Tech Support

Live Tech support is available Monday-Thursday during normal business hours in the central time zone of the USA.  We do monitor it at other times but only sporadically.  The email on the contact us page is NEVER the place to access Tech Support as that email is only checked once a day.

Before you go through this process below - your answer may already be in our knowledge base - Click HERE! 

You have checked the knowledge base and your problem was not solved there, so you are now here for primarily three (3) reasons:

  1. You are having trouble with the charts or Info Center download and installation
  2. You can't log into the website
  3. You think you have a problem after the installation

All of the above are answered on this page

Note:  if 99% of our traders have their software downloaded and working perfectly and yours is not. Then it has to be a problem that is localized to your machine.  We are adept at solving these problems but we ask that you try and fix it first using the below solutions.  If you still have a problem then we are here to help.  If you do need us to do that you must follow the instructions below EXACTLY and you must stay in front of your PC to allow us into your machine.

1. You are having trouble with the charts download and installation


PLEASE NOTE: When properly installed the charts will HAVE candles and the top left will say "Locked" - this is correct!  If your charts look like this and you have candles you are good to go.  Also, check multiple pairs since the candles on one chart may simply be below or above the active window with the current price moving away from there when we uploaded the charts for download.  How to fix it?  Using your mouse grab the chart and move it up or down to current or right click in the right margin and AUTO SCALE.

If you get a message that says: "Charts are locked, you cannot work with them" ... READ ON.

Before you go through the hassle of the process below, you SHOULD try and fix it yourself. 99.9% of the time the problem with charts not loading is due to your FIREWALL. You can fix this!  This condition is caused by primarily TWO things.

#1 Your firewall is blocking the charts from accessing the internet. To make sure it is your firewall you can disable it and then run the charts. If they load then you have found your problem. Manually go to your firewall (Norton and McAfee or notorious for this) and tell it to ALLOW patraders.exe.  

You may also just have your computer set too restrictive in your security settings.  Simply telling it to be a little more permissive can solve the problem ( your computer thinks our software might be malicious and since you have told it to prevent anything that looks malicious it is doing what you asked it to). 

Now enable your firewall again and they should run.

#2 You entered a wrong username and/or password by mistake on the "Demo" charts and so the one you put in does NOT match the one you created.

Go on the charts to the tool bar: SYSTEM / SETTINGS and input the username and password you selected.  Can't remember them?  Send an email using Step 1 below and give us the preferred username and password and we will re-input it into the system. 

Need to Uninstall and Reinstall your charts?

Download written instructions below:



2. You can't log into the website

I can't remember my username and/or password to access the website?

Ok, you will need to send us an email using the link below with as much information as you can. Like your name, the email address you used to sign up with, what you think the username and password is (we don't store passwords so it will need to be changed).  Then tell us what you WANT the username and password to be.  This is a manual process so be patient.

I still don't get it?  Email us here  address is:

3. You think you have a problem after the installation - you will need to get Technical Support involved



Live Tech support is available during "normal business hours in the USA." We do monitor it other times, but your best opportunity is during this time.


If you experience any other problems with the charts:

  1. First Read all the way to the bottom of this page (If you do not do this, your computer will blow up in front of you and you will have keyboard letters all over you -  HA!)

Then simply do BOTH PARTS below:

Step 1:

YOU MUST FIRST send us an email - this alerts the tech department that someone needs help.

You must put HELP in the subject line, include your name, a phone number and a brief description of the problem you are having.

This is EXACTLY what it should look like:




We use a remote system that scans email for that word HELP in the subject and then alerts the support team (wherever they are) that you are in front of your PC.



Step 1: Email us by clicking here.  The email address is:


Step 2:

After sending us email (step one above) WAIT for the email to come to you with your invitation code and IF a technician is available they will respond ASAP.   You will be required to download a small app on to your PC that allows us in to fix it - you will need to do ALL the steps below.

Please note this is NOT automated so if no one is there or they are currently working with another client you may have a wait.

Step 3:

The support portal is located on the web at  Type this into the browser.

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:


You are now in the Queue ....waiting for the technician.


In order to access your PC/Laptop you MUST be in front of your computer  to physically allow our technician into your computer.

Please note the login is ONLY FOR technical problems with charts loading or password problems and only used by our admin to solve problems online.


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