Award Winning Charting

Our Award winning Forex Trading Software is cutting edge Forex technology.  Built -in setups, target tools and rules based entries and exits to give you an edge in trading.  Forex Software designed to Target Trade and the resources to get you where you want to go. 

There is no contract, subscription is month to month.  Unlike other software companies who either require you to trade with them or pay a datafeed fee (and sometimes a usage fee as well), our charts come complete with the datafeed.

Built inside our charts is a revolutionary system based on established technical analysis to assist in making trading decisions. ProAct Traders™ subscribers have the added advantage of viewing charts with the ability to signal possible high-probability trading opportunities as well as high probability trading targets.

What does that mean? The #1 problem traders have is “letting their loser run and clicking their winner out to quickly".

The market does three (3) things: Ranges, Trends and Reverses. You need a different trade setup for each. Trading a trending trade setup (example: a moving average crossover system) is trading suicide in a ranging or reversing market. So we created these trade setup templates and established rules to trade them.

Three proprietary Forex Trading System tools that are available nowhere else

The Forex market does three (3) things: Ranges, Reverses or Trends. We have a separate trade setup to visually see each environment and a RULES BASED methodology to trade each type of market with a higher statistical probability.

The heart of the ProAct trading system is cutting edge, innovative AWARD WINNING Forex Charting Software that visually signals high probability trade setups with  entry points as well as Profit-Taking Target Levels.  The software automatically finds these opportunities and then you choose to take them based on established Risk for Reward rules and Technical Analysis.  We combine tried and true technical analysis to find the targets, find a great entry and then commit to the trade.  

We are Forex Target Traders - we do NOT scalp!

The ProAct trading system has 20+ indicators behind the scenes that are designed to visually signal harmony and momentum for great entries to take us to those targets.  Why spend the time to learn what RVI or RSI or what slow stochastic setting is best right now?  Take that time you would have to invest  to understand a multitude of indicators that must constantly be reset due to changing market conditions and instead learn to actually trade structure and price action?    

Our Proprietary Tools include:

  • T30's based on the Pivot Point, shows high probability interim targets.  Click to see (2 min video)
  • PAT Projector a tool to plot targets especially the 55 pip target from the white dot (in session) on the charts. Click to see (2 min video)
  • HSI TOOL- uses Fibonacci and historical support and resistance levels to plot the bigger targets.Click to see (2 min video)

Two (2) Proprietary indicators to show harmony for swing trades and ranging.

  • (2 min video)Click to see          PATO's - Oscillators used in combination. 
  • HMI indicator - Harmony indicator. Click to see (2 min video)

Three (3) special Heiken-Aishi charts to help the decision process  Click here

What We Are Not... a "get an arrow and trade" piece of software. Our arrows and painted candles are part of a technical analysis system and methodology based around trade rules. Do not confuse our powerful software with "black box" software. This is not about blindly following some silly arrow - it is about learning how to trade, why the market will do what it does and seeing that visually for the first time in your trading career. We visually see the "Big Boys" entering and then we can decide if we want to trade with them! Our setups are designed to show higher statistical probability environments to execute a trade and our targets are realistic targets.