Crypto Currencies

There are currently 1,835 separate Crypto currencies in the market. This will ultimately be brought back down to reality.  ProAct Traders already have the ability to trade Crypto currencies since many of the top Crypto currencies we already have a feed for.

Here are the currencies we currently have listed (and more coming)

How to Trade them?

You will need to have an account setup with a broker who either uses a wallet or MT4.  Our opinion as of now,  is that virtually all companies who use wallets are new to the business and therefore will most likely have a major shakedown as the market grows.  Brokers who offer Crypto currencies as an additional part of their MT4 platform have been in the business (Forex) and have established themselves as reputable and industry compliant.  Therefore, a lot less likely to lose your money (Crypto) in the middle of the night.

Here is a list of the current Brokers offering Crypto trading on MT4.  We are not recommending any of them - just listing them for your convenience.

Easy Markets

Ava Trade

Gain Capital ( USA) 


Why are the ProAct Charts the Best for Crypto Currencies?

As the market moves in the Crypto direction, we remind you that Crypto's act very much like regular currencies and adhere strongly to Fibonacci levels.  Additionally, due to their volatility, the ProAct Charts visually show the momentum (white dots and arrow and painted candles) as traders come into the market.  I have posted a few recent charts below to prove that.  (Click on them to expand and then hit the ESC key to return).



Lite Coin


More to come as we progress.