Online Community

All live room subscribers not only get the greatest charts in the world but the ability to directly peak with a live trader/mentor in the London and New York Sessions.  This means you join a vibrant online trading community everyday and can get specific questions answered without fear of it being a "dumb question".  We foster a family environment and we know who is sick, has a birthday/anniversary etc..  A huge advantage of being a part of a successful online community is that you are constantly being challenged to do more and not fall back into old habits.

The online community is peppered with successful traders who are knocking down hundreds of pips per day.  Being in a room where that is happening vs. a room where traders are getting 5-8 pips changes your trading life.

Endeavor Advanced Training

Once a week you can access a live advanced training webinar where we tackle just one piece of the trading puzzle and really drill down on that.  These lessons are all archived for the traders to watch now and also in the future.