Trading Psychology

"When Traders “get it” and actually know how to trade, something happens to them and it is as if they self-sabotage their trading.

 While we are ProAct Traders are experts in teaching traders how to trade and providing the best tools on the planet to accomplish that, when it comes to trading psychology, we defer to an expert in this area.

 We are longtime friends and colleagues of Rande Howell, who is a consultant to major Banks, Hedge Funds and  trading companies around the world.  We heartily endorse Rande and his program and believe that you will find no one better equipped to teach you how to overcome the “ HEAD GAME”.

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Rande Howell (MEd, LPC) helps traders develop a peak performance state of mind. 

Rande Howell is a performance coach and licensed therapist.  His work focuses on using emotions to build an effective mind for the management of uncertainty and is grounded in Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and developing latent potential in traders.  He teaches traders how to harness emotions to achieve the performance edge so they can effectively control the mind that is brought into the moment of managing uncertainty, rather than attempting to control the outcome.

Rande travels, speaks, and trains internationally for the emotional finance community.  His publications have appeared in many venues and he is the author of the book, Mindful Trading:  Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game.