Our Courses

We are an online educational company which happens to have developed software that provides an analytical edge for the online trading community.

Educational Opportunites:

We conduct live trading and training in the New York session Monday-Thursday 9:30 AM ET and an advanced class (Endeavor) every Monday night 8:30 PM.

  • Live room (Subscription required)
  • 10 Day demo - Free
  • Endeavor class (free to demo traders) Subscription required after the 10 days

Courses offered (links below):

  • How to do your 300! The course that teaches your left brain to be the trader
  • Price Action Basic Course Bonus: comes with 2 weeks of live room free and 2 Endeavor classes
  • Boot Camp (intermediate) Bonus: comes with 4 weeks of live room free and 4 Endeavor classes
  • Fast Track (Advanced)  For serious traders who want to become or are already a Professional

Note: any course investment is credited in full towards any purchase above the level you have already taken.