Our Special Tools

One of the key components of our methodology is to actually see it.  We created these amazing charts to enable a trader to learn to Target Trade for way more pips then the average retail trader.  The short video's below will help you understand each components function and how to use it to be a better trader.

Amazing Tools

Below are 1-2 minute videos showing each of the unique features of the ProAct Forex Trading system.  Don't get us wrong - we love Fibonacci's, trend lines and previous support and/or resistance, but we have developed a few other incredible tools to help us Target Trade in the world of the Forex. If you are serious about finding the "EDGE" in trading take just a few minutes to review each one.


The T30's                          The Pat Projector
The HSI ToolThe Pato's
The HMIDoes the HSI really work?


Heiken Ashi

We use Heiken Ashi charts as part of the chart array for the RF6 template.  We call them the Three (3) Musketeers!  Here is a video on how we use them!

Three Musketeers 3:47



Average True Range  

It has it's own page under software click here

"Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used."