Dealers Choice Alerts

Dealer’s Choice Trade Alerts is a program that we developed to help traders who don't want to be tethered to the charts.  They are "heads up alerts" only!

We have kept the cost is bare minimum so that it is a value add (we used to have a subscription to the world on this service for $200 a month).

Since we are ProAct -ive in our trading we designed this software to watch behind the scenes for the mathematical algorithms we look for in 2 of our setups:

When the software finds that the math is lining up it will generate an alert that it is in play.  You will need to understand the above 2 videos to know whether the alert is real it know nothing about the market structure, whether this is a pull back or a reversal.


It has found a potentially ripe environment for the above two trades to possibly manifest. You can see that it also shows the direction in the illustration below. This is the direction of the alert, but the software does not know if you are in a trend up or down or in a sideways movement. That is the traders job. In our testing we found that it was very good at finding potential moves just before the actual market went in that direction.  You must be familiar with these two  trade setups and the rules of those trades in order to understand the alert.  Below are illustrations of how to retrieve the alerts.  Most people rely on their email for them so create a rule in your email program to alerts you if one comes in.

Click on the graphics below to enlarge and then hit your ESCAPE key to return.

If you have asked to have it sent to your email it will look like this in your email program.


Trade Suggestions

You see an alert that interests you on a currency you are actively following.  Is the alert in keeping with your analysis?  Is the alert with the overall trend.  Is the alert within the first 2 hours of the current session (Sidney for Aussie and Kiwi, Asian for Yen, London and New York for all).  Is there a Wide Open Space in the direction of the alert.  Is there room for your trade add ins so you will be pressing your winners.

If all of that is good and you have accessed the risk for reward and it is a minimum 1 for 1.  MAYBE, you can take it.

Here is a tutorial for it:  Click here

Sign up for our Dealers Choice Trade Alerts below for only $1.00 a day  (only $30 month)! 

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REMEMBER - these are not trade signals, just alerts for a particular currency.