FX Power Bar

When you first start your Forex journey EVERYTHING is daunting.  Of course it is - it is all new!  The problem with learning to trade is you need concise information, not a 300 page book, explaining how to do things. The Forex is complex but it is NOT complicated.  There are just a lot of pieces to putting it all together.  Then there is the issue of "Wow - I need a quick refresher, where can I get that"?

ProAct Traders goal is to help traders get to the next level.  This is just a small way we do that.

The FX Powerbar is a small widget that sits on your desktop.  It is ready to help you when you need it most.  Who wants to surf the net looking for information that may or not be factual?  So we put it all in one convenient place - YOUR DESKTOP.

WOW - what a great cool product this is and it is FREE.

EASY ACCESS to  important stuff to learn to trade 

  • Critical videos to learn in the video library
  • Our blog - get a trade idea today or a heads up for the upcoming week every weekend
  • Chart patterns  - a quick reference guide to help you identify these powerful patterns
  • Today's fundamental announcements (fundies) - What times to NOT TRADE
  • Refer a friend so they can enjoy this free tool
  • Streaming news feeds
  • A resource page with lots of cool stuff like calculators and videos

 Here's a screenshot:

Each icon has a link to something that a trader needs everyday 

  • Link to a blog for a trading idea
  • Link to chart patterns to sharpen your skills
  • Link to the fundamental announcement page and Forex Factory
  • Link to trading videos
  • Link to Daily financial news @ Benzinga


Here's a short video that demonstrates how cool this is - click HERE!


Here's the Download Link