Forex Live Education

LIVE TRAINING ROOMS in the  London and NY sessions are part of our value add for our Fast Track, Live Room subscribers and Demo Traders.  Here we look for the places our Forex Trading Software and methodology indentifies a potential trade setup and learn how to identify a real trade vs. a setup using technical analysis to a target that is great vs. a trade setup that does not have the potential reward.

The room is handled with a professional Forex Mentor and we teach daily how to understand market structure, where the opportunity is and how to enter that trade setup should it arise. 


However, while we are focused on understanding the opportunity, we are not a trade calling room.  We are here to  "teach you to fish, not give you a fish".

Monday nights we get together in the Endeavor Class to drill down on one or two pieces of the every day puzzle so that we can really understand them.


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"Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used."