I have learned so much, its indescribable

Since I started at PA traders I have learned so much, its indescribable!!! :)

Since I started with PA 5-6 weeks ago, and 2weeks ago on micro lots, the results are great. Here are some stats from a PA newbie! :)

  1. last week; +130 approx pips
  2. 38 trades in 10 trading days, 29 positive / BE vs. 9 negative trades.. 76.3%! :)
  3. this week: +400 approx pips

days: 8 positive days / 2 negative days --> Losses derived from counter trend trade on CAD and trading on last a week ago Friday (didn't trade yesterday).

All in all, I am super happy at this moment!!!! :) A big thanks for you and Jerry!!!! Have a good long weekend!!

Cheers!! Chris C

Chris C