ProAct Targets Tool

At ProAct Traders we are TARGET TRADERS!  Our charts are designed to give traders the information needed to find a great LOW RISK and HIGH REWARD trade.  These targets are done BEFORE the moves typically at the NY Fix Monday-Thursday.  ProAct Traders created a desktop/mobile App that will give active Forex traders advance knowledge of where the best target is for 20 currency pairs based on our methodology and opinion.  You can see that it shows the direction, the target and the latest time stamp so you will know if it is "fresh" or not. You can also set your favorites if you don't trade all 20 pairs. These are not "TRADE SIGNALS", but the conclusion of exhaustive analysis and an "Idea" of what the currency might do.  Use it to compare with your work- and to disagree is totally fine.  Remember also that a currency may have a small move to finish its current move BEFORE resuming the direction we have chosen. NOTE:  If we do the targets and the USDX is going down and then it flips to up AFTER the update - the target will be directionally wrong.  It is the Traders job to be on top of that!  I will tell you what the USDX was doing at the time the targets are inputted.

It also is used to adjust targets that we identified in the NY Session and after the NY Fix: Where are the adjusted targets and any directional change?


Fresh targets every day.

Inside the tool you can chose the default setting or show only the date you want to see.

Every day (Monday-Thursday) at around the NY Fix we look at the currencies and update where we think the targets are for the upcoming sessions (Asian, London, NY, Sydney) and the direction to look for those targets.  We did an exhaustive study during the NY session earlier and now it it the start of a new day for the Forex market (NY FIX).  Is our analysis still intact and what is the new target for the next critical sessions (Asian, London, NY tomorrow)?  Check your work and see if you agree.  NOTE:  If the USDX flips after the targets are done at the NY Fix most if not all the currency directions will be wrong.  We have no control over that - it is the Traders job to be on top of that. NO CLICKING OUT FOR 5-8 PIPS.  If you know the target, do all you can to stay in for the target.  

Here's a short video showing how the targets are assigned - Click here.

Don't watch all 20 currencies? 

You Just set your favorites and only those will come up when you click the Favorites bar.



Here's the number one question we get after it is downloaded:

I just tried to download your ProAct trader Target tool. I entered my e-mail address, and it said the address is not registered.

What should I do?

Answer: Wait for the email to come that says it was activated.  WAIT FOR THAT EMAIL!  READ THIS AGAIN!

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