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We are really glad you have joined us.  We are more than just charts! 

Sure we have cool charts, but you have found the only charting software system in the world with built-in trade setups which show harmony and momentum entering the market. You will also find AMAZING Forex Target Trading tools to find the exits.  We back that up with a proven growth track to start you off on the right track based on your current skill level.

We manually set up your account, based on your registration with us.  Once this is done you will receive an email from us notifying you the process is now complete.  If you did not select your preferred Username and Password when you were inputting the credit card info then you need to send them to jerry.rankin@proacttraders.com to prevent a delay as your charting account cannot be setup without these.  These should be 14 characters or less.  Choose a Username and Password that you will remember!  

The confirmation email will include your Username and Password.  NOTE:  You use the same Username and Password for charts, the Info Center, and your website access! Make note of this somewhere in your records in case you forget it or have to reinstall our software. Doing so will save you time in the long run! 

2 Things to do on this page!


Step 1) Download the full set of charts from the link below

Step 2) Download the Info Center Widget - ACCESS TO THE LIVE ROOMS* IF you chose that option!


* even if you did not chose the live room access you still want the Info Center for it's ease of moving you through videos, finding the Fundies and getting the trade idea alerts to your cell phone and /or Email!  



 If you already have a demo/trial account  DO NOT re-download!  

We will activate your ability to install the charts on two computers as well as the ability to add additional currency charts behind the scenes. 


IF you do NOT have a set of demo charts then you can use the link below.


 Note: you may need to disable your firewall and/or antivirus programs. 



If you have any problems with the download,  use the Tech Support page (under software in the navigation above) to contact tech support for assistance. 


NOTE:  When properly setup the charts will say "Locked" in the upper left hand corner and there will be candles propagated on the charts.  If they say "locked you cannot work with them" - go to the Tech Support page under contact us and follow the instructions.

Locked charts This is GOOD!


CONNECT - ProAct Traders Info Center Widget Download

A one stop desktop widget which includes the following access points.  The icon resides on your desktop for instant, one-click access to the listed items, 24/7/365.

This tool is available to you only after your account is established with us as noted above.

  • Direct links to live training rooms and webinars
  • Training video archives
  • ProAct Blog
  • Chart patterns quick view
  • Fundie calendar link
  • INFO WATCHER - we post "heads up trading ideas” here. The Info Watcher – controls delivery of chart alerts to your email and/or cell phones

NOTE:  You must close the Info Center down and restart it each day to get the latest login information and check for updates often!   We recommend you always log out immediately before joining any training session to reset the password to the most current one.  Without doing this step you may get an “access denied” message?






Step:1 The file below will install 2 programs: the Info Center and the .net framework from Microsoft. This is a large download so please be patient!  The time to complete the download will be dependent on your internet connection speed. The install will install the widget first and then the .NET framework which is necessary for the application to make all the internet connections that we make using this tool. You may be asked to approve the install several times.  It is OK., always say YES!

Download here



Step 2: Once you have this installed please send  Tech Support an email  so we can complete the process and establish your account. Once this is done, you will be sent an email notifying you the setup is complete on the ProAct side. This way I am available when you are to test this connectivity and see if you are ready to go behind the scenes .  Your login and password will be the same as your charts. Send the email here

Step 3:  Watch the video below to learn how to best use the Info Center Widget:




The Info Center Widget can send you both cell phone and email notifications of alerts we send out.  Please note:   You are responsible for getting this set up properly.  For email notifications, you will need to contact your ISP directly as each of them has a different protocol.  You will need to get the following information from them for the Info Center Widget:  1) SMTP server name and port; and   2) your personal email address in their system, used to send emails via their SMTP server. If you have a Gmail account the SMTP server and port are (smtp.gmail,com  port 587).  There is an alternative that is very affordable that is quite simple to use as well.    The name is smtp2go.com. They are running a special right now that is $1.99 per month. This enables you  to send 50 emails per day  which is be more than  sufficient for the Info Center alerts.  That would simplify the setup for sure. For cell phone SMS text alert notifications, you will  need to  get the format for your cell phone number  from your provider.  This is an example of what I am talking about:  555-555-5555@vtext.com  That is the setting for Verizon.  The @vtext.com is the  formatted information you need from your cell phone service provider.  Each provider has a different setting but they are readily able to give that information to you..


Please remember that these are only “Chart Alerts”!    They are NOT  trade calls!  They are sent out from 3 to 12 hours before the market moves.  ALWAYS check the time they were sent not when you received them!  Alerts are sent via software and there can be unpredicatable delays as a result.  SMS Messaging can be extremely low in getting to you, so be aware.  SMS alerts also have character limitations, thus you will want to verify you have received the entire alert message.  This can be done by going directly to the IC on your computer and viewing the past alerts posted there.  Also check the special notes on the alerts such as   Wait for the BH&G ( break, hook and go) for further information

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