Trade Setups and a Target Trading checklist

ProAct Traders is a system that takes traders from beginner to advanced.  Advanced methodologies and 10 proprietary trade setups are only taught to our Fast Track Traders.  However, our beginning strategies are outlined below.  99% of our new traders come to us after failing using some indicator based system.  We do not have anything against indicators as long as "YOU NEVER TRADE THEM"!

We have multiple trade setups for the new trader to Target Trading.  REMEMBER: we only trade in a Wide Open Space! 

Things to remember:  The market only trends 30% of the time!  The rest of the time (70%) it is ranging or reversing.


Our trade setups for new traders to the system are below:

  • RF1010 - an older trade setup is no longer taught.  We use it now only to catch the start of movements with our Dealers Choice alerts.
  • The Pole Trade - a price action setup for breaks out of ranging markets or stalls in trending markets.
  • There is a Simple FIRST TARGET TRADE video  lower on this page (watch before tackling below). 
  • The Royal Flush- the perfect setup in a trending market.  when all the Pato's, Heiken Aishi charts say the same thing- it is a good sign that that is EXACTLY what they are doing today.
  • The 6 Aces - Used when the market is reversing (caution: only more advanced traders should trade this). You must have Divergence in play to attempt this fantastic reversal trade.



Video on why these setups might work for you VERY IMPORTANT 14:00


#1 The Pole Trade - the first trade to learn and practice in the past

The Pole Trade - 

#1 The most popular trade and taught in the live rooms  - Click HERE! 16:00

#2 the Break Hook and Go #3 Let it Center

#3 Before you enter let it center Let it center - Break hook and Go 7:14

#4 Close and Reverse

#4 close and reverse click here 4:23

In order to be successful in the Forex you MUST "press your winners without exception"!  

Here's a 1/2 hour video on Pressing your Winners 33 min


#5 But how do I find the targets?  Here is the simplest way when you are just starting out.


A simple First Trade to targets  -

A Simple First Target Trade 12:37

Then tackle these:

 Does the HSI tool Really Work? Click HERE  Use it if the market is trending

(note: if you understand Fibs and Previous support and resistance - look for confluence of those values PLUS the HSI)

Here is the greatest Target Trading tool in the Forex -Click HERE!  2:42


How to trade a reversal  - the 6 Aces Trade Setup.  CAUTION: trade reversals only if you are a more advanced trader.

 Click here!


Trading Journal - this will get you started

Trade Journal  File FX-Trade-Journal_2016_original_1.xlsx

 Trade Journal  Instructions video Click here