You have impressed me a lot more than other instructors

I have been trading with ProAct for about a year and a half now and have struggled for a long time, as most traders do. I work four ten hour days so I can trade Monday mornings with you in the room. That one morning a week isn’t much and it has taken me a lot longer to catch on than I thought it should but, then I suppose most traders feel that way. I have learned a hell of a lot from you with your extra classes and meetings in Dallas. You have impressed me a lot more than other instructors and I thank you for that.

Things just started to click for me more after you taught us to use the fibs after a spike in the market and enter on the pullback. It finally started working for me along with the XAG. Since Jan 26 I have entered 13 trades, 10 are now closed. The first trade I lost money on-21p then here is what happened +204,+170,+161,+239,+252,+176,+140,+82,+45=1448p. I have 3 open position at+341 at this time.

I wish I could trade every weekday morning with you and the other traders, it sure gets lonely here by myself! Thanks again. Bob H

Ps: You can share this if you want. I will also send you proof of these trades if you want. Bob H.

Bob H.