From Indicator Junkie to Target Trader

I was just another indicator junkie clicking out for 5 to 8 pips… if I was lucky. My account was ever decreasing and I was moving from one system to another.

Then a trader colleague recommended I go sign up for a free demo account and live room access with a Scott Barkley at ProAct Traders. He starting telling me about the daily sessions with live room traders making lots of pips on multiple positions daily. Too good to be true I thought but my colleague kept me updated daily with his free trial so I went and signed up.

I learned more in the first 5 days in Scott’s Live Trade Room than I had over the last 5 years. I realised I was just on that trader treadmill losing money on trades and spending more money on the next system that’s going to make me a millionaire.

I took my first 3 day ProAct Fast Track Fire hose experience and it was a revelation. I turned that corner and could see light at the end of the tunnel. I joined the ProAct Trader Family and it’s been an amazing learning experience.

Scott tells you like it really is – there is no get rich quick scheme or indicator heaven. YOU have to do the work, study, homework and practice over and over again. You get out what you put in. It’s a business and you’ve got to treat it that way. Being on the Live Room daily means you also can talk to Traders at different levels and learn and share your own learning.

This last Friday I took 180 pips out in three positions on one trade. Not bad considering six months ago it would have been 8 pips.

ProAct Traders charts are the best platform I have also used and they are working on an even better upgrade.


Nigel P

March 2014


Nigel P
Demo Subscriber, Fast Track Subscriber