Hopium syndrome

I am not a mushy dude. I know it is ok for men to cry but I grew

up in a home where I never saw my dad or mom cry unless it

was in a church setting.


So, I am not the crying type. However, during today's training,

I couldn't help but get close to having a tear fall from my left eye.


Why did I tear up? I have been in forex in some form or fashion

since 2003. I drank the juice. I got hooked on Hopium!

Hello, my name is Tre' and I am a FX Hopium addict.


Unfortunately, I got hooked on the really bad stuff. Robots, signals,

managed accounts.... I have been looking for an automated

(LAZY) way to win in the markets.


I have done well in the network marketing arena. But after 24

years in that arena, I am burned out. Tired of the baby sitting and

the constant turnover of companies failing to keep their promises.


I love the idea of it being me vs. the markets. No company pulling

the rug from under me and having to start over as I have had

to do multiple times in the network / internet marketing arena.


I wanted to take your course three years ago and make the

career change to being a professional trader. The timing was off.

When I was first introduced to you, my wife's health was failing

and I almost lost her three times in 2015.


At the end of last year and then in the spring of this year (2018), I was

looking to get into Fast Track and she was having health issues

again which would have impeded my focus.


I actually was not expecting you to open of FT until the end of the

year. I decided to become a live room/chart subscriber so I could

learn until the end of the year.


I was pleasantly surprised to find out you were opening up FT when

you did. The timing was finally right as she is doing so much better

and now I can focus.


So now back to that tear that ALMOST fell from my left eye....


I have been learning a lot as a Live Room / Chart Subscriber.


Folks like Bill, Andy, Beena and others have become my heroes

and heroines.


When I first started, everything seemed and still seems overwhelming.

But to hear that Bill is more than his three score and ten but still cranking

out the pips...


To hear how Andy is always crushing it... 2K and even 6k in pips on

trades (if I recall that correctly)



To hear how Beena, a relative FT newbie is kicking butt both ways

has given me the confidence that if I do the work (and I will)... that I too will

become a successful student.


Then to start to understand how your students are cranking out the pips....


For instance, the training on the xxxxxx.... talk about invaluable. To

know that with proper planning, a trade could have an 80% success rate....

talk about Kick Butt!


A lot of people depend on me. So mastering this skill set is a MUST. I have

a huge why. Now, to go along with that WHY, I have a vehicle.


Now it is just a matter of me being a student and doing the work.


So that is why the tear just about, almost, came close to falling from

my left (not right)... but my left eye.


Thank you and your team for being willing to share your knowledge

and gifting with us.


Also In His Grip,




* PS... you are free to use as little or as much of the above personal



Tre' S
Fast Track Subscriber