Software Tutorials

Below are tutorials specifically for our charts.  These should get you going.  The length of the tutorial is posted above it.

We created these amazing charts to train a trader in the art and science of Target Trading. The result: ProAct traders achieve significantly more pip captures than the average retail trader. The following short videos will help you understand the functionality of each unique tool. In a few short minutes, you'll discover why ProAct traders declare these analytical charts to be unlike any other.

Basics of our charts

32:00 minutes



We often get a momentum movement on breaks of key barriers and/or chart patterns. This will show up as a white dot or a green or red arrow which may be accompanied by a brightly painted candle on the 10 minute chart on the RF 6 template in our software. The more confirmation, the more likely there is enough money flowing in to drive it to the target. Since we are monitoring momentum, we disregard any momentum signals in the off market hours (non-overlapping markets) since in off-peak hours, it takes only a small amount of movement to create momentum signals. However, in peak markets, it takes MILLIONS of dollars to move candles during an overlapping market (Asia/London or London/NY). Don't become an indicator junkie. These momentum signals provide insight on what the market could be doing; they do not guarantee what it will do. You're knowledge of structure and other factors are the primary determinant.

Here is an example of a signal in off peak vs. slightly later in a peak market.


Our cool tools - short  videos below this graphic


Below are 1-2 minute videos showing each of the unique features of the ProAct Forex Trading system.  Don't get us wrong - we love Fibonacci's, trend lines and previous support and/or resistance, but we have developed a few other incredible tools to help us Target Trade in the world of the Forex. If you are serious about finding the "EDGE" in trading take just a few minutes to review each one.

targetThe T30's                          targetThe Pat Projector
targetThe HSI TooltargetThe Pato's
targetThe HMItargetDoes the HSI really work?

5:40 minutes

Why use the MACD and T3?  Answer: Success

8:00 Minutes

Tool Settings (Fib retracement and Extension, Channel)

6:00 Minutes How to change your chart tools to Forex settings not stocks!

Heiken Ashi Charts

We use Heiken Ashi charts as part of the chart array for the RF6 template.  We call them the Three (3) Musketeers!  Here is a video on how we use them!

3:47 Minutes

How to change the Datafeed on your charts.

2:42 minutes


Average True Range  

It has it's own page under software click here

Ready to start?

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