We are Different!

We teach the systems used by the Big Boys (Market Makers -Tier 1 bankers) to manipulate market movement and those specific market structures are valuable information for other banks and knowledgeable traders.  That information is available every day in the charts and yet the vast majority of retail traders are clueless to this information.  So to compensate, they trade for an average of only 5-8 pips (source FXDD) which means that in order to be successful you must be 90% correct...for the rest of your trading career.  Don't get caught in this trap.  That learning curve is shorter and so is your trading career.  Learn how the market actually moves and why and then apply that knowledge daily in the "Real Estate Of The Day".

We have 3 questions that we have to answer each day per currency we are training:

  1. What are the  BIG BOYS doing today and why?
  2. What moves are PROBABLE for the BIG BOYS?
  3. How much am I willing to risk to see if I am right?
Here's a 20 min video introducing the founders and showing why trading for 5-8 pips is a recipe for disaster

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