World Class Forex Training

There are lots of ways to progress at ProAct Traders.  Traders can choice the path the best fits their time, budget and short term and long term goals.

Self Directed Path

  • Over 200 tutorials and videos on the website 
  • Beginners lessons
  • Zero cost for 10 days ( 7 day access to the room available also free)
  • Daily blog

Live Room Assisted Training with a Trader

  • All of the above
  • Daily Info Center Alerts to your cell or email
  • Once a week advanced class
  • $300 per month ( includes charts and data feed)

Fast Track Mentorship

  • All of the above
  • 3 day intensive webinar
  • Fast Trackers can watch the videos and retake the course with no additional cost
  • 1 year mentorship in a private room daily
  • 2 years of live room included with not cost
  • Cost $2997 plus only $200 per month starting on the 3rd month for charts and live room