NY Live Room

The New York Live Training room is typically run by Pablo Orellana, and occasionally by Scott Barkley.  We are focused on finding the structure of the market and not just trying to find a trade.  It is in the New York session that we record the pip captures of our traders.  These captures are from IC alerts to our subscribers, Live Trades and Session Recaps (a 10 minute video that we record at the end of each session) from the last session and encompasses about 22 hours of potential trading opportunities. 

REMEMBER: We are TARGET TRADERS - that means many trade opportunities we identify IN SESSION will not happen until AFTER SESSION or a LATER SESSION!




 Wide Open Spaces webinar 02.10.16

 How to trade the Pole  16:00 


New York Live Session Training 

Note: Once the playback starts you MAY need to use scaled view if the right side is not showing.   Please shut down all programs that will compete for your PC's resources ( dealing station, Charts, Email etc.).  If your broadband speed is slow you will NOT be able to review these.

08.16.18 Recording W/Scott

08.15.18 Recording W/Scott

08.14.18 Recording W/Scott

08.09.18 Recording W/Pablo

08.08.18 Recording W/Scott

08.07.18 Recording W/Pablo

08.06.18 Recording W/Pablo

08.02.18 Recording W/Pablo

08.01.18 Recording W/Pablo

07.31.18 Recording W/Pablo

07.30.18 Recording W/Pablo

07.26.18 Recording W/Pablo

07.25.18 Recording W/Pablo

07.24.18 Recording W/Pablo

07.23.18 Recording W/Pablo

07.19.18 Recording W/Pablo

07.18.18 FX Synergy with Martin

07.17.18 Recording W/Scott and Pablo

07.16.18 Recording W/Scott

07.12.18 Recording W/Scott

07.11.18 Recording W/Scott

07.10.18 Recording W/Scott

07.09.18 Recording W/Scott

07.05.18 Recording W/Pablo

07.03.18 Recording W/Pablo

07.02.18 Recording W/Pablo

06.27.18 Recording W/Pablo

06.26.18 Recording W/Pablo- open house

06.22.18 Recording W/Scott- open house  Q&A

06.21.18 Recording W/Scott- open house

06.20.18 Recording W/Scott- open house

06.19.18 Recording W/Scott- open house

06.18.18 Recording W/Scott- open house

06.15.18 Journaling with Pablo

06.15.18 Q&A with scott

06.14.18 Recording W/Scott- open house

06.13.18 Recording W/Scott- open house

06.12.18 Recording W/Scott- open house

06.11.18 Recording W/Scott- open house

06.07.18 Recording

06.06.18 Recording

06.05.18 Recording

06.04.18 Recording

05.31.18 Recording

05.30.18 Recording

05.29.18 Recording

05.24.18 Recording w/Scott

05.23.18 recording w/Scott

05.22.18 Recording

05.21.18 Recording

05.17.18 Recording w/Scott

05.16.18 Recording

05.15.18 Recording - No recording

05.14.18 Recording

05.10.18 Recording

05.09.18 Recording

05.08.18 Recording

05.07.18 Recording

05.03.18 Recording

05.02.18 Recording

05.01.18 Recording

04.30.18 Recording w Scott

04.26.18 Recording w Scott

04.25.18 Recording

04.24.18 Recording

04.23.18 Recording

04.19.18 Recording W/Scott

04.18.18 Recording

04.17.18 Recording

04.16.18 Recording

04.12.18 Recording

04.11.18 Recording

04.10.18 Recording

04.09.18 Recording

04.04.18 Recording

04.03.18 Recording

04.02.18 Recording

03.29.18 Recording - Long session lots of charts

03.28.18 Recording

03.27.18 Recording

03.26.18 Recording - Didn't receive a recording

03.22.18 Recording

03.21.18 Recording

03.20.18 Recording

03.19.18 Recording - lots of chart w/ Scott




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