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Finally....The Education & Experience You Have Been Looking For!

Your Questions Answered

Why do I need to do this?

Studies have shown that your brain needs to create a file system to store and retrieve each constituent part of the knowledge you wish to acquire. (Whether Forex, a foreign language, or learning to play an instrument, it’s the same process.) What creates that file system? Repetition. 

What is the process?

You watch the video of what to look for.  Look at the checklist which details the elements you need to be able to recognize.  Go do 300 of ONE THING ONLY.  Now define it's statistical probability.  Take 24 hours off and do nothing before tackling another piece.  Repetition is the key here.

Can I do this training at my own pace?

Absolutely! In fact, you want to do each exercise ONLY in a methodical manner. The result will be "you will know that you know" what the market ACTUALLY does, not what you thought it did. It will help break you from using silly indicators.

What is in this lesson?

A lot! there are 28 separate videos plus some bonus ones. They are short and designed for the trader to watch one video before you start the 300 exercise and then do it correctly in your charts. We have included a checklist for what to look for while doing them and a sample ledger to document the data.

What is the end result?

You will now know the statistical probability of these separate market functions and how to apply them when you see them in your charts. Example: I have learned that a Break, Hook and Go has a statistical probability of over 90%. Therefore if I take every one I statistically only will be unsuccessful 10 times out of 100. How is your confidence now?

Why do you charge for this?

You have to commit to the process. A payment, even a small one like this, makes you want to go get your money's worth which means that you have a higher chance of becoming a better trader because if you don't do it- you wasted your money.

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