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What if you are looking to get the most knowledge of our successful methodology by the fastest means possible? 

Then our Fast Track Mentoring Program is what you’re looking for.

  • You may have been exposed to a couple of trades in the NY or London rooms.  But the proprietary trades taught to Fast Trackers are so technically advanced that Fast Trackers have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement not to reveal them and they are never discussed in the daily London or NY session. You have to be in the 'in-group" of Fast Trackers to learn their secrets. 

  • They are based on the target trading structure they've been learning---but are far more advanced then the pole trade (your first Price Action trade Setup). They can take your trading to another level of professionalism.

  • Fast Trackers have special mentoring sessions daily after the NY Session and also (Endeavor class) weekly and can attend as many Fast Track refresher courses as they want over the years as long as they are a paid subscriber.

  • If you have been in the room for even a short time you have seen that it is Fast Trackers who knock down the Big Pip Captures.  What do they know that you do not?

Our copyrighted Fast Trackers’ Mentoring program will teach you what the Market Makers, the “Big Boys” are doing and how that affects your trading.  It offers in-depth teaching on the following topics:

  • The "Structure" of the market

  • The "Real Estate of the day"

  • The "WHY" of the market

Our goal is to help you find YOUR specific trading style using our methodology along with some simple but mandatory rules: 

  • Margin Management Rules

  • Trade Setup Rules

  • Trade Execution Rules

  • Trade Management Rules

  • Psychology of Trading Rules, to keep you from yourself!

We have found, over many years of trading and teaching, that traders who bounce from system to system ultimately fail, lose their trading capital, and give up on learning how to be professional traders.  Our Fast Track Mentoring program is designed to teach you how to stop this vicious cycle and become a real Forex trader.  Traders who enter our one-year mentoring program learn the methodology and the rules they need to follow to become successful Forex traders. 

We are Target Traders, which means we trade to known targets, rather than the typical 5-8 pip scalpers’ target.  We believe anyone of normal intelligence can learn to be a successful Forex trader if they will devote themselves to learning the basic rules of structure, real estate of the day and the "why of the market".  There is no rocket science here, just logical, sensible rules and information for you to apply in your trading.  It’s really quite simple – learn the rules and apply them, do the work and you have the opportunity to be successful.  Forex trading is the most lucrative opportunity around, and our Fast Track Mentored students rapidly learn how to become part of that profession.  It is a one-year commitment during which you will be taught the methodology in full.

Just a few of the Forex strategies you will learn in the Fast Track Program:


Fast Trackers learn 14 professional trade setups and 13 are proprietary  that are never revealed in the NY/London session.  Although you will easily see the result of these setups by simply watching the Fast Track traders post their pip captures during the NY session.


Fast Track Program

Program Details

Fast Track Live only opens a few times each year so that we can concentrate on the serious student of the Forex. The majority of our trader base are Fast Track traders.


The One Year Fast Track Program consists of the following elements:

Instruction time: (Note: The 3-day webinar and all other classes are recorded for later review at no charge, as long as you are a ProAct Chart subscriber)

  • A trader evaluation upon entering the program if you want, reviewed with Scott Barkley 
  • An intensive, 3-day webinar with Scott Barkley, who created the methodology  
  • Daily training Monday – Thursday with Scott, approximately 1-2 hours each day (depending on market conditions) in the NY market and then a private session on most days for just Fast Trackers. 
  • Weekly Endeavor advanced  class on Monday evening ( USA time) to expand on the advanced teachings 
  • Live Telegram room for only Fast Trackers.

Training tools:

  • ProAct ARM Target Trading charting software including the data feed each month  

  • ProAct Target Trading tool for updated target after the NY Fix ($300.00 value) Platinum Level

  • FXTT Pattern recognition software Platinum Level

  • FXTT Info Center with one-click access to everything you need

  • Large video library to explain the methodology in-depth

  • Recordings of all classes for later access

  • Access to the ProAct Knowledge Base for quick answers to many of your questions

  • ATR tool ($300.00 value) Platinum Level

  • Private Blog for quick Fast Track information in real time

  • Private Telegram room exclusive to Fast Trackers - bounce your ideas off experienced traders.

Additional elements:

  • Fast Track traders can also have one-to-one access with Scott via email or online meeting to address any questions traders have, or areas of confusion.

  • Included in the cost of the initial 3-day webinar are the first 2 months of charts ($400 savings) and live room free for the 1 year ($100 per month=$1200 savings).

  • You will learn 13 proprietary (bankers) trade setups that we NEVER share and 11 ways to use fibs as the Bankers do!

  • All of the benefits of the full subscription at the Platinum Level are included in Fast Track

  • All Fast Track traders can watch the Class videos and repeat the LIVE webinar as many times as they want with NO additional cost as long as they are an active Paying ProAct Chart subscriber. 

  • Fast Trackers have their own private session virtually every day after the NY session is finished (recorded also)

We recently had our Fast Track program evaluated by an independent 3rd party who informed us that due to the programs robustness, interactive nature and ongoing education we should offer the program for $10,000. Fast Track was offered for years for $5,500, but we wanted to open this training up to individual traders all over the world and discovered that using the interactive high speed, high definition technology available over the internet we could expand our training to individuals worldwide and pass on our savings, making our program affordable to many more traders. Today, our typical Fast Track seminar might include traders from the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia.

While we still occasionally offer the live location seminars, mostly to hedge funds, most of our Fast Trackers now opt for the internet interactive seminars as they are more convenient, and more importantly produce dramatic savings.

Please Note: Our ARM software (as is the Brokers platform) is easily mastered by traders with average technical skills.  If you are "technology challenged" you must carefully consider whether you have the technical ability to engage in online electronic trading.  Test: I easily get my email each day as well as buy things online - good!  I have trouble getting my email each day and the internet intimidates me - Pass on online trading!


PLEASE NOTE: This is a Non-Refundable fee since it is intellectual property that we cannot retrieve from your brain once you have access to it!  WHY? 


It’s simple, really.  You will be attending live training and receiving copyrighted, intellectual property during the classes.  You will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to entering the mentorship program.  This methodology cost us thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to create and is protected under universal copyright laws.  Once the mentoring starts, you have the information which you cannot return to us, thus the fee for the knowledge is non refundable. 


Here's what real traders have to say:  Click HERE  to review our testimonial page

(note: once inside the links take you to the full testimonial- no one was compensated for their testimonial)

Fast Track can dramatically collapse the time frame to assimilate the Big Boys methodology and the concepts of Forex Target Trading.

Please note:  in order to take part in all ongoing webinars, live sessions, market analysis or future 3-day webinars your access is controlled by your continued subscription during and after the 1 year period committment.   We have fast trackers who are still with us since 2005 - tells you that there is a reason they stay.  Should you need to cancel your chart access during and after the 1 year period,  all access (Live Rooms, Market Analysis including website access, IC Alerts) is curtailed until your subscription is in an active status since access is via the Info Center and once the charts are canceled so is all the access in the Info Center.   


The next Fast Track 3 days training is scheduled for October 13-15, 2021 and continues for 1 year. 

If you are interested in doing the 3-day webinar self-directed and will be disciplined and do it EXACTLY as we tell you you can join at any time and once you are through the 3 days join us in Live Market Analysis (most Australian and New Zealand residents do it this way).  The benefit of the live webinar is the ability to ask questions immediately.  In a self-directed plan, you ask questions via email and a one on one if needed. All the lessons are recorded and the ability to stop the video and think through the process is actually the preferred method for many traders. You can watch these lessons over and over until you "get it". Once the live 3 days are offered again you can attend it then live as long as you are a paying chart subscriber. Contact me to discuss if you have any questions!  Email me here.

Cost for Fast Track- Premium Levels (think Discount)

Compare the investment to master the trading craft here vs. a franchise business. No brainer. And you still have a life.

3 options:

Platinum Level

Fast Track, Endeavor Class, Charts & live room for 1 year, ATR tool, Live Telegram Room exclusive to Fast Trackers Total Value: $6867

Cost: 25% discount - $5,150 One-time for 1 year access (2 payment option) day 1 on first payment and day 2 and 3 on second payment and proof of homework


Platinum Level 2 payment option

$2750 each with 30 days between payments) Deliverability for self directed traders:  Day 1 webinar and all live access on first payment and day 2 and 3 on second payment and proof of homework. Note:  if you are not willing to commit to the process and do the work please don't click below.  This is for serious traders only.


1 Year Fast Track Mentorship (not bundled)

Initial fee is $2997.00* per person for the 3-day webinar and includes the first 2 months of charts ($400 savings) and live room free for the 1 year ($100 per month=$1200 savings). On the 3rd month you will be paying for the live charts but at the $200 level. Live Telegram Room exclusive to Fast Trackers.

Note: if you are not willing to commit to the process and do the work please don't click below. This is for serious traders only.

2 payment plan link Click here 

If you do the 2 payment plan above, you will also need to sign up for the Charts now for after the 2 months free.  Click this link and we will refund the first payment when it clears and set the next one for 60 days forward!


Note: most credit card companies have a maximum daily limit per card.  You will most likely exceed this with this transaction so pre-authorize this with your Credit Card company first - it will save you some frustration.  if you get "transaction declined" or "offline order", your credit card company has stopped, it not us.  Just contact them directly and authorize it.

Please only hit the Submit order (1) one time! There is a short delay after you click this button.

Fast Track Live Training Itinerary

Day 1: Live teaching 9:30 am-1:30 pm ET

Day 2: Live teaching 9:30 am-2:00 pm ET

Day 3: Live teaching 9:30 am-1:30 pm ET


Returning Fast Trackers:  

Coming back for another audit?  We missed you!  Use the button below to reinstate your subscription and please put "Returning Fast Tracker" in the COMMENTS field.


You can cancel your chart subscription at any time with at least 5 days written notice and that will stop the next billing. Please note: there is no such thing as 100% uptime on the internet and we cannot be responsible for temporary outage from our service providers that are out of our control.



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