London Live Room

The London room is run by Andrew Haney - a Fast Tracker since 2015.  If you have been in the room at all you have seen the massive pips that Andrew is able to capture every day.  Here's a snippet of an email from Andrew.

UPDATE:  Andrew's Mom has gotten worse and he is having to sell his house in Florida and then move back to NY to take care of her.  He expects to be back in August!

What you may not know is that Andrew was a novice trader when he joined ProAct back in 2015 he had never worked up a chart in his life.  Andrew is a Fast Tracker, who entered the Forex Roll trading contest in 2016.  He competed against 2000 Professional Forex Traders and took the first place prize with a 1,000% increase in his account. 

The London room is open to Demo Traders, Fast Track and Live Room subscribers.  It opens at 3:15 AM EST (8:30am GMT+1) and goes for 1- 1 1/2 sometimes 2 hours.

NOTE:  Andrew is a volunteer - he does not work for us.  He volunteers his time to trade in the London market (even though he lives in the USA) because he loves to help traders move to the next level.  Andrew has severe back problems and cannot always make the room- especially if he has to up his meds or is back in the hospital.  Our traders have been with him for several years so they understand, but if you are new, you will be wondering "Where is he?"
We give him all the slack we can because he is an award winning trader and when he is there it is amazing.

The London Room is focused on understanding the current market structure and then where are the opportunities.  




London Session Training Archives


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