Forex live trading room

NY Live Room

The New York Live Training room is typically run by Pablo Orellana, and occasionally by Scott Barkley.  We are focused on finding the structure of the market and not just trying to find a trade.  It is in the New York session that we record the pip captures of our traders.  These captures are from IC alerts to our subscribers, Live Trades and Session Recaps (a 10 minute video that we record at the end of each session) from the last session and encompasses about 22 hours of potential trading opportunities. 

London Live Room

The London room is open to Demo Traders, Fast Track and Live Room subscribers.  It opens at 3:30 AM EST (8:30am GMT+1) and goes for 1- 1 1/2 hours.

The London Room is focused on understanding the current market structure and then where are the RF1010 and Pole trades.  It is run by Pablo Orellana who resides in Equador, so he has to get up very early to operate the room so give him a little slack :-)