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Finally....The Education & Experience You Have Been Looking For!

What makes our Charting Software so unique?

ProAct Traders charting platform was created by traders for traders.

Not by a group of subcontracted programmers.

We built it to live from it! So, what does it do?

    It provides analytical tools you won’t find anywhere else, showing you when money from “the Big Boys” is entering a particular currency pair.

    It is predictive; we’ve stripped away the lagging indicators of the retail world.

    It is dynamic, with built-in trade set ups for ranging, reversing, and trending markets.

    It is stood the test of time, with few significant updates since launched.

    It is confirming, showing you how to “let your winners run” instead of short-changing yourself for a paltry 5-8 pips.

    It discloses price action, market structure, and the trade real estate of the day.

    It provides specific targets for each trading day.

    It shows you what currencies may move today and which to avoid each trading session.

We invite you to see it for yourself. Go to the home page and click on the yellow bar...fill in the info and verify your email address and you will be setup with a 10 day trial.  Most visiting traders declare they learn more in two weeks with us than in the previous two years. If professional trading is your ambition, doesn’t it make sense to investigate why so many traders have remained with us since 2004?

What makes our Education so unique?

The genesis of ProAct Traders – from misery to mastery!

Here’s the deal: We never planned to be in the business of trading education.

We began as an informal fellowship of private traders looking for an edge in the wild west of the Forex.

Our path to consistency in the markets was paved with miserable failure, painful losses, anxious nights, and weary days. (Sound familiar?)

But something incredible emerged from it all.

See Scott’s story (six minutes).

See Jerry’s story (six minutes).

What gets us up every morning? Our vision 

We learned in the School of Hard Knocks and with specific mentors along the way. 

Scott traveled with Greg Michaelowski ( Forex Live) for 3 years. 

Greg was a bank trader for 12 years. 

We teach the Market Manipulation in the charts by the Big Boys (Bankers) in both a live environment and also via an educational training program. 

The chances of a trader finding out this information by Googling is miniscule.

We put our 20+ years of experience on display every day in the New York market so you can follow along.

We are a rules based award winning methodology that incorporates the time tested strategies of technical analysis. 

Take just 12 minutes to watch this short video which details our specific methodology. Click here.

You can visit our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/ProActTraders

Our Facebook page is:


You can follow us on Twitter @proacttraders

You can send an email to our team using the following guidelines as to who you wish to contact.

Sales: [email protected]

Support: [email protected]

Accounting: [email protected]

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DISCLAIMER: Trading in the Foreign Exchange market involves a significant and substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for everyone. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your age, income, personal circumstances, trading knowledge, and financial resources. Only true discretionary income should be used for trading in the Foreign Exchange market. Any opinion, market analysis or other information of any kind contained on our website, blog, voiced as an opinion in a live training room or posted anywhere in the internet world is subject to change at any time. Nothing in this website or live training room should be construed as a solicitation to trade in the Foreign Exchange market. If you are considering trading in the Foreign Exchange market before you trade make sure you understand how the spot market operates, be thoroughly familiar with the operation of and the limitations of your trading system, charts and brokers platform on which you are going to trade.