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ProAct Traders Believes In Giving Back

Giving back, or as popularly known today “paying it forward”, is a big deal for us at ProAct Traders.   Many of us channel trading profits to support important causes, including various missions. The picture to the left is from a unique youth camp that Jerry and I, with the help of a lot of other supporters, built in Badeni, Romania. Following the 1990 revolution which liberated the country from the grip of Communism, Jerry and I used to do live Christian rock and roll concerts around the country. Since then, we have helped seven orphanages, bought more land for a soccer field, and built a summer camp for orphans, underprivileged children, gypsies, and girls "at risk" for human trafficking. We also conduct business conferences in the University system in Bucharest, to help the organization CRU and Leader Impact. This activity has evolved into hands-on projects that utilize our full-time couple, Vio and Estera Grigore, who manage the camp and oversee our massive Christmas gift distribution project This dedicated couple also coordinate our personal speaking at the university level in Bucharest and our local business leader conferences.

If you would like to have a part in this vital work, we would love to help you make that happen for you - just contact us.

Our Giving Projects are below:

We have found that our traders get excited when a small amount of money can make a big difference for someone. In our case, 100% of all money raised through ProAct Traders goes to the camps - no money is taken out for admin costs. Even the wire fee is donated! 

We conduct two fundraisers per year:

- a Romanian summer camp project

- a Romanian Christmas Present project in cooperation with Samaritans Purse.

ProAct Traders takes a portion of our corporate earnings each year and we match our traders’ gifts so that we can benefit more people.

Our yearly projects are detailed below and are archived for you to show you that YES – together we can make a difference!

Here are pictures from our latest endeavor in Romania.

2022 Romanian Summer Camps

You may not know it, but ProAct Traders owns a camp in rural Romania (Transylvania) where, each summer, we bring hundreds of underprivileged children. It costs just $70 (approximately) per child to provide a full week of camp. The experience changes their lives forever. In fact, we are now in the second generation of children and many of our camp counselors today were actually kids who attended our camp when they were younger. A $70 scholarship reaches the camp in total. There are no admin fees and even the wire transfer is donated. Donors ask, “How can you do that?”

ProAct Traders sponsors these children with the help of our traders. This year we have a private donor who will match your gift up to $500. ProAct Traders will also match the first $3,000 given by traders, so every $35 you provide actually becomes $70 to fully underwrite the cost to send a child to camp. Wouldn’t it be great to know that your gift truly made a difference – that the campers themselves got the benefit of your donation, not some impersonal organization.

2021 Romanian Christmas Project

Every year we receive as many as ten thousand presents from Samaritan's Purse which are then distributed to underprivileged children in rural Romania. These presents go to small villages, orphanages (we add a pizza party at each of these), gypsy camps and to children who will never get a present at all unless we can get one in their hands.

How can we do it?


Glad you asked. ProAct Traders sponsors and fills hundreds of volunteers cars up with gas to get these delivered in the mountains of Transylvania. Gas is $11.00 a gallon and typically 1 gallon of gas represents 23% of an average Romanians daily salary. As you can see, unless we help this project will not take place.

We have a matching gift of $1,250 dollars and ProAct Will also match up to $3000. Will you help???


$6,921 Total to Romania THANK YOU TRADERS!!!

Ukraine Refugee Project!

We are using our Romania camp to house Ukrainians who are refugees from the war. They will be here for about 60 days and we can house about 60 of them. 

UPDATE:  We got $1540 and it is on its way.


$1540 Total to help the Ukrainian Refugees


We also support this mission in Romania: Click - Tanner Mission for disabled children

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