Our Story

ProAct Traders™ was started in 2004, when a group of like-minded traders came together in a trading room every day to improve their trading skills. We were a diverse group of traders all with very different backgrounds: an accountant, an international business consultant, a software engineer, a software technical consultant, several entrepreneurs and insurance executive. Gone were the glory days when you got up every morning, bought the GBP$ and the EUR$ and sold them several hours later, almost always with a profit. In those days we thought we were invincible. As the market began to do what we thought were new movements, our methodology began to unravel. Like most traders we had been taught to trade moving average crossovers to grab small pips (makes you feel like you are a winner)  with a few indicators to give us confidence to push the button. As the market took on new movements, this widely taught methodology was not adaptable and our confidence began to wane. 

During the early part, we were not really aware that a fundamental change was taking place in the market since we would still have enough good days (when it would trend) to keep up in our old methodology. But soon it became apparent. Our margin accounts were dropping and so was our confidence. Of course, we now know that the Forex only trends 30% of the time. Most traders retreat and isolate themselves at this point, but we dug in. We rented office space in a historic building on Poker Alley Street (hence the name of our trades) and we continuously met.  Poker Alley Street was actually the place on the old Chisolm Trail where the cowboys would stop and take a break from driving cattle to Kansas City and play poker. But that was a hundred years ago and we weren't interested in gambling, we were interested in trading!


We joined every forum, we bought every book, and we took course after course from very reputable people in the industry. What we found was that everyone had some good stuff, but no one had the whole picture…and anyone who did, wasn’t sharing it. We tried hedging, straddling, robots and all of the methods touted to bring incredible rewards. We lost our shirts.

We also learned the hard way that you had to have a different strategy, methodology and specific trade setup to react to all market conditions. Sure a moving average crossover might work in a trending market, but it only trends 30% of the time! What do you do when it ranges or reverses - the other 70% of the time?

During this time, one trader in our group developed a method that we could consistently trade for 8-12 pips. This trade worked  pretty well most  of the time. The downside was that the % of the time when it did not work it negated a huge amount of wins since our stops needed to be fairly large and we were only trading for a lousy 8-12 pips. We were breaking every margin management rule in the book. That's how we learned that you could statistically have a high % of wins and still make very little money.


It also proved to us what most websites will NOT TELL YOU: that trading for a measly 5-8 pips (the average winning trade for a retail trader) means that you must be 90% correct for the rest of your life to be successful.


That meant it was critical to learn to Target Trade and stay in for the "Big Boys" targets. But how do you find them?  We bit the bullet and paid some big bucks to "get inside the BIG BOYS heads". We had figured out some pretty cool stuff on our own, but armed with this new knowledge we set about to visually see what the " Big Boys" are really doing and create that in our charts. Contrary to popular belief the market is absolutely being manipulated by the Big Boys.  They have a language and they talk on the charts all the time.  Professional traders learn to recognise this and trade the Big Boys intention.

After several months, we were able to find a combination of methodology and momentum indicators with very proprietary settings that would enable those with smaller margins to actually see the market movement when it was most likely to occur. When these templates that we developed were used with ESTABLISHED TECHNICAL ANALYSIS we could now stay out of a larger percent of trades that didn’t work and we could increase our pip capture with those that did. As a result, our margin accounts began to recover.
As we progressed, other setups began to be evident that were confirmable and produced statistically higher success rates. These trade setups initially became known internally as Wild Cards, 6 Aces and Royal Flush's in honor of our historical cowboy poker setting. These trade setups allowed us to trade in Trending, Ranging and Reversing markets and most importantly KNOW WHAT SETUP to use. 


We were learning to TARGET TRADE alongside the Big Boys!  This process also taught us that learning to have ROCK SOLID technical analysis would not only give us confidence in a trade setup it also taught us when NOT to take a trade setup.  A Trade Setup and a Trade are simply not always the same thing.  We abandoned standard indicators as a methodology but kept the Harmony and Momentum indicators that is built into our charts. We realised that while indicators have a place (gives a new trader the confidence to "push the button"), it was NEVER a reason to take a trade.  Taking a trade was all about reward for the risk once you have figured out what the "Big Boys" are doing today and why!  We programmed very accurate tools to depict realistic targets (like our proprietary HSI tool). This was invaluable since we could now see the "Big Boys" targets and stay in for the them. These tools are now known as T30's, the HSI Tool and the PAT Projector. They are indispensable in breaking the #1 habit new traders have - "Cutting their winners short and letting their losers run."

We were no longer "indicator junkies",  we were FOREX Target Traders!  Now we were able to use Price Action vs. Indicator trading. 

So we initially created these charts for us, but our evolution led us to first become a Forex Trading Club with traders all over the world. Traders paid club dues monthly to access the charts.  As the word got out, we started getting more and more traders and the club either had to end or we had to make it a full fledged business. It was just too much internal investment and work for free and so ProAct Traders was born.

Fast Forward:

Scott ended up being a training consultant with FXDD and traveled with Greg Michaelowki, a bank trader from the UK  for 12 years. For 3 years Greg and Scott traveled together and did training workshops for FXDD ( the 2nd largest retail broker in the world).  It was during this time he that learned lots of ins an outs that Bank traders do.  Information that retail traders will never learn just due to their non affiliation with a trading floor at a bank. That knowledge is taught every day in our live rooms and an even more in depth process is used in our Fast Track program.  Andrew Haney, who runs our London Live room is a graduated Fast Tracker and winner of the Forex Roll contest.  This is a contest of 2,000 professional traders trading against each other.  Andrew took the #1 spot.

Our Forex Trading Software is  designed to show harmony and momentum. When those two things are evident in the market, you have an environment conducive to higher probability movements. Our Forex Trading Software is designed to show you when this higher probability environment exists.  Our methodology is "trading ALMOST naked".  Using technical analysis to identify high probability trading areas (wide open spaces), price action and then momentum ( from our software) to confirm that the Big Boys are actually there. 

We have absolutely nothing against indicators...as long as you NEVER TRADE THEM!

We use established technical analysis techniques so our trading methodology is not some "secret" that only we have. That "secret stuff" you see on other websites is just marketing hype (translation: rubbish). Think about it - If they are the only people who know it -then they are the only people trading it. With twenty million retail traders trading worldwide trading 400 billion dollars per day*, whatever secret methodology they (may) have is not what prints candles on a chart. It is the "Big Boys" (the 10 tier 1 bankers), the 500-800 banks and hedge funds plus retail traders using established technical analysis who have the combined trading power to print candles.

We look for three things on a daily basis:

  1. What are they doing today and why?  STRUCTURE
  2. What opportunities are probable? NOT possibility -  probability
  3. What is my risk? Margin Management


Our Forex Trading Software does not tell you WHEN to trade - You must interpret that based on technical analysis, what is the "Big Boys" agenda, the harmony of our momentum indicators in the market and the distance to the targets. We do however, make every effort to teach you to learn HOW to trade using tried and true technical analysis to understand the "WHY" of the market.  We do this live in the London and  NY session every day for demo traders, Live room subscribers and Fast Trackers as well as our chart subscribers who have opted in for this service.


See for yourself with no pressure, no sales hype, no "pie in the sky", "holy grail" junk and NO COST!

Enjoy a 10 day free charting software demo with free Membership access to the live London and NY sessions.  Click here



*Aite Group LLC reports this and the volume is an estimated $400 billion a day for retail traders

"Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used."