First of all, it is not a trend direction software. It's a course. yes they have special charts but more on that later. I have done many courses over the years., I have watched webinars of many great traders. They are great, won't take that away from them, but most of them specialize in stocks or trading forex on the daily chart. Many will say day trading will kill your account. I used to believe it until i was introduced to Proact traders. Scott Barkely is truly a forex legend. The stuff he knows about the market and what he teaches is phenomenal. They teach you how to fish, not give you the fish. They can be easily classed as a Forex Trading University with what they teach you. Most importantly his commitment to his students. It is unrivalled in the industry. One misconception we all have is that if you do a great course you become profitable. No ways. It is just like going to college. You attend the class, then study the content, the gain experience applying the content. Once you master the content (Earning potential can never be taken away from you, only your mindset would do that), I could write a whole book on how great their content is. All I will say, it is money well spent. If you wanna be among the elite in anything you do, you go to the best school. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FOREX SCHOOLS, IF NOT THE BEST!!!

Aston Henry