Price Action vs. Indicators Lesson Series

5 lesson in-depth video series


When we were first starting out as traders, we had no idea how the Forex market actually worked.  So, we naturally gravitated to indicators to help us make trade decisions.  When we first started to trade the Forex it was only about a 2 trillion dollar a day market and mostly trended, so we did not do too bad in the beginning (read our story here).  But, then it all unraveled!  We had to actually learn how to trade!  This required that we learn how the market actually works, how to find the Big Boys (bankers) targets and how to get a great entry and press our winners without exception.  Each part of that took a lot of time and cost a lot of money to get educated. 

Our Mistake

The big mistake we made in the beginning was thinking that our indicator(s) or setting on that indicator(s) was fine tuning our trading.  We did not understand that all indicators except one are lagging, so those indicator(s) never told us what was going to happen, they only told us what had happened.  We were engaged in trading suicide and did not even know it.  But we really felt like every time we got a new setting for our RVI etc.,  we were working on trading better.  We lost our shirts!

How to solve it?

We invested pretty heavily in our education (which was smaller than our losses) and paid big bucks to learn from actual bank traders who showed us how the Big Boys actually trade (i.e. it cost us $3500 to just learn the fibs and we were given only 3 hours of his time).  Eventually, we were able to use Price Action vs. Indicator trading.  Since then we have gone on to create amazing charts that help a trader understand the why of the market and to actually learn how the  market ACTUALLY works vs. what we think it does.  The Forex market is NOT RANDOM and is highly repetitive.  We have helped lots of traders go on to a greater level of trading including winning trading contests, becoming bank traders and hedge fund managers.  You can see some video testimonies from actual traders here.

We have put together this 5 lesson series to help the retail trader elevate their understanding of the market and learn to profit from it.  In this series, we’ll prove to you that indicator trading is trading suicide.  But more important we'll give you a proven track that will elevate your understanding of how the market moves, the "WHY" of the market and how to put together a methodology that works.  Our traders captured almost 25,000 pips last year - what could you do if you know how to actually trade?

It took us thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to gain all this information.  The average trader would take months maybe years to gather this information, and most likely along the way, they would pick up some bad information. It has taken us tons of hours to assemble this into a fantastic 5 lesson set on Price Action vs. Indicators.  Each lesson is about 30 minutes in length except the last one which is 50 minutes, so they are bite size.  But the entire lesson set is almost 3 1/2 hours (pace yourself - you can't assimiliate this much information in this short a time frame).   Once you have done all the lessons you can take a retention test to see how much you retained.  This way if you missed some information, you can rewatch that video.  We're confident, you will be very glad you invested in your education with this 5 lesson set.

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Here's what is in this 5 lesson Video set:

  • Lesson 1 Introduction to Price action, Moving Averages, Structure, Trends and Ranges  (35 mins)
  • Lesson 2 Tools of the Trade: Fibonacci, Fibs in Ranges, Support and Resistance (33 mins)
  • Lesson 3 Introduction to Elliott Wave, the Average True Range (ATR) and the US Dollar Index in trading (37) mins
  • Lesson 4 Chart Patterns, how to train your brain to read the market, Left brain/Right Brain (36) mins
  • Lesson 5 How to stack the deck against you (you don't want to), Target Trading , Stops, Scaling In and 3 real trade setups to get you started (53 mins)

There are also 4 more bonus videos included.

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After you finish the lessons you can take a 40 question retention test here to see how much you actually retained  

Lesson 4 has a free pattern trainer that you will download here


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