Live Room Results

Our Traders Record

Results below are tabulated from trade opportunities we have identified live in the NY session (and may happen in any later session as well as live in the session), in a Session Recap, Target tool or a "Heads Up Alert" to subscribers and then the average of what our subscribers actually took (we do not count multiple lots only 1 lot). Because we press our winners without exception, many of our traders capture way more pips per trade than we are showing below*.  We have an independent moderator who records the pip captures live in the room. We do not verify our traders trades (that would require each trader sending us their brokers statement each day-not practical) , we only report their live trade (not demo) captures per their recording in the room, so results should be considered hypothetical not real. We do have the reported results taken live with a 3rd party. Traders also take other trades.  We neither count their wins nor their losses--only opportunities that we have verified in the room using our software and methodology, posted before hand in the blog or sent in an Info Center Trade Alert (IC alert) to our subscribers cell and email or in an updated target tool revision. Additionally, we identify a Swing trade in the first week of the month which can return thousands of Pips (w/scaled in add ons) but this is not counted although significant if they materialize.

We are here to "teach you to fish - not give you a fish"!

 Here is a 4 minute video showing how we record these pip captures.  You will see 4 trades including 1 loss.  You will also see traders type  multiple entries since we "press our winner without exception".  You will see for instance:  144,115,97,44,12-5 si.  This trader made one trade with  6 separate entries along the way  and is (si) Still In the trade.  Only the 144 will be counted! CLICK HERE  Best viewed Full screen!


The week just ended +455 pips
Last week +278
This Month  +1065 pips
Last Month + 1,884 Pips 

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Spreadsheet total for year cummulative 

Year End Total Pips for 2021 11,876 pips**

To see the PDF record   - trade by trade all markets*


Year End Total Pips for 2020 24,526 pips**

To see the PDF record   - trade by trade all markets*


Year End Total Pips for 2019 26,881 pips**

To see the PDF record   - trade by trade all markets* 


Year End Total Pips for 2018 18,675 pips **

* week of January 10-22 there were no pip captures since Scott was with his daughter in ICU


Year End Total Pips for 2017 24,780**


Total Pips for 2016 32,055**

Total Pips for 2015 50,492**

Total Pips for 2014 38,013**

Total Pips for 2013 40,377**

Total 2012 capture + 19,545 pips**

Total Pips for 2011 12,226**


How do we track our progress?

We add up what trade setups were alerted in the room after we have identified them as a valid setup and did our traders actually take that opportunity.  Anything that we identify in the room or sent in a trade alert is entered into the record if we have three or more traders report that they traded it.  

PLEASE NOTE- We may alert for multiple types of trade opportunities, but no trader should take them all due to the correlation of currencies.  Example:  If we alert to both the EURUSD and the USDCHF a trader would only take one not both!  Additionally, you need to watch your useable margin since over trading could result in a margin call!

There are 4 types of trades that we count:

1) Any live trade taken in the room

2) Session Recaps - at the end of the NY session we record a video with the trade opportunities defined for the next 3 sessions.  If they happen and our traders take them we count the average that our traders actually got NOT WHAT WE ALERTED TO!  You can watch a 10 min session recap to see how this is done here.

3) Info Center Alerts- we alert via a special desktop widget to our live room subscribers via email and SMS to a cell when we see an opportunity developing. 

4) A blog post done BEFORE the move (and taken by 3 or more traders)

Note: 62% of our subscriber base are now Fast Track Advanced traders.  Most press their winners without exception.  We only count their (1) largest trade not their subsequent positions as they press their winners.  Example:  A trader posts on the GBPJPY  143, 97, 76, 32, -5 SI  ( SI=Still In).  This trader has made 5 entries on the same currency and although they are "still in", we are limiting this trade to what it is now and we will only count the 143.  We count wins, losses and break evens. 



WHY?  We count all trade opportunities on 20 different pairs identified in the room and no trader can take all the trades unless they trade all three sessions (we identify the opportunities for all 3) have enough margin to trade simultaneous entries, or if we identify both EURUSD and USDCHF you can only take one of those at the same time!  Because spreads vary from Broker to Broker and the additional difference in spreads due to fractional pricing, your entry or exit may not be the same as ours or another trader.  We also average trade captures from traders who report their trades in the live room since some might get 34 and another gets 41 as an example.  20 traders may take 3 trades and another 20 may take another three trades - although that is 6 for us, no trader should take that many trades simultaneously.

So although we have traders taking trades on all the pairs no one trader is taking trades on all of the pairs.  What is the most important factor in our record is low losses and high average pip capture.

The decision to take any opportunity is 100% your call - we are identifying the parameters of the trade setup that our software and methodology shows, stops and limits and in live trades in the room and we will live teach you how our charts help you create a roadmap to manage that trade to it's target. 

We alert for all three sessions and no trader should take them all but pick and choose the ones that are right for them.

We are TARGET TRADERS  - so many trades are entered in the session but do not  limit out until after the session is closed. Additionally, trade setups we identify in the NY session may not execute until the Asian or London sessions.  That does not negate the opportunity since the targets are set from the past.  

Note: Our room is for Educational purposes only it is NOT a Live Trading Room.    

If you are looking for a "live TRADING room" - this is not it.  If you are looking to learn how to trade for more than 5-8 pips and consistently take larger pips captures - THIS IS IT!


"Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used."