the London square up occur at the end of the London Session, or does it continue into the NY Session and throughout the rest of the day until the NY Session closes?

The market completes its final square-ups at the close of the last session of the last trading day of the week.  That would mean by the close of the NY Session on Friday, the square-ups for that week would be completed by the majority of traders.  Be aware banks and other non-retail traders can continue to trade after the retail forex market is closed.

What to focus on as a new trader to Target Trading?

We get questions like this all the time:

Hi There!

Hope you are well today. I have been impressed with how you all have presented Target Trading and your systems for training people. I would like to become a subscriber but have a few questions concerning how you can help me to focus on the learning process from the begining. My funds are limited and I would like to make the most of my time from the start. Could you please help me to know exactly what to focus on in the begining? I see in the subscription options that there is 1 on 1? How exactly is that done? I know I can learn any material to be a successful Target Trader, but it would be very helpful if someone could help me stay focused. That is my main weakness. Any suggestions would be greatly welcome. 

A. The least expensive way is to start with a 7 day Free live room access - then take a ten day free demo - that gives you 17 trading days out of an average 20 trading days a month FREE.  You then subscribe @ the $300 subscription level - watching as Pablo shows you how to understand the structure of the market - do not be in a hurry to make money , learn to make Pips with a 1 lot micro.

Watch the free lessons on the beginners lessons page and then go practice that lesson in the charts before moving on to the next lesson.  IF you run into a snag and you are a subscriber - that is when you ask for a 1 on 1 so that we can focus solely on fixing the snag and therefore your understanding.  You need only (2) 50 pips trades a month with a mini to pay for the live room ( and we always find way more then that) and here is where you can get live training on a daily basis seeing the different "Real Estate of the Day" and how to approach it.  Think of it as a daily puzzle that you must figure out.

Scott's Fibs are different then those in the retracement tool

In 2003, I hired a Fibmaster to teach me fibs. That cost me $3500 and I got 3 hours of time.  At that time I had to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to not reveal them to anyone except my mentored students.  I still abide by that NDA today.  While I cannot disclose them to anyone but our Fast Track students, I cannot prohibit anyone from simply taking a screenshot of them and them inputting that value into your retracement tool.

An important thing to remember is that when the Forex opened to the public in 1998, all the tools were imported over from the stock market and those are the default settings in all tools.  THEY DON'T WORK IN THE FX  MARKET with a 5.3 trillion dollar daily average turnover!

Am I a struggling trader? (2)

Do you have live Beginners lessons

We used to have the beginners classes in a live environment but they were always exactly the same so we finally just recorded all of them and beginners can watch them at will 24-7.  By the way, most watch lesson 2-6 4-5 times.  You can access beginners lessons is under education on the website.

Am I a struggling trader?

You might be or you are a struggling trader - here are the signs

You MIGHT be a struggling trader if ...

  • Your average pip capture is under 15 pips
  • You have refunded your account 3 or more times
  • You constantly get stopped out only to see the market go to your target
  • You think you can pick tops and bottoms
  • You get mad at the market when you lose
  • You blame the broker again for hunting your stops
  • You have never read the Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas
  • Your account is dwindling faster then your gains
  • You concentrate on the reward of trading instead of the risk of trading
  • You have road rage at times
  • You are impatient at red traffic lights
  • You do not spend an adequate amount of time pre-market studying it
  • You do not trust your system's trading signals
  • You do not believe in the K.I.S.S. principle
  • You do not put support and resistance levels on your charts
  • You do not understand why a currency is moving in a certain direction
  • You have not memorized the most prolific chart patterns in the market

You ARE a struggling trader if ...

  • You bounce from system to system trying to find a perfect fit
  • You bet the farm
  • You are making 20-30 trades a week and not seeing profits
  • You risk more then 2-5% of your margin on all open trades
  • You do not assess your risk and reward on every trade and pass on making trades with less then 1 to 1 risk to reward ratio
  • You chase trades
  • Enter at the top or bottom of the movement
  • You pull your stops when it goes against you
  • You think stops are for sissies
  • You have to be in the market all the time
  • You are looking for the Holy Grail in trading
  • You keep looking for the next methodology to trade
  • Spend more time in online forums then actually studying the market yourself
Demo Traders (4)

When I get a demo, do I have the ability to put trend lines etc. on the demo charts?

YES. You will not however, be able to add studies to the Demo or the Subscription charts because we have “locked” those charts so all members would experience identical trading conditions as they occur, real-time. We spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars developing the proprietary indicators that we use and the specific code written only for us. The Demo Charts are limited to the 9 major currencies, designed as they are, they are EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE “as is” showing high probability trades. However, if after the trial period, a trader chooses to become a subscriber, then they have “full access” to all the major currency combinations as well as drawing tools, Fibonacci’s, etc. to further customize the charts to their personal settings.

My access code to NY Session is Invalid

Why?  Because we can change it every day.

  • If you are using a code from a former day it may not work
  • Only demo traders and Paid subscribers have access to this room so if you want to try more than one day you have to take a 10 day chart demo
  • Subscribers access the Live Rooms via the Info Center (make sure you log out and log in each day)
  • Demo Traders must access via the  Login link in the upper right corner of the website

Why can't I have more then 10 days with the charts?

Well first we are glad you want more time!  But....While the demo is free to you - it is NOT FREE TO US.  We pay for the datafeed for you to have candles on the charts and even though you are not paying for it - we are.  So logically, we must limit that cost since we have lots of demo traders who are not looking for a system and profitable way to trade.  They are looking for a quick way to learn to trade and be a zillionaire in three weeks.


But if you are serious, on your 9th day you will get a ONE TIME oppoprtunity to extend the demo IF you will pay only for the data feed since you will now be using the charts for a full month. You simply opt to accept that minimal cost and you can add two more weeks.

I forget to bookmark the Demo Traders Video page

Subscription Information (4)

Can I take a demo if I unsubscribe?

While we appreciate that you deem us worthy to try and continue on after you have unsubscribed, we simply cannot allow it.  It is a business decision for us.  While the demo is a free product to demo traders, it is not to us.  We prepay the data feed for the charts and it works out to $77.00 per month per trader.  If we were to allow traders to follow us this way we would quite simply go broke.  From an integrity standpoint, it is not fair to allow one trader to do this and then refuse all others from doing this.  I feel certain you understand.
So, thanks for being with us the time you were and hopefully we will see you back real soon.

What are my subscription options?

Look under the Subscribe button for this info

If I subscribe to the charts and the live room, do I get the alerts?

Yes.  Those who subscribe to the charts plus live room, or who are mentored/fast track students, are eligible for the alerts.  You can compare the features of the various subscription levels on this page:


Can I just subscribe to the daily info center alerts?

No, the alerts are a value add for our (LiveRoom and Fast Track) subscribers only

Trading Psychology (3)

What's the name of the trading books Scott recommends?

Scott recommends the following books for traders:  The Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas; Trading in the Zone also by Mark Douglas; Trading Rules that Work by Jason Alan Jankovsky.  

Who is that guy Scott had talk to us about trader psychology?

His name is Rande Howell, his book is "Mindful Trading:  Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game".  His web site offers some free information as well.  The URL is https://www.mytradersstateofmind.com/



How do I use my trading journal to help my trading psychology?

The purpose of your trading journal is to show you where your trade did not follow your trading plan.  We learn the most from analyzing our trading losses.  By looking at the trades in-depth, you can see what mechanical, or psychological, factors are impacting your trading our trading losses.  By looking at the trades in-depth, you can see what mechanical, or psychological, factors are impacting your trading.

Money Management (4)

Stops... what about these with this system?

The technical stop is ALWAYS the last support or resistance + 5-7 pips on an odd number. If I've made a good entry by waiting for the 3, 10 (wild Card trade only) , 15, and 240 to go all green or red. I very simply place my stops 5-7 pips above a T30 if I’m trading south and 5-7 pips below a T30 if I’m trading north. I know I can always re-enter after taking a small loss after I see price stall and the indicators confirm that.. I'll put no more than 2% of my margin at risk on any one of these trades. Trading is not an exercise in perfection. It's a lot of waiting, putting smaller amounts of margin at risk at times and being persistent. If a move starts and is approaching the next T30 I pull my stop up halfway through to the approaching T30 and if I get a break of that I move to the T30 that has just been violated.



NOTE: since we are MOMENTUM traders -do a study on the 10 minute Wild Card and notice that if you stop that MOMENTUM candle (the one that has both Moving averages the same color, an arrow and a painted candle in the direction of the trend you will rarely get stopped out unless it is a reversal and at which case you want to be stopped out since you are going the wrong way.

There is a video on this in the Video Library.

Click the graphic below to enlarge and then click the esc key to return

What risk parameters do you recommend?

ProAct recommends a maximum of 2% at risk at any one time, across all open trades.

How do I do multiple trades/entries if I can only risk 2%?

When you move your trades to break-even, following the ProAct guidelines, this opens that 2% for use again.  This means you can take the next trade with 2% again.  HOWEVER, this does NOT free up the margin in your account  be aware of the total amount being held by your broker as you add trades.

What is meant by "press your winners"?

When placing a trade, you need to identify a place where you can at least double your position.  This is called pressing your winners.  Without the ability to add on to your position, you will not be able to make large profits trading the forex. 

Here's a 1/2 hour video on how to do it CLICK HERE


Live Rooms (4)

How do I get the password for the Live Rooms


Use the 1-click button on your Info center

Demo Traders:

You access the NY Session by going to the Live room login page Monday - Thursday – since the password can change daily.  This link is in the upper right of our website.

I can't access the Live room? I am a demo trader.

On the website when you downloaded the demo you were to do 8 things.  If you missed it you would NOT be able to get the info you need

You must setup your website access which then opens the website up to you based on the demo status.  If you did not do that then the live room logins page is not available to you.

Set your website acccess up here

When the website is setup (and an email comes to you validating your access) you then have access to the live room login page (access can change everyday because we have lots of crashers who try and get in and steal pip strategies), so until you are a subscriber you have to go here every day to get todays access.  Access is in hte upper right corner of our website.

Should I connect hard wire or wireless?

Should you connect directly to the Internet
via hard wire or wirelessly? Check out the answer:

Watch Video

Watch Video

How to clear my web browser cache?

Clearing your cache frees up valuable resources and may help with live room streaming.  Here is a PDF on how to do it - download and follow the instructions

Tech Support Issues (4)

Time frames missing

There is a little slider on each tool at the top of your charts you simply move it left or right depending on what you want to show.

I am having trouble loading the charts the first time?

Firewalls are 99% of the time the issue here. We do not use JAVA since we are web based so many firewalls (especially Norton and McAfee) think we might be a Trojan. We can usually get you up in a few minutes– go to the TECH SUPPORT page on our website and follow ALL THE PROMPTS if you have difficulty. You can also simply go into your firewall and tell it to allow PATRADERS.exe - THOSE INSTRUCTIONS ARE ON THE TECH SUPPORT PAGE!

I can't seem to run the tutorials on my computer?

First, our videos are Not downloadable - only streamable.  they are also set to only run if the client is inside the website ( the link won't work of you copy and paste it into a browser).

If they won't stream then it is something that you have set up on your PC:

1) Sometimes just running them in a different browser will let them run.

The Videos are created to run in ANY browser that is Windows Based.  They are .MP4 files (99.9% of all PC’s already have this installed) and set to play this format.  Sometimes people change the default player to real player or something else and so therefore you have told your PC to NOT play it.  So first thing to check is that.  Next thing is your firewall.  Videos are streaming into your PC and firewalls can think they are a virus trying to get in.  Shut your firewall off and try to run them and if they run you have found your problem. 
Sometimes you have to turn on ACTIVE X

2) Sometimes you have to go into your settings and tell  your PC to associate MP4 files with your Flash player ( it is part of every browser).  Most likely you turned it off at some point and now need to turn it back on.  All of the above you can Google to get specific instructions on how to do it.
If you have trouble playing it (other than buffering issues) or ANY other videos on our website it is usually confined to your PC (firewalls etc.).  Here are the work arounds if that happens:

Step 1: Right click on the video and copy the link and then paste into browser
(Example : http://1244.player.netbroadcasting.tv/player/flash/1244?live=0&stream=hOW_TO_USE_THE_CHARTS.mp4)
Lastly,  you can download this open source free viewer that I use from time to time and try opening the video with this.


I cannot download the Videos?

Ok first you do NOT Download these - they are STREAMING VIDEOS which means they stream to you.  They play in Flash which every PC has UNLESS you have shut it off.

Also our videos are protected and only run if you are inside our website.  If you are using a link that someone gave you they will not stream.

If they won't stream then it is something that you have set up on your PC:

Billing questions (3)

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel here by letting us know with 5 days written notice, or you can send an email to info@proacttraders.com requesting your next billing be stopped.

We always acknoweldge your cancellation in writing.  If you do not receive that then we did not receive the email so you will need to resend.  The internet and especially email providers are not 100% reliable so be aware that if it bills  and you did not receive notification of the cancellation then you will need to re-notify us.

To contact billing click here.

How do I change my Credit Card on file?

You will receive an email about your upcoming payment with the instructions to update cc info.  However, if you miss that you can rectify that below.

There are 2 ways:
1) Send an email to billing (karen.barkley@proacttraders.com) with the first half of the credit card number, the name on the card and the expiration date and the CVS number on the back of the card ( this is a 3 digit security code).  Follow that up immediately with another email but this time with the last 1/2 of the card's number.

2) Call Karen @ 512-751-8362  and give the new number over the phone.

My Credit Card declined - how do I Fix this?

This is due to one of several reasons.

  1. You used a debit card and there is no balance on the card
  2. The expiration of the card has expired
  3. You bank (usually outside the USA) has declined to authorize the transaction

At the bottom of the email that you received saying the transaction was unable to be billed is a link that will allow you to change the credit card:

This order was due to be billed again on 8/8/20xx. Unfortunately, when we attempted to bill the credit card on file (Visa XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-1234) within your account, the transaction failed.

To ensure your service remains uninterrupted, please click on the link below to renew your service immediately:
 <Link is here but it only goes to your account>

 Please contact us immediately if you have any questions regarding your order.
 ProAct Traders LLC

Billing questions click here.

Please note that this will auto bill every day until rectified.  We usually shut the charts off within 5 days because we will be billed for your datafeed if we don't.

Training Questions (4)

How do I learn this system?

We use the tried and true concepts of technical analysis and then trade only in the areas where there is lots of room to a target.  Taking an RF1010 setup is the LAST part of the process to enter a trade.  Essentially the RF1010 is a setup that indicates whether there is enough momentum to make it to the target.  A wide open space means that the Big Boys are interested in the same target.

We are NOT indicator junkies so even though we stress learning the RF1010 in the beginning of your journey with us, it is not the real reason we are taking the trade setup. We are taking the trade setup because it is proving what we already know.

Here are short videos on how to learn the system:


What is the best way to get started?

Go to the beginners page http://proacttraders.com/beginners-lessons   on our website and view all the lessons – when you are ready subscribe.  Don’t spend any money until you are ready!!!!!!
You should also watch each of the videos on this page



What Training is available to me?

We are a complete Forex system designed to take a person from Beginning Forex Target Trading through to Professional trader.  We have a free 10 day demo period of our awesome charts.
Check out the following:
Free Training for beginners in a 24/7 online library ( classes are recorded so you can watch them over and over)
Live Training room every day in the London and NY session

Live Advanced classe every Monday night
Live room subscriber’s get Trade alerts to their email and cell phones
We have the most amazing Award Winning Charting system  for the Forex on the planet

I'm struggling - can you find a trader to help me?

Some of our traders might do it -but I do not recommend it.  Cross pollination usually creates more confusion not clarity.  Most traders who struggle are:

  • Not journaling all their trades
  • Over trading
  • Not willing to wait for the Wide Open Space
  • Not willing to adhere to strict margin management rules (2:1, 3:1 R/R ratio and max 2% ( when struggling it is 1% at risk)
  • Not paper trading - Not spending 3 hours in the charts for every 1 hour you are live trading
  • They “think” ( I think it's going up instead of the chart says it is going up)
  • They click out too soon
  • They don’t “know their currency” so panic on pullbacks and retracements

Are you doing the above?
A person who is seeing success is concentrating on making that permanent and usually not willing to deter from that and help another trader at this stage in their own journey.  Traders who are willing to do this (who are not already trading buddies with another trading partner) are usually facing their own inner struggles and hope that another trader (you) will help them get out of their own slump.

Info Center (5)

How do I download the Info Center?

Only subscribers can have it: The Info Center ( IC) gives you one click access to all the rooms that you are authorized to attend as well as private pages on the website.
You must download it from the subscribers center on the ProAct Traders.com website Click here

Password not working on the Info Center

Every day and prior to any special session you must shut down and restart the Info Center.  This is because unless it has shut down and then gone back to the server it is still holding on to the last password.
Hope that helps

How do I update the Info Center (IC)?

The info center automatically checks your version when you sign in each day.  If your system is not up-to-date, it will be automatically updated to the current version.

I am not getting the Alerts to my Cell phone or email?

One of two things may be happening:

You did not set up the Info Center to receive them (you set the Info center up for that - we do not).  Instructions to do so are on this page of the website

You do not have the correct cell phone suffix Info is here

You must close the Info Center down each day and restart it so it checks in with the server for any new information.

If you have installed correctly then the other possibility is that you have inadvertently unchecked the alerts inside the info Center.

Also when you want to shut down the Info Center make sure you have told it what you want to do with any alerts that arrive after you have shut it off.

And remember you can always retrieve them manually by checking the server yourself by clicking the Previous IC Alerts button shown above.

IC Alert said Break Hook and Go

Im curious to how or why the IC alert for EA this week on 6/6 was recorded as a winner. It said to wait for a BHG which it never did. It just dropped to about 1.4950 in the first 3-5 mins. So even if traders did trade it as recommended by your site. Which is to be flat before a fundie and then wait till after the first few mins, the most one could have got was 50-60 pips using the limit that was given. But instead you have 110 pips recorded. It seems to me it should have been a invalid trade, since it never hooked.

Im sure I could go back to many of the IC alerts that call for BHG's and price would have moved through the sell or buy price but never BHG but instead turn back and just went the opposite direction. Now Im sure if I would have just taken the trade and not waited for the BHG and taken a loss. Your reply would have been that I didn't trade it properly by not waiting for the BHG. 

It just seems to me that you allow it when it benefits your record but not if it would hurt. Also how did so many people make over 92 pips (point of entry to the limit). One guy claimed over 175 pips. He would have been in before the fundie (against your method), didn't wait for the hook and go (against your method) and then just held past the daily ATR and the limit sent out. Im guessing these must be fast trackers that you are using to count these pip totals and not the basic room.

So is it fine that next week all IC alerts and recaps that call for a BHG I just enter with a EO and if or when they are losers you will record them as such? That's the only way I can see this issue being fair.


90% of our traders are Fast Track Traders who enter most of their trades as pre-planned entry orders (even with a Fundie).  The break hook and go is for those who are taking market orders since obviously you can't wait for a BH&G in a entry order. and also to point out that some barrier must be taken out in order for the trade to materialize.  Remember also that although the entry order works in a lot of cases it also wacks you if it wicks in and goes against your for a loss.  We count those losses even if it does not BH&G which makes it fair.  In fact, 2  weeks ago we had 3 losses due to that.  Your skill level will dictate whether to take them as entry orders or wait in front of the screen for the BH&G.  We want to learn how to trade price action so we do not have to be tethered to the PC all the time and can still trade.

Session Recap (1)

What are Session recaps?

At the end of each London and NY session we post a private 15 minute video (Session Recap) where we discuss the trades we were looking for and why,  and then what to do if they happen in a later session.  Traders who are Fast Track or Live Room Subscribers have access to this as part of that subscription level and they have private access to it.  These are NOT TRADE SIGNALS - they are only a heads up in a specific area.  They are sent out 4-13 hours before the market may move and anything can happen in that time.

If they were discussed and part of that recording and at least 3 traders took the trade then we average their pip capture and count it as only 1 trade.  We do not count multiple trades since most of our advanced Fast Track traders are making 2-5 entries on each trade ( 1 trade- mutiple entries).

Here's a video showing us taking the pips captures - you will see that it is fair and conservative:

Video – How to trade the recap?
Forex Target Trading- How to trade the recap? (9:45)

You must be a Live room subscriber to access this.

Fast Track Program (2)

What is the Fast Track Program?

The best way to find out information is on the website under Training then Fast Track Traders:

It is only available 3-4 times a year.

Why is the Fast Track fee non-refundable?

This is a Non-Refundable fee since it is intellectual property that we cannot retrieve from your brain once you have access to it!  WHY? 


It’s simple, really.  You will be attending live training and receiving copyrighted, intellectual property during the classes.  You will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to entering the mentorship program. This methodology cost us thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to create and is protected under universal copyright laws.  Once the mentoring starts, you have the information which you cannot return to us, thus the fee for the knowledge is not refundable. 

London Session (3)

Where are the recordings for the London Live Room?

The London Session recordings are under the "Training" tab and "London Live Room."

What are the hours for the London Session?

The room opens at 7:00 AM GMT (3:00 AM EST)

It is usually open for about 2 - 2 1/2 hours depending on market participation.

Why Trade the London Market

Dealers choice alerts (2)

Are the Dealers Choice alerts the service offered below is different from receiving FXTT InfoAlerts?

Are the Dealers Choice alerts different from receiving Info Center Alerts?
Yes -it is an automated system – subscribers will get what the software is programed to look for.  It might be either an RF1010 setup with direction and/or a bull or bear flag break out.  It is the trader’s responsibility to see if that matches their analysis and risk parameters.  A Dealers Choice alert has NO human intervention.  The Info center alerts are the opposite – they are 100% generated by a human.

How many alerts will I get?  We average 300-400 a month.

Is the direction of the alert noted?  Yes.

Are subscribers notified of the alert?  Yes, by email.  They look like this:

How does a subscriber access the alerts?  Subscribers can access the website under Resources - Actual Dealers Choice Alerts.
They look like this:

How are they acted upon?

You see an alert that interests you on a currency you are actively following.  Is the alert in keeping with your analysis?  Is the alert with the overall trend?  Is the alert within the first 2 hours of the current session (Sidney for Aussie and Kiwi, Asian for Yen, London and New York for all)?  Is there a Wide-Open Space in the direction of the alert?  Is there room for your trade add ins so you will be pressing your winners.

If all of that is good and you have accessed the risk for reward and it is a minimum 1 for 1.  MAYBE, you can take it.


Shut off Dealers Choice alerts

Q. I usually follow them online, so how do I turn off the dealer's choice email. The Info Center only seems to affect alerts emails/phone, but not dealers choice. How do we toggle dealers choice email's on/off ?

A. Info Center Alerts are hand generated by Scott and retrieved by your Info Center.
Dealers choice alerts are 100% automated.  I just created a folder in my outlook and created a rule to manage them and send them there so I can look at them at my leisure.  This keeps your email clear of these but gives you a place to look for opportunities when you are ready.

Website Information (8)

I can't remember my username and/or password to access the website?

Ok, you will need to send us an email using the link below with as much information as you can. Like your name, the email address you used to sign up with, what you think the username and password is (we don't store passwords so it will need to be changed).  Then tell us what you WANT the username and password to be.  This is a manual process so be patient.

email us here  address is: admin@proacttraders.co

How do I access the video library?

The video library can be accessed from the "Resources" tab on the web site

Which videos do I have access to?

Your video access is controlled by your subscription level.  When you access the Video Library you will see links to all videos your subscription level allows.

How do I access the training calendar?

The training calendar is on the "training" tab, then "training calendar."  Note:  You can set the calendar up to display all of the contents in your time zone.  Simply login and chose the city whose time zone matches yours.  Click "save" and the calendar will now show all information in your time zone.

Where is the recap of the pip captures by ProAct Traders?

On the "training" tab under "Training ."  Please note we use an excel spreadsheet since we are tabulating traders reported captures and we do not verify them with their trade reports for obvious reasons.

How do I find the live NY and London room recaps and when are they posted?

Live room recaps are under the "training" tab.   They are posted as soon as possible on a daily basis.  If a session is "rendered" additional time is needed before it can be posted.  Rendering synchronizes the audio and video streams. 

Do you have any sort of introductory book I can download?

Yes, you can download the free target trading ebook under Resources


Sometimes a video works and sometimes they don't

This can be due to several factors.

  1. 98% of our over 200 training videos are set to stream ONLY if you are inside the website on the page that the video is located on.  This is to keep people from pirating our private methodology and giving out the links via the URL associated with that video.
  2. Sometimes we allow videos to be played outside of the website if it has merit for the world as opposed to just our clients (a You Tube video for instance that also has a link in the site)
  3. Sometimes our videos are specifically designed for a specific trader and if you have surpassed that level then it will not play.  EXAMPLE:  You are now a live room subscriber but a basic video that you watched in the demo phase is no longer playing.  This is because we want you to move forward and begin your journey as a trader, not a "kick the tires" trader :-)



Charts information (65)

My charts say locked -what gives?

Yes the charts are locked as the normal state to simply show that our intellectual property is being protected and that you cannot add your own indicators to the charts with our templates on them. 

How do I add the extra pairs that you trade in the Live NY session room to my charts?

 First only subscribers can do this.  It takes just a few minutes to setup and all the instructions INCLUDING a video on how to do it are on the Install your charts page under Software.  There is a video on this in the Video Library.


Here is a page that explains it:  http://proacttraders.com/adding-extra-charts


Does your system work on Mac?

If you are running a Virtual system ( Parallels, Bootcamp etc. ) yes.  Most financial software is designed for the masses which is still PC based and so you have to adjust your machines to accommodate that.

When I put the lines on a 240 or day chart and then move to the lower time frames the lines move?

Each time frame has 5000 candles.  So when you place a line on a timeframe and anchor it then you will need to consider if the lower timeframe can be found in the 5000 candles from that lower timeframe.  Otherwise there is no anchor candle it is too far back.  So if you want the daily trend line on the 10 minute then you might go to perhaps a 240 or 120 and draw a line over the trend lines in a shorter area and then they will be on the lower ones and anchored properly.

Sometimes I see a different price on the charts vs. the Brokers Station - what gives?

When we have times of LOW liquidity, the Brokers feed can be different then the feed we use - Not 100 pips but a few. That is why there can never be exact pricing on our charts vs. broker. Brokers sell your order to the highest bidder so it could be UBC now and Bank of America in 5 minutes. You are seeing those bankers quotes on a broker station, while our charts are an aggregate of multiple banks making up the feed. In other words our chart feeds are an aggregate of all Banks while each broker is selling your trade to a specific bank at that given time so the price can vary based on the bankers feed who has the volume at the broker now - especially during low and high liquidity periods. Additionally if your internet speed is slower, it slows down the feed of the candle build. - usually it is not to much but for example a person on a satellite dish could get a different price then a person on high speed T1 lines.

 If you are looking at the 240 Royal Flush Page - the 3 musketeers - those are Heiken Aishi candles and the price on those are NEVER real since it is designed to give a range.

I watched a candle go down then go up with a red candle. Shouldn't the up move have been green.

We don't get fooled by price action- our charts show the direction of the MOMENTUM. When that matches the direction of the candles, that is a good thing. Candles are painted because of the momentum in them not the direction they are moving. If it is going up and painted red it means that the momentum is actually down and price is not strong enough yet to change that momentum direction. That is a REAL CAUTION!

Can I run more than one copy of the program to facilitate viewing multiple currencies?

There is no need to run multiple copies of the software in order to see multiple currencies. New pages can be built in order to facilitate this.  You can run 2 sets of charts though.

Can I run one copy of the program at my office and one at home?

YES, but you cannot have more than two running at a time.

What internet connection speed is the minimum necessary to have accurate data feed?

All internet data feed is “lagged” a few microseconds even if it’s broadband or a T-1. The faster the speed, the quicker you get the data. Your experience will dictate what you’re comfortable with. We have members who use ordinary dial up speed connections and find that more than adequate (it does take longer to load the first time you load the charts for the day since we are loading 35,000 candles per chart per currency pair).

Will it be possible to back test?

Yes. First, maximize each chart by moving your cursor over the “maximize” icon in the upper right corner of the chart. Left click the icon. Next, use your computer’s “left / right” directional scroll arrow to move the charts left or right to make your historical study. It is easiest to back test the Wild Card template on the RF Template since it has only one chart.

My MACD is now in the middle of the charts. How do I fix it.

Here is a Detailed step by step on how to fix it - it is a PDF  attachment.


The T30's are all in a box squeezed together - How do I fix it?

You have installed a chart with the incorrect decimal numbers – install it with the correct ones and this will go away.

My T30's are gone - How do I fix it?

They have been inadvertently moved by you down to the MACD- just grab them and drag back to the Wild Card Screen.

They are usually just moved, not gone.  Look at the MACD area for a small blue line labeled "Grid Base."  If you see one, you've found your T30's.  To restore them to your main chart, left click on the line, hold the button, and simply drag them up onto your main chart, release the button and they are restored.

How do I learn about the tools on the charts?

What are the colored solid lines on the bottom of the Charts mean?

They represent stretches of time  THEY ARE NOT AN INDICATOR.

When the HMI is black, what does that mean?

Black is neutral - neither enough momentum to be a buy or a sell. It means that (at least temporarily) the indicators are now NOT in harmony with the candle movements. Stay out of any currency that has TWO BLACK lines – there is nobody trading it for the moment. Also stay out of any currency where the Candles are the opposite color of the two HMI’s on the 240 min chart. More than likely it is transitioning for a reversal. But because black is neutral - you can ease into a trade if you have overwhelming confirmation of a movement - no movements rock out however, without the HMI turning color in the direction of the movement so it is a good visual confirmation.

Why are there so many charts – MT4 only has one!

We’re looking for “harmony”. The array of charts, with all their embedded indicators, were designed to give the trader’s brain a “multi-time-dimensional”, visually graphical representation of trend strength and momentum. When everything, all candles, all indicators, arrows, diamonds are the same color, we make our ideal entry. FOR BEST RESULTS – trade only in the direction of the trend on the 240 chart.

How do I set up email alerts on the Charts

Make sure you fill out the information properly and it should work

What are the white dots?

The white dots are indicators signifying momentum coming in on a higher timeframe chart.  We only care about those which appear on the 10 minute chart as they come down from the 60 minute chart.

How do I add additional pairs to my charts?

This is a very quick process, you simply export a chart with the correct decimal point configuration and import it back, then change the pair name and page name to the new pair.  There is a video on this in the Video Library.

Can we change the way the charts are laid out?

The ProAct charts are laid out in a very specific way, to give you reticular cognition.  DO NOT CHANGE THEM! This applies to the individual templates as well as the Gatekeeper chart and Wild Card chart which are set up in a specific manner to show the currency pair correlations.  

When do I use the fib extension tool?

The fib extension tool requires 3 points to apply and use it correctly.  It is often used when a pair is in an area in which it has not previously been.  

How do I draw a single line trend line?

Simply click the single line trend line tool, place your cursor on the chart, click where you would like the beginning of the line to be as well as the end point.  If you then right-click on the line you just placed, you can change the color, the width, the style, and even whether it extends left and/or right.  If you do not extend the line it will print on the charts only from your starting to your ending point.

How do I apply a channel key, what are the rules?

Channels are used to identify the trend on a 240 chart.  Simply click the channel key tool, anchor it on a support/resistance, connect to the next candle you are including in the channel, then go to the opposite side of the candles you are including and connect to the other support/resistance.  Channels are only done on a 240 chart.  They must be 45 degrees or less and must be anchored on a support and a resistance.  Once placed, review the channel to ensure it proves the heartline.  Trends must have 3 points to be a valid trend, those with only two points to connect are called "working trends".  Here's a video on how to really find the trend.

What do I do if I only have two points to connect when applying a channel?

This is called a "working trend" which is unproven until the third connection point appears.  You can apply the channel key as usual, with  the normal rules regarding angle, candle inclusion, etc, but remain aware it is a 'working' trend only.

How do I change the background color on the charts?

The color of the charts as downloaded has been selected due to the ease on your eyes.  However, if you want to change the background, for example so you can print a chart and not use a lot of ink, you can change the background color.  Simply put your cursor on the body of the chart and right click.  In the dialog box which pops up, select "chart properties" from the top of the list.  Left click in the small "chart color" box which comes up and select the color you desire.  Click ok, click okay again, and the background will be changed to your selection.

What is the PAT projector used for?

We use the PAT projector to mark specific distances.  The original use was to mark 55 pips from a white dot which appears on the 10 minute RF1010 trigger screen.  That white dot signifies momentum coming in on the 60 minute chart.  We mark the 55 pips as that is the potential for the initial move which may follow.  You can use it to set any range you would like to monitor.  There is a video on how to use the for the initial move which may follow.  You can use it to set any range you would like to monitor.  There is a video on how to use the PAT Projector here.

How do I auto scale my charts?

Place your cursor in the right hand column of the chart you wish to auto scale.  Right click.  Select "auto scale" from the pop-up box and your chart will be auto scaled.

How do I "show cursor info" on the charts?

Place your cursor in the right hand column of the chart on which you wish to have the cursor information appear.  Right click.  Choose "show cursor info" and the "cursor info" will appear in the lower left corner of the chart you're on.  Notice that as you move your cursor across the candles the information in that box changes.

What's the HSI used for and how do I apply it?

The HSI is a proprietary tool ProAct developed to measure the waves in a movement.  To apply the HSI simply identify a high or low point of a wave.  Click the HSI icon in the tools section of the chart and a small cross-hair will apply.  Hover over the candle you wish to mark as the top/bottom of the move and  click.  The "HSI Tool Settings" box appears.  Choose "buy" or "sell" as needed, as well as the width, style and color you wish to use.  Click "okay" and the HSI is attached to the point where you originally clicked.  There is a video on using the HSI here.

How do I do a one-way single line trend line?

 If you want the line to extend only left or only right, place it on the chart as usual. The right click the line itself and select "extend left" or "extend right" as you prefer. 

Are the charts set up in any sequence? I want to move them around.

The ProAct charts are laid out in a very specific way, to give you reticular cognition.  DO NOT CHANGE THEM! This  applies to the individual templates as well as the Gatekeeper chart and Wild Card chart which are set up in a specific array.

What is divergence and how do we check for it?

Divergence is when price action is moving one direction and the MACD indicator is moving in the opposite direction.  We check for divergence on a 60 minute 6 aces chart. There is a video on checking for divergence here.

How do I quickly disconnect from using a tool other than using the arrow at the top of the charts?

Simply right click in an open area of a chart 3 times and the tool will release.

What additional tools do you have to help us use the charts?

In addition to the tools built into the charts and the others such as the pattern recognition tool, you can get free tools on the "tools" tab under the "free tools" link.  Here you will find a free drawing tool, expert advisors, the FX Powerbar and the Fundie Control Center.

How can I learn the candle patterns? Do you have a tool to teach this?

You can access the "chart patterns" under the "learning" tab on the main web site for a review of forex patterns and examples of several of  the most important patterns to learn first.  There is a video on that page as well, also here.  You can also download and use the "pattern recognition trainer" from the "tools" tab on the web site, also here.

Do you have a handy tool that links useful information for us?

Yes indeed!  Download the free FX Powerbar from the Tools tab on the web site for instant access to critical videos, the blog, chart patterns, a link to the daily fundamental announcements calendar, refer a friend link, streaming news feed, and a resource page.

Do you have any way for me to put alerts up for upcoming fundamental annoucements?

Yes indeed!  Download the free FXTT Control Center from the Free Tools link on the Tools page.  This will show you which sessions are currently open, and will give you a direct link to the Economic Calendar on Forex Factory. From there you can set an alert for your time zone, which will sound at the time of your choice.  It is recommended you set that time a few minutes before the actually announcement so you are ready when it is released.

How do I adjust the Channel Key Colors, divisions and line types?

All of these are adjusted using the same process. 
1.  Apply the channel key to the chart of your choice.
2.  Right click on either of the outside lines of the channel key.  This will bring up a selection box.  Choose Channel Properties at the top of the list.  Left-click this bar.
3.  The Channel Properties dialog box will pop up.  Toward the bottom you will see a section labeled Appearance. 

There you will see three sets of adjustments, Width, Color, Style.  To change the width of the outside lines of your channel simply click “width” and specify a number.  The higher the number, the wider the line.  Next to that is Color with a small color box.  To change the outside line colors of your channel, left click directly on the colored rectangle there.  A pop-up Color selector will appear.  Left click one of the boxes to select that color.  Left-click OK which will close the dialog box.  You can also define “custom colors” here if none of the existing colors are what you want.  Look at the Color box now, it should have your chosen color displayed.  If not, repeat the process.    You will also see a Style dropdown box.  Here you can select Solid, Dash, Dot, Dash Dot, and Dash Dot Dot.  Typically we set the outside channel lines as solid and the inner thirds as dashed lines, but you can set them any way you like.
4.  On the right side of the Channel Properties dialog box you will see Levels.  Left-click this to bring up the Fibonacci Levels dialog box.  Here you can set all the levels you want shown, as well as the colors you wish to use.  Typically we mark only the first three levels, at 0.250, 0.500, and 0.750.  Left-click OK to close the dialog box.  You will now be back on the Channel Properties dialog box.  If you want to use this group of settings for all future channels, click Set as Default and then OK which will close the dialog box.  All channels from here forward, including the one you are currently on, will now carry those characteristics.  If you wish to change any of them, simply repeat the process.

How do I scroll left and right one candle at a time?

This can be done from any position on the chart.  Simply use your left arrow and right arrow keys to move one candle at a time.

How do I change the data feed on the charts?

1.  Open your charts to the currency whose feed you wish to change.  Left-click on the main body of the chart.  This will put a small white box on the lower left-hand corner of the screen you are on. NOTE:  EACH chart on the screen must be set individually.
2.  Position your cursor in that box and type in the feed name.  We have two options on ProAct charts.  The default is our aggregate feed, the second is the FXCM feed.  To assign the aggregate feed to the chart you are on, type the pair name, such as EURUSD, and press enter.  To change it to the FXCM feed type EURUSD.F and press enter.  The top banner of the screen will now say EURUSD.F, and the candles displayed will be from the FXCM feed.

See below  Click graphic to enlarge and then hit the esc key to return

How do I change the server? I am not getting any data feed.

This process will change the server connection for ALL of your charts.  NOTE:  This setting should normally be on AUTO which enables the system to compensate automatically for server issues.
1.  At the top of your page you see a Menu Bar.  Place your cursor on the word System and left-click.  A drop down box is displayed. 
2.  From that drop-down box, left click Settings.
3.  The default server settings are shown, and the radio button which says Auto is selected.  To choose a server, click the Manual Radio button and type in the name of the server you wish to move to for your data feed from the list of servers shown below.
4.  Click OK and you are now on the new server.

I want to trade a pair/commodity/stock/crypto which Scott does not use. Can this be done, and if so, how?

First you need to review the available pairs .  Do to this, follow the steps outlined below.


To find out if we have the feed look here


  1. 1.  Export a 4 decimal chart to your desktop and then 
  2. 2. Import it back in and rename it to the stock you want to trade
  3. In the little white box at the bottom of each chart change the symbol to the stock EXAMPLE  APPLE=  C.AAPL

What are the vertical lines on the charts and how can I get rid of them as they cover up the wicks on the candles sometimes. What information do I incorporate into my trading based on these vertical lines?

The vertical lines are generated by the ProAct charts and cannot be removed.  They are used to mark Moving Average Crossovers and Zero Line breaks.  The light green/red lines are moving average crossovers, the dark green/red lines are zero line breaks. 
If you are concerned about the top/bottom of a wick on a candle where one of these lines occurs, hover on the candle to display the candle properties in the lower left-hand corner of your chart.  If you cannot see the data box there, simply go to the price column on the right side of your chart, right-click in an open space in that column to pop up the display options, then scroll down to Show Cursor Info and select it.  Then go back and hover on the candle in question to display the properties, including the high/low price so you know what the vertical line is covering.
We do not trade the vertical lines, however, they do serve as a notification that the REST of the trading world just got their Moving Average Crossover signal which tells us to stay in the trade as the many other traders DO use that line for trade entry. 

Where do I find the little blue up/down arrow Scott puts in his charts to mark areas to watch for entry at a later time?

This is part of the text tool.   Follow the steps below to apply it to your charts.
1.  First, be sure you have your charts all the way to the current candle by looking in the lower right-hand corner of the chart.  You should see ONLY the blue left-pointing arrow there.  If you see both the blue and red arrows, click the red arrow to take you to the end of the candles being displayed.
2.  To access the text tool, left-click the large letter A in the tool bar at the top of your screen.  This will change your cursor into a grey crosshair with the word Text next to it.  Click that on the body of your displayed chart next to the vertical line in front of the displayed prices. A dialog box called Text Properties is shown.  The reason for clicking here is so that the arrow is anchored as more candles are added.
3.  If you want ONLY the arrow showing UNCHECK the word Show at the upper left of the dialog box, under the word Text. 
4.  To show the arrow, left-click the box labeled Show under the word Image.  This will populate the Color box with the default color you have selected in the past.  The basic default is blue but this can be changed to anything you like.  It will also highlight one of the symbols in the box of options.  Choose the one you wish and click OK.  This will apply that symbol to your chart, to the right of the candlesticks by the prices.
5.  If you place the arrow/symbol in the wrong place and want to move it, simply left-click on the symbol and drag it to your chosen location.  To delete it entirely, left-click on the symbol and select Remove from the pop-up box.

I want to make my HSI tool show dashed lines, like we do with the PSRs, but it won’t let me. How do I do this?

You can only change the display characteristics of the HSI when using a width of one (1) on the properties box.  If you increase that to any higher number, the line appearance goes to solid and wider.
To set them to a new appearance while the width IS one (1), follow the steps below.
1.  Open any chart on which you wish to use the HSI tool.
2.  Follow the normal sequence used when applying the HSI, which is to left-click on the tool to change your cursor into the HSI anchor, then put it on the candle on the chart which you wish to use as your starting point.  Left click there, which brings up the HSI Tool Setting dialog box, and select buy or sell by left-clicking the appropriate radio button.
3.  Now move down to Lines and change the line to 1, and then to Style and select the style you wish to have.  The Style options are Solid, Dash, Dot, Dash Dot and Dash Dot Dot.  Select the color you wish to use by left-clicking on the color box and choosing the color of your liking from the pop-up list and then left-clicking OK. 
4.  If you want these properties to apply to ALL HSI applications in the future, left-click Set as Default.
5.  Click OK and the HSI tool now displays the properties you selected.  If you set this as Default, all HSI tool applications will now use these settings.

Can we move all the charts in a setup, such as the RF1010, simultaneously so we can do paper trading?

At present this is not possible, each chart must be moved individually.  You can download the Extreme charts and they do it.

How can I quickly get to the start of the charts to see the first candles, and then quickly get back to the end of the candles?

On the lower right corner of the chart are two boxes, a small left-pointing blue arrow and a small right-pointing red arrow.  To move left to the beginning of a chart, left-click the blue arrow which will take you to the start of the candles on the chart.  To move back to the last/current candle, left-click the red arrow and your chart will move to the end of the candles.  NOTE:  Once you are at the end of the candles and displaying the current candle, the red arrow disappears.  This means if you DO see it, you are NOT at the current candle.

How do I stop my fib tool from using gradient colors on my charts? They are hard for me to see.

The fib tool is controlled using right-clicks.  Follow the steps below to change the appearance of your fib tool.
1.  Left-click on the Fibonacci Retracement tool at the top of your chart.
2.  Apply it to the chart on the leg you are measuring.
3.  Once applied, right-click on one of the lines of the tool.  This will bring up a Fibonacci Retracement Properties dialog box. 
4.  Under Appearance, if you want your lines to be anything other than solid, set the width to 1.  Left click on the Color box and choose the color you wish to use for your anchor lines.  Then select the Secondary Color to apply to all of the remaining fib lines as well as the diagonal line which shows the two anchor points you used.  Select a Text Color by left-clicking on that box, which is used to show you the actual price of the fib line once applied.
5.  If you do NOT want gradient colors, be SURE the box which says Use Gradient colors for Levels is UNCHECKED.   If you want the fib lines to extend to the right as candles are added, be sure to select Ext Right in the lower left-hand corner as well.
6.  Left-click Set as Default.  Click OK.
7.  You may also display a different type of fib line, a Triangle shape, by selecting that from the Type box.  However, we typically use the Classical line type.
8.  If you wish to change the colors of the individual levels, left-click Levels to bring up the Fibonacci Levels dialog box.  Then left click the Color box  to choose the colors you wish to use.  Left-click OK to exit the dialog box.
9.  To preserve these settings for future use, left-click Set as Default.  Left-click OK to close the Fibonacci Retracement Properties dialog box.  The fib currently on your chart and all future fibs placed, will use the settings you just set as default.

Scott uses a pink drawing tool on his charts when he’s presenting. How do I get that tool?

That particular tool is part of the Zoom presentation software and is thus not available to traders.  However, on the ProAct site under the “Tools” tab there are two free drawing tools listed.
We also recommend SnagIt for drawing and other functions, though it is a paid tool.  You can purchase it here:  http://www.techsmith.com/snagit.html?gclid=CJj3pd3PzrwCFWRk7Aod60wAEA.  Scott’s daily and weekly blog postings and his teaching slides are done using SnagIt.

How can I automatically resize all the charts to fit my monitor at one time, instead of doing them one by one?

At present this is must be done manually.  The basic charts are sized for laptops since so many traders use them.  The huge number of monitor sizes which are available make it impossible for us to know what size monitor you are using, thus it’s your job to resize the charts as you see fit.  To do so, simply left click on the lower right-hand corner of a chart and drag it to the size you want, then release.  On charts such as the RF6 you will do this on all of the charts (i.e., the 3Ms, the PATOs, the gatekeeper and the trigger chart) and then arrange them manually to display so they fill your screen.

When I pull up the gatekeeper or wild card chart it shows me multiple charts. When I enlarge them, I can’t minimize it back to the original space using the windows minimize line at the upper right. When I do that it minimizes the page. How do I get that o

When you pull up a wild card or gatekeeper chart, it does show multiple charts, as they are both designed to do just that.  If you maximize one of those charts to full screen size, a new set of minimize/resize/close buttons pops up on your toolbars which ONLY shows while the full-screen chart is displayed.  Simply click on the resize button to return your chart to the original size and location.
If you mistakenly click the minimize button there, your chart is minimized to the lower left-hand corner of the wild card screen, beneath the chart in that corner.  Simply move that chart up a small distance by left-clicking and holding on the title bar of that chart and you’ll see your hidden chart.  Click the maximize button again, and then choose the resizing button.  Lastly, return the lower left-hand chart to the proper alignment and you’re good to go!

What are the hardware requirements to operate charts

You need to have sufficient resources (Plenty of Ram (8-10 megs minimum , SSD or combination hard drive (preferably a terrabyte), an upgraded video card , and a minimum of 5-8 MBS download speed-consistent) and no competing products like online backups or a nasty Antivirus ( like Norton, McAfee or Kaspersky that screens every new candle etc.) every time you add a chart you are sucking down resources.  The Royal Flush has 7 chart screens and each one is loading 5,000 candles or 35,000 additional candles that must be managed by your PC not counting the lines that you put on them for every new RF chart that you create!

Gaming PC's and Laptops are built already for this!  I use an MSI gaming computer.  MSI GP63 Leopard-041 - 15.6" - Core i7 8750H - 16 GB RAM - 128 GB SSD + 1 T

Please also note:  If you are running your MT4 terminal on the same PC as your Charts - it is not only a memory hog, it also has serious memory leaks and can bog your system down with hundreds of " Temp files".  ALWAYS put your Trading platfom on a seperate PC or Laptop!

Charts are running extremely slow

This is not a problem that is beyond all of your computers.  The feed itself is fine but you all load so many extra chart screens, each with additional 5-8 charts, that require another 5000 candles each to support and then the charts definitely slow down.  The way to prove this is to save (export) your custom charts and uninstall and do a fresh install and see how they run.  Then import one at a time and see when you reach the level of pain on your own computer.
Sorry…just the way it is unless you have a program (anti-malware, firewall, antivirus) or something that is monitoring and slowing down the feed as it comes in…which is less likely than the above.


There are myriad reasons for this:

Too many competing programs open at the same time
Cache needs to be cleared
PC needs to be restarted
Not enough Ram
Internet speed is slow ( test it at speedtest.net)
Note :  Once the charts are Installed and candles are in your history, the only thing that is coming in is a small KB of data to form the next candles - that means that it is isolated to your PC!

As a last resort ( after trying all of the above) reboot your router manually.  Still slow?  call your internet providor and have them reboot it from their office.

What are Tom DeMark lines

What are Tom DeMark lines>  On our charts is a piece of software that is constanly looking for patterns that the market is forming.  It is software so it is not full proof but if you see a TD line on the (3 Musketeers) Heiken Aishi charts and you do not have that line drawn you will want to see if the software is telling you a piece of information that you should be aware of.

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Channel (Trend) lines don't stay in place

When I place a trend using the channel key on the higher charts, when I go to a lower chart they move? 

The channel key is anchored on a support and resistance in the past on a large chart. However, if those candles are further back then the chart can show candles on the lower chart, it loses the anchor point and just floats on the chart. Solution: Create a shadow channel by shortening it up the trend ( overlay another shorter trend exactly on the longer trends lines). Put the new anchor in the middle of the first trend so you know that is is truly anchored in the past but now since the lower chart can find that candle it will anchor correctly on a lower chart. Then remove the longer trend.  See attached:

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I Lost my charts?

Actually, while you think you did they are still on your PC.  Just find where you downloaded them from (usually your downloads folder or your desktop)  and then reinstall them.

Price Points don't show up on my Fibs or channel key

Simply change the color to show up on your charts.  Usually this is caused because you have changed the background color of the charts.  See attached screenshot on how to reset them.

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My Fibonacci colors keep reverting back

Here's how to fix it:

First untick use gradient color, then set as default, close it and reopen go to propriety  to fix color in the levels, then set as default

Can I trade off your charts?

Our charts are used for analysis only – in order to trade off our charts you would have to have your money with us.  We are not a broker.  So when you have analyzed the charts and are ready to trade you place that trade at the place you have your money ( or the broker where your demo account is held.)

MACD - I am really fond of this indicator and use it quite a bit on other systems, but I am having trouble understanding you ProAct uses it. I am told that I only can use it on the 60 min, what is it set to on other time frames?

On the Royal Flush chart template’s 10-minute chart you will see a MACD.  However, on this chart, the only thing that comes from the 10-minute world is the candles themselves – everything else is from a higher time compression.  This is because traders tend to think getting in quicker is smarter, and so we purposely built the chart so that it would force the trader to actually be trading a higher time frame but still able to enter and stop on the 10 (the 5 minutes gives the most false positives).  The MACD on the 10-minute RF template is actually already a 60 minute brought down into this world.  So if you change this chart to a 60 minutes chart the MACD is now a 360 minute MACD.  You see the dilemma.  In managing a trade the MACD is useful in knowing if the momentum is failing but it is the Big Boys who create the candles and they don’t go below a 60 minute.  So we want to always be seeing what they are seeing.

To use a MACD for divergence etc. it is important to compare apples to apples.  The 6 Aces chart also has a MACD and the candles are also from the same time frame.  So if you are looking for divergence you can only use the 6 aces template so that you are comparing the same 60 min candles to the 60 min  MACD.

Can't move a box using the support and resistance tool?

If you have a box with “extend right” selected, you have to click and drag Outside the box to get it to move left and right by holding the mouse button down, works every time!

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How to add other symbols to the charts like S&P?

You can find all the symbols inside the charts using the following path:
1.  On top menu bar click view
2.  Click “exchanges and tickers”
3.  Click “world indices”
If it has a green dot, we have a feed through ProAct
You also have other feeds there that you can use, other forex symbols, etc. Look around and see what you like.

I have 1 currency that the feed is dead How do I fix?

If all the currencies are showing movement but 1 currency (typically the GBPNZD) is not, simply go to the bottom left corner on EACH chart and type in the symbol for the currency and add .F after it.  Example:  GBPNZD.F

Is there any way to view multiple Pro Act charts with one subscription? I understand I can view two screens with one login.

You can right click on a single chart and select “make floating” and then move them around and then reverse that by “make non-floating” when finished.