Online Trading Community

Every day in the London and New York Session we are live in the Forex market.  Traders gather from all over the world to learn and share in their success.  One thing our traders constantly say: " I was ready to give up, and then because I was in a room with traders who were successful,  I felt I could push on through."  Our goal online is to focus on understandng the Market Structure of each currency today.  We call this the "Real Estate Of The Day", and it reveals where a potential trade setup is hiding.  We use only tried and true technical analysis and then awesome charts to show momentum entering the market trying to make the trade setup happen.

Traders report their pips captures in a live environment and that success helps breed success.  Since we do not scalp, seeing traders who are capturing hundreds of pips verses 5-8 helps spur a trader on to really focus on learning how to find the Wide Open Space, and then "press their winners without exception".  This is the real key to trading in the Forex.