Boot Camp FX

Boot Camp Forex - an intensive 9 lesson series on Target Trading methodology

Retail traders MUST learn the "why" of the market - anyone can learn the "how". How to put a trend on, how to put a channel on, how to add a Fibonacci level etc.. Knowing the "why" of the market will "give you the edge" as a trader.  After all, you are either trading against or with the bank traders who make millions a year as traders.  Boot Camp will teach you how to trade WITH them , not against them.  In Boot Camp, you will learn how to recognize the market structure and trade WITHOUT indicators as your "go to" in trading.  Bank traders trade PRICE ACTION - they don't use indicators!

When we were first starting out as traders, we had no idea how the Forex market actually worked.  So, we naturally gravitated to indicators to help us make trade decisions.  When we first started to trade the Forex it was only about a 2 trillion dollar a day market (it is now 6.6 Trillion a day) and mostly trended, so we did not do too bad in the beginning (read our story here).  But, then it all unraveled!  We had to actually learn how to trade!  This required that we learn how the market actually works, how to find the Big Boys (Tier 1 Bankers) targets and how to get a great entry and press our winners without exception.  Each part of that took a lot of time and cost a lot of money to get educated. Did I mention a lot of money?

I suspect that you are somewhere in that same process?


How to solve it?

We invested pretty heavily in our education (which was smaller than our losses) and paid big bucks to learn from actual bank traders who showed us how the Big Boys actually trade (i.e. it cost us $3500 to just learn the fibs and we were given only 3 hours of his time).  Eventually, we were able to use Price Action vs. Indicator trading.  Since then we have gone on to create amazing charts that help a trader understand the "why" of the market and to actually learn how the  market ACTUALLY works vs. what we think it does.  The Forex market is NOT RANDOM and is highly repetitive.  We have helped lots of traders go on to a greater level of trading including winning trading contests, becoming bank traders and hedge fund managers.  You can see some video testimonies from actual traders here.

We have put together this 9 lesson Boot Camp series {that was recorded live) to help the retail trader elevate their understanding of the market and learn to profit from it.  In this series, we’ll prove to you that the market has a structure to it and is being manipulated by the Big Boys.  But more important we'll give you a proven track that will elevate your understanding of how the market moves, the "WHY" of the market and how to put together a methodology that works so you can trade WITH the Big Boys and quit trading against them. You'll learn how to use the chart tools to discover what the "Big Boys" agenda is and how to profit from it. this is NOT a course to teach you how to use our charts - it is designed to teach you how to trade with any charts (but ours are better :-)).

It took us thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to gain all this information.  The average trader would take months, most likely years to gather this information, and along the way, they would pick up some bad information. It has taken us tons of hours to assemble this into a fantastic 9 lesson in-depth course on Target Trading with the Big Boys.  Each lesson is bite size so you can understand it and practice it.  This is an intensive collection of all the Target Trading methodology that Fast Track Traders learn, with the exception that the 13 proprietary Fast Track trade setups are not included in this series.  Only Fast Trackers get these proprietary Bank trades and they commit to a year long process of learning the "Real Estate of the Day" and how to apply that in the real world.  They have a specific trade setup for each market structure. The 1 year commitment insures that they see the totality of the Real Estate of the Day to apply that methodology.

Bonus Videos

There are also 3 bonus videos included in this offer:

  1. Fibonacci sequence and the ATR
  2. Pressing your winners WITHOUT exception
  3. Chart Forensics

All together, there is over 10 hours of intensive study in the above!

Big Bonus

Boot Camp traders have lifetime access to the session recap that we do Monday through Thursday each week at no charge.  Once you learn the methodology, you can follow along as we explain what each of 20 seperate currencies might do in later sessions.  Your new found knowledge will help you track pairs that have what it takes to actually get to the target.  Defining the highest reward for the least risk!

This is the closest thing to our Fast Track without paying the $3000 price and the 1 year mentorship commitment.  There is over 10 hours of "MEAT" not "Fluff" here.


Boot Camp Video Series Value is $1997 but in this special offer it is only $997  - This is non- refundable since it is intellectual property-please make a note of this.


Yes, I want to access this series for only $997.  All purchasers also get access to our daily session recap video which outlines trading ideas and targets for typically 20 different pairs for later sessions and that is included free.  This is a  daily 10 minute video that last year helped our subscribers take over 15,000 pips out of the market! 

If you purchase the Boot Camp from us and later decide that Fast Track is a better fit - we will credit the $997 investment to the Fast Track purchase.

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