Live Room Videos

If you have been in the live rooms you may have a feeling of being overwhelmed - WE GET IT!

Below are short videos to help you understand some of the day to day things that we look for all in one convenient link.  Things like:

  • Break Hook and Go
  • Squaring up
  • Our stop policy and much more


Let it center - Break hook and Go 7:14

Why Traders Lose 9:21

In order to be successful in the Forex you MUST "press your winners without exception"!  We call it the cue ball - here's a 4 minute video to understand how to start this technique.

First Target Trade to learn 12:37

Understanding the ProAct Indicators 12.10

Squaring up 6:04

Stops Are for Sissies - NOT!! 13:00  Our Special stop methodology forces us to press our winners

Here's the live room intro that we play each day before the room opens  15:00  Has how to trade a Fundie at the end

Don't foget we have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and a video library with lots of helpful videos