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Welcome to the ProAct Traders family. Remember, we are a "Forex Trading System" not just software. We are a system that will stay with you from beginner to advanced.

So, you want to know how to get involved with ProAct’ s award winning methodology and  software and see if you can start catching the massive pips you see traders capturing in the live room.

So Click below and get 10 days access to our ARM Charting Software, live room and beginners lessons.  You can also attend the Endeavor class on Monday nights @ 8:30 PM ET while you are here.

To get a handle on the Software visit First Videos then Our Special Tools and finally start the Beginners Lessons (opens access after your website access is set up).  This is all a manual process so be patient, we will get you going as soon as we can.

Please note: you don't need to actually download the software if you just want to sit in the room and learn. order to get the website access to the site we need you to create a user name and password so we can set that up!



FREE 10-day trial of our amazing charting software and the live interactive Training room in the NY Session as well as the advanced ENDEAVOR class every Monday night.  You will also have the bonus of access to the London Training room if it is open.


  • 4 days a week live room training in NY and London Session*
  • Analysis on 20 currencies
  • Advanced class on Monday Evening
  • Beginners lessons to learn how to TARGET TRADE
  • Video library
  • Amazing ARM charting software to help you hone your skills - see them in action, no need to download unless you want to.
  • Access to the "How to do your 300"

No Credit Card required!

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