We can elevate your trading

with a complete trading methodology all under one roof.

After you have setup an account with a broker so you can execute trades what do you need? Essentially 7 things have to come together.  

They are:

  1. Essential tools to trade the Forex (Forex Trading System)
  2. Education to understand how to calculate Forex movements (Forex Training)
  3. Forex Trading System  to execute trading strategies based on risk vs. reward
  4. A firm grasp of technical analysis
  5. Some help along the way
  6. Experience
  7. Your psychology


ProAct Traders has brought all of the above under one roof.  Let’s look at them briefly.


Essential tools to trade the Forex

  • The ProAct Forex Trading System is “cutting edge” technology with 3 proprietary tools available nowhere else.  There is no separate data feed cost to you since the data feed cost is included in the cost of the charts.*  
  • All the special indicators are built into the charts behind the scenes so a trader does not need to learn what indicators and setting to use - that means your learning curve is shorter.
  • Traders who learn to scalp must be 90% correct to be successful - so we do NOT do that - we learn to find the target, get a great trade setup to accomplish that move and learn to manage the trade to the target.

*Do you want to know how much that is?  Click here and then click on 86,400 per month … hint: it is $164 per month just for the cost of the candles for one user.  We aggregate this and spread the cost over hundreds of traders which allows us to buy data in volume.

Forex Education to understand how to calculate Forex movements

  • We have a vast library of tutorials, ebooks, recorded webinars for traders.
  • We do market analysis daily in the New York and London sessions.
  • We have a beginners library online 24/7 and it is free.
  • Struggling/intermediate  traders have their own weekly webinar
  • We have a live  training session everyday in the New York and London Session.
  • A daily and weekly blog to give you a "trading idea".
  • Fast Track Mentorship is also available  for serious students who want to collapse the timeframe to learn

A system to execute trades based on risk vs. reward

  • Traders want one trade that they can learn and it will occur every day for them.  Unfortunately, that would require that the market do the same thing every day, which it does not.  Don’t fall for the hype that there is a “holy grail” in Forex trading and that someone has it.  They don’t.  What ProAct Traders has for traders new to target trading are two Introductory trades that happen most every day. These setups have a high statistical probability and could lead you also into a continuation trade setup.  Unless we have a "wide Open space" we do not execute the trade setup even thought the setup may be valid.
  • The market ranges, trends and reverses and you need a separate setup for each type of market situation - we have all three.
  • That setup must have high statistical probability and meet established risk for reward standards to be a tradable setup under the current market conditions.  ProAct Traders has a setup for each market situation and tools to find the targets.
  • Traders need a "system" that will help them get to the next level - all the way to Accomplished Trader.  We are that one system with multiple parts to learn as your skill level grows.

A firm grasp of technical analysis

  • We have daily market analysis in the New York and London sessions where traders are taught in a live environment what to look for.
  • Weekly, we have an Endeavor class for Live Room and Fast Track traders who are wanting to understand the concepts of technical analysis or are adding to their trading arsenal.
  • Tutorials and recorded webinars are available for each of the groups above.
  • There are lots of tutorials (200+)  in our library devoted strictly to a piece of technical analysis.

 Some help along the way

  • A live training session every day in the New York and London sessions.
  • The ability to ask a question live and also  a “one on one” session and get some help.
  • A knowledgebase online 24/7
  • Email help
  • Experienced live traders who teach our classes, man our rooms and do our webinars.
  • Fast Track Mentorship is also available to those who want to "accelerate their learning" and "collapse the time frame" to learn the Forex.


This is the one thing we can’t give you.  This is totally determined by your dedication and commitment to your dream. We advise that you paper trade 3 hours for every hour that you live trade in the Forex. We can tell you this:  If you bounce from system to system you will never get the experience you need to progress. But if you commit to us, we will commit to you. After all, our motto is “No Trader Left Behind”.


When all of the above comes together, your psychology comes together also.  You are now confident in your ability to analyze the market, confident in your trade setups, comfortable with your money management and risk/reward management and experience has taught you that losses are part of the process.

So commit to the process - click the links below and get your experience under our roof.   Don't fall for the hype that you can become an accomplished trader in 3 weeks- even if you have been trading stocks, options or whatever before.  This is a business and will require the same commitment, dedication and "grunt" work that every business requires.


It is your dream – what will you do with it?  Let's get started with a FREE PASS to our rooms.


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"Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used."