Refer a Friend

Ok, you love the charts and want all your friends, co-workers, cigar chomping golf buddies and family members to benefit.

But, hey, that's gonna take some work like calling them, sending them an email, inviting them to one of the live rooms. And all that hard work takes you away from the charts trading to targets. So you'd like to get a little of that back.

We understand!

You'd like a little of this (see below) in return for all that work.

So if your referral subscribes to the charts we will rebate you $100 for every referral you send us in the first month of their subscription.  This rebate is rebated to the credit card that you are currently paying your charts with. Refer 3 people and and we will rebate $300  (we can only rebate up to the amount we are billing on your card so this would be spread over 2 months). 

So here is the step by step process to get a little of that cash above:

  1. Log into your ProAct Traders' account. (This will auto fill in Your Username and Your E-mail)
  2. Fill out the remaining fields in the form below.
  3. Call your friend, email your friend, Fed Ex your friend, send a mariachi band to their house, send them a Cohiba...but above all make contact.
  4. Send them to the website: or better yet walk them through getting a 10 day room access and downloading a chart demo.
  5. We will match up your referral with the form below and once they subscribe we will credit your credit card one month later (15th of month is cutoff day-Credit Card has to clear). Pretty Cool huh!


  1. We can only pay IF you fill out the persons info PRIOR to them signing up (think about it a minute and you will understand)
  2. This cannot be combined with any other promotion that ProAct Traders may be running.
  3. You must be an active ProAct subscriber to qualify for the rebate.
  4. Only NEW subscribers will qualify - former subscribers are not eligible to be rebated - traders who leave and then come back are doing so because of our great charts, system and education, so essentially our system is bringing them back.
  5. Traders must be paying full subscription price for the charts Not live room or other ala carte items to qualify for  the referral so this is paid on the second month of their subscription

Please Note:  This is the trigger mechanism for us to locate your referral.  If you do not fill this out we will have no way of knowing of your referral!

We’d love to have you make a referral, but you have to sign into you account first!


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