I was fortunate, and found the best first

My name is Harold Miller. I met Scott in 2005 or 2006, in Chicago at a trade show . I was impressed with you and some short time later joined you in your program that was trading the forex.

Frankly, as in almost all business start ups, I had ups and downs.

The most important thing, I am interested in, is all who believe in themselves enough to want the independence to rely on no one but themselves, should research the business that Proact Traders present.

I am a live, walking billboard that confirms Proact's motto " No trader left behind."

There are thousands of programs, plans, and promises, out there. I was fortunate, and found the best first. Great teacher and follow up that you just cannot find in any other business you would venture into. Just not available at any cost.

Scott and Jerry I want you to know how appreciative I am.

In interest of full disclosure, I am not related in any way to either Scott or Jerry. Well, there was Adam and Eve who---------------.



Harold Miller

Harold Miller
Business Owner