Fundamental Announcement Clock

The  FXTT Control Center…, install and enjoy. 

  1. This nifty little desktop widget has all the market times at a glance.
  2.  Download the Fundamental Announcement clockThe Announcements button takes you directly to the Fundamental Announcement page with today's announcement times (set the time on the fundamental announcement page to your local time).  Then, you can set an alert so you can sleep while waiting for the announcement.  This is especially a nice feature if you live in the USA but don't want to miss a critical announcement during the London session.
  3. The Green LED light shows you the current market that is open. 

REMEMBER - The best (only) time to enter trades is when you have market overlap (2 markets open at the same time).

Fundamental Announcement clock with today's announcement timesOk...  Once you have it installed I want you to note that there is a clock in the center that says “Local” and that will match your time zone automatically based on your computer time.  When you look at the announcements you need to set those to match your time zone then the rest of setting alarms will be very easy.

Here is how it will work.  You set the announcements to your time zone.  Then you see an announcement that you wish to set an alarm for. You then go to the session that you wish to have that alarm go off during and set the alarm to the time of the announcement matching the announcements page.

This means that if it says that there is an announcement about the GBP that is at 3am (your time) then you go to the London clock and set the alarm for 3am and you do not have to do any calculating of time zones.  This saves you all that wonderful conversion process.

Then you check the small box under the word “Alarm” at the 7 o’clock position outside of the clock.  I suggest that you play around with it and make sure that you have it straight in your mind before you depend on it for live alert the first time.

Now to deal with the sound files. If you click on the “Alarm Audio File” button and it does not go to the FXTT_Sounds directory under the Program Files directory then you need to navigate to that location to find those files.  This would also be the directory (folder) that you could copy other sounds to in order to have your own custom library of sounds.

We hope this is enough to get you started and we also hope you enjoy this little tool!