One thing about this journey that is incredible


I started with Proact a little over 10 months ago!!!  At that point I had never even heard of the Forex Market!!!  It has also been the roughest year of my life and after the prior five, I would never dreamt it could get worse.  By the way I am a Home Builder and I built more Homes My first year of business in 1987 than I have built in the last 6 or so years .  I believe I started with Proact on the 16th of February and I could not get enough of it.  I originally started trading with a demo account in the beginning and was very successful, dumb luck I think because I knew nothing at all!  One thing about this journey that is incredible,   every time you think you know or understand something about it you find out there is still lots more!!  My wife & I divorced after 12 years, and I was devastated to say the least.   I threw myself into the classes and consumed my time with everything I could learn through Proact.  I had many break throughs where I thought I got it, only to later feel as though I was a failure and not getting it at all.  It is amazing to me how the learning comes together.  Mean while I have seen everyone and I mean everyone except Pip move on from the New York Session classes that I started with (God Bless PIP What’s not to love about PIP)or the  Mother Teresa of Proact & Forex.  I decided I was addicted to the learning process and even though I had learned all this info I was relying on Scott and the class to make my decisions every day and was not using my learned skills to their fullest potential.  So I made myself start outlining all the currencies pairs every night during the London session and doing my regular job during the NY session in December while checking in with the NY classes time to time .  Well my month of December was very successful and only time will tell if I can be consistent or not.   My record for the month of Dec is 35 total trades, 5 losses, 3 break evens and the rest winners (937pips 20% account growth) which I believe is one of Scott's main rules one of the things on my 8.5 x 11 card yes 8.5 x 11 it and sets in front of my 24 inch monitor so I can’t miss it while I Trade. It is a giant 3x5 card!!!  Be right big and wrong small!  I believe that Scott and Jerry are blessed and embody what is missing in a lot of people today and although they are in business to make a living they truly care about other people and helping them and I thank them for that so much!!!  I believe I could have traded for 30 years and never figured out all the things they have taught me to date.  I look forward to continued success with Scott & Jerry and my family of traders at Proact.  By the way I have sold three homes to be built in the last week and have two more to sign on Wednesday if all goes well.   I will be a full time trader by the end of this year!   I am very happy President Obama forced me to find a new profession since mine all but disappeared,   I would have never found out about Forex or Proact without him.


Michael A.

Michael A.
Started out as a Demo Subscriber
Prior Home Builder