First Videos

ProAct Traders is a very different Forex company and this is why we are a one stop shop in the market.

So the big question is: "Where do I start, it is a bit overwhelming"?

So below are a few videos to start you off on the right foot.  Don't be in a hurry, you can't learn to target trade the Forex in three weeks so pace yourself.  Below are videos that are about trading in the ProAct system, not Forex trading in general.  The length of the video is at the end of the title.

While each one is important, tackle the ones with this icon first 

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Why be a Forex Target Trader?

Watch this one first

Why be a Forex Target Trader?  10.37  This is critical that you get this so make sure you watch this!

Then this one: 

Introduction to Target Trading  9.44 This one shows you that, while we have a lot of information - it is really quite simple and anyone could do it

The Beginners Track 13.31

How to train your brain to trade (You Tube video) 10:01

Then watch all of the videos below - they are bite size and you need to watch them all!


Our Analytic Road Map (ARMS) software is different  Click here for tutorials specific to our ARM Software


Our methodology is different

The Currency ritual - what we do each day to gather the correct information about a possible trade 22.00

Overview of ProAct Traders Methodology 21.00

How to learn the system 25.00

Stops Are for Sissies - NOT!! 9:08  Our Special stop methodology forces us to press our winners but is the key to success!

Using a Fibonacci Road Map 8:12

Elliott Wave basics is lesson 4 on the beginners lesson page.

 How to trade pullbacks

Here's a 45 min video (older) on the rules on 4 major trading aspects.


Best tools to use in High Market Volatility 1:52 min webinar to really dig down

Simplify Your Trading Analysis 22:09

Want to know how institutional traders trade - listen to this podcast

Our training is different

First Target Trade to learn 12:37- You've learned the Pole trade now what's next? Keep it simple early on!

How to trade a Fundie 2:40

Why Traders Lose 10:18 If you see yourself here then you need a paradigm shift

Watch a live trade edited to only 23 minutes - lots of gems in here and see how to identify a great trade and manage it to target

Trading Low ATR pairs 49.00

Things we discuss in the room might be different and eye opening to you


USDX Pair correlation

Click graphic and then esc to return

Divergence and how to use it to find the turns 10:00 Mandatory for all reversals and especially helpful in ranges

The ATR Average True Range see it's own page here

How to use the ATR in the Real World

Squaring up 6:04Let it center - Break hook and Go 7:14Close and reverse click here 4:23How to place entry orders 9:22

How to trade the Pullback 9.00

In order to be successful in the Forex you MUST "press your winners without exception"!  

Here's a 1/2 hour video on Pressing your Winners 33 min

How to do Forensics on currency pairs 1:42 min (This was a 2 part Endeavor class that we combined into 1 video)

Next Step

Regardless of trading experience TARGET TRADING is new to you so if you are a demo trader, devour the 6 lesson set on the beginners page (under education) click here

Also check the FAQ's under resources in the NAVBAR above.  If you know (or think you know) part of the name of the video you can enter that keyword in the seach function under the home page.  If you have access rights to it, you will be able to view it.