First Videos

ProAct Traders is a very different Forex company and this is why we are a one stop shop in the market.

Four major reasons:

  1. Our methodology is different
  2. Our software is different
  3. Our training is different
  4. Our business model is different

So the big question is: "Where do I start, it is a bit overwhelming"?

So below are a few videos to start you off on the right foot.  Don't be in a hurry, you can't learn to target trade the Forex in three weeks so pace yourself.  Below are videos that are about trading in the ProAct system, not Forex trading in general.  The length of the video is at the end of the title.

Overview of ProAct Traders Methodology 12:31

Quick start guide on how to use our charts 24.00

A comprehensive look at all the features on the charts 50.00

Understanding the ProAct Indicators 12.10

First Target Trade to learn 12:37

How to learn the system 11.10

What to do each day 16.00

Squaring up 6:04

Let it center - Break hook and Go 7:14

Stops Are for Sissies - NOT!! 13:00  Our Special stop methodology forces us to press our winners

Why Traders Lose 9:21

Bonus video: The greatest charts in the world 34.00

In order to be successful in the Forex you MUST "press your winners without exception"!  We call it the cue ball - here's a 4 minute video to understand how to start this technique.

We have a video library for full subscribers in the Video Library.