Forex Trading Testimonials

The greatest testimonial we have is that many of our traders have been with us for over 10 years!  Very few Forex providers can say that.  And many of the traders who do leave return.  There is no Holy Grail in the Forex.  Traders must learn to trade, PERIOD.

All of the testimonials below are used with permission from the client. Your experience could vary and is not indicative of your own trading experience.  Testimonials are believed to be true based on the representations of the persons providing the testimonials, but facts stated in testimonials have not been independently audited or verified. Nor has there been any attempt to determine whether any testimonials are representative of the experiences of all persons using the methods described herein or to compare the experiences of the persons giving the testimonials after the testimonials were given. The average reader should not necessarily expect the same or similar results. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. No person was compensated for providing a testimonial.

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There is a substantial risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options and off-exchange foreign currency products and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results.


Note Andew won the Forex roll contest coming in #1 out of 2000 traders.

After researching several Forex trading training websites online, my final choice was ProAct Traders for several very good reasons.  Scott Barkley’s no nonsense approach to educating experienced and novice traders alike is refreshing in an industry with a lot of fluff out there.  The charting software that Jerry Rankin has developed is 2nd to none, the charts are by far the best on the market that I have used.  Anyone that follows the ProAct methodology should have no trouble capturing several thousand pips monthly, occasionally on a weekly basis depending on market conditions.  I would highly recommend ProAct Traders to anyone serious about trading and trading properly to get an edge in the Forex market.





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Dear Scott & Jerry:


My name is Harold Miller.  I met Scott in 2005 or 2006, in Chicago at a trade show .  I was impressed with you and some short time later joined you in your program that was trading the forex.


Frankly, as in almost all business start ups, I had ups and downs. 


The most important thing, I am interested in, is all who believe in themselves enough to want the independence to rely on no one but themselves, should research the business that Proact Traders present. 


I am a live, walking billboard that confirms Proact's motto " No trader left behind."


There are thousands of programs, plans, and promises, out there.  I was fortunate, and found the best first.  Great teacher and follow up that you just cannot find in any other business you would venture into.  Just not available at any cost.


Scott and Jerry I want you to know how appreciative I am.


In interest of full disclosure, I am not related in any way to either Scott or Jerry.  Well, there was Adam and Eve who---------------.




Harold Miller



"I took one other forex trading course before ProAct Fast Track. And it was good. But the quality and depth of experience from ProAct was miles ahead of the other teacher. If the other guy showed me the view from the top of downtown building, ProAct showed me the view from the International Space Station. ProAct's material is that advanced. But it's also understandable, though it takes time and effort to grasp it. If you're looking to understand the currency market and how to trade it, look no further. You found a great place to learn at ProAct, a good teacher in Scott Barkley, and an awesome group of traders."

Brandon Clay




Anyone who is interested in FOREX trading will be blown away by what they will learn from the Fast Track seminar.  You learn why the market moves the way it does.  No more scalping.  No more being dependent on indicators.  You will learn how to read a chart naked.  The knowledge you gain will give you the edge you will need to be a successful trader.  


~Cristl Arndt 





I've been a Fast Track Trader for several years now. Since then I looked into other systems to get additional insight, What I found is your methods are by far the best and your charts are the best out there. Nothing else comes close. Wish similar charts were available for the Stock Market. AM




Here's a huge shout out to ProAct Traders for their awesome education, insights, charts, friendships, etc. From my first interaction with Scott and Jerry it has been a pleasure. ProAct provides a unique, behind the doors look at the Forex. There are no hidden agendas here, or extra things to buy. There is only an honest look at the market structure and how to trade the Forex. This is not a fast, nor easy path, but it is the best path if you wish to become successful in the Forex. Thank you ProAct for your honest approach and straightforwardness. Thank you ProAct for teaching this trader how to fish, rather than give me a fish.

Sincerly Jon Kelly


Hi traders, just chiming in on behalf of Proact Traders to say that this is the real deal. And if it wasn’t for their dedication, honesty, methodology and support I wouldn’t be trading the Forex or have the pleasure of encouraging you to give the Proact system a try.

I started trading Forex about 10 years ago using money from the equity I had in my house because I bought into a system that had the “silver bullet” and couldn’t fail. Well, over $75K (not including the $3500 special offer to get in) and 6 months later (yeah I made it that long) I gave that system up and bought into the “real” Forex trading secret system that couldn’t fail. And after slowly realizing the continued loss of capital I changed to the “ultimate super forex” system that guaranteed I’d make a ton of money in the Forex. Needless to say after a 5 year run of dead ends I quit trading and went back to my day JOB (Just Over Broke).

Then low and behold one of my old trading “guru’s” (yes. Seems like once they get your money you’re on their mailing list forever) sent me an invite to a Proact marketing week gig. For some divine reason I accepted, probably because it was free.

The rest is current history with my wife and I teaming up trading a few hours a day and living life the way we want without the 9-5 grind.

If you give the Proact Forex trading methodology a try you will get the knowledge and tools to make a good living trading global currencies. This is not the silver bullet super secret guaranteed system everyone else offers that doesn’t work. This is the educational opportunity to really learn the how’s and whys of the Forex market and gives you the tools and confidence, soup to nuts, to effectively participate in the 4 Trillion dollar a day business called the Forex.

Caveat: YOU have to do the work. They will not do it for you. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Scott and crew will teach you how to “fish” not give you the fish. If that’s not what you’re looking for then you need to go to these web sites and pay these guys for their super secret guaranteed systems:

Monthly Profit - Daily Trading using SMA

THE only Pattern (oh really?)

Highest Open / Lowest Open Trade (um, what?)

Scalpers Go Here (are they looking for native Americans?)

The Really Useless Thread (I should have started here. Could have saved a bundle of $)

PVSRA Scalping with Cigarguy (I don’t even know what language that is)

And of course my personal favorite; Planetary Cycles Trading (EUR/USD)

Cheers and hope to see you in the room,

Rob T






I started trading without any education beyond a demo account for three months and a software package I bought that was supposed to give me entries and exits. The outfit that sold that package went out of business shortly thereafter. Does any of this sound familiar?


I also tried varying my trading strategy, or more correctly trading strategies, including the amounts at risk in any one trade, because nothing worked consistently. Does any of this sound familiar?


 I watched helplessly as a huge spike crashed down through my stop loss positions and found that "Surprise, our contract says that we aren't responsible if the market moves so fast that our touted superfast trading computers couldn't keep up so will you please come up with some more money for your trading account margin protection." Does any of this sound familiar?


I wandered around the internet, went to 'expos' and followed the trading advice of several gurus employed by reputable firms. (You probably know who they if you surf around the net)  I also followed the advice of several individual gurus not affiliated with any recognized trading firms. Boy did I see some scams along the way!  Does any of this sound familiar?


I was basically treading water, neither losing a lot nor gaining a lot on a consistent basis.  One day I decided to try a free ten day trial of a educational training room. I had seen a brief presentation on the system that was taught at the Dalas Expo, and it looked good, but involved fibonacci levels and technical stuff that I didn't like because I don't like math. But I figured, "Ten days free, why not check it out?"   I learned two basic things in those 10 day. 1. You cannot win as a 5-10 pip scalper unless you are correct 90% of the time. 2. A trade set up that was described as effective 90% of the time and that sounded good--but I didn't buy into the program. Smart guy that I am, I figured to try out the 90% trade I had learned to see if it worked over time. It did. I started to make consistent pips at levels way beyond the 5-10 pip scalp I had been using.  


That doesn't sound familiar does it?  Well, I went back for another 10 day free trial about a year later---and I was sold on the system and the tools. Since then I have been consistently trading profitably, so much so that Oanda gave me an "attaboy" certificate that I was one of their 'Elite Traders." Now that just means I was in the top 5-8% of their traders for the year, but at least I don't feel like a jerk any more. I banked a net of 93, 237.1 pips on my FXbook portfolio since June of 2014,  and I'm very happy with my progress. The cost is absolutely insignificant considering the results. I feel like I can trade with confidence daily because I can interpret where the Big Boys are going.


If you look around you can find this program it is ProAct Traders. I don't want to come off as a shill who makes money off of this post. Nor a know it all. I'm still learning at this program's daily mentoring every day. I'm sure there are other reputable mentoring programs out there--but this is the one that turned things around for me. Good luck with your trading."


Cheers, Bill



From Indicator Junkie to Target Trader

I was just another indicator junkie clicking out for 5 to 8 pips… if I was lucky. My account was ever decreasing and I was moving from one system to another.

Then a trader colleague recommended I go sign up for a free demo account and live room access with a Scott Barkley at ProAct Traders. He starting telling me about the daily sessions with live room traders making lots of pips on multiple positions daily. Too good to be true I thought but my colleague kept me updated daily with his free trial so I went and signed up.

I learned more in the first 5 days in Scott’s Live Trade Room than I had over the last 5 years. I realised I was just on that trader treadmill losing money on trades and spending more money on the next system that’s going to make me a millionaire.

I took my first 3 day ProAct Fast Track Fire hose experience and it was a revelation. I turned that corner and could see light at the end of the tunnel. I joined the ProAct Trader Family and it’s been an amazing learning experience.

Scott tells you like it really is – there is no get rich quick scheme or indicator heaven. YOU have to do the work, study, homework and practice over and over again. You get out what you put in. It’s a business and you’ve got to treat it that way. Being on the Live Room daily means you also can talk to Traders at different levels and learn and share your own learning.

This last Friday I took 180 pips out in three positions on one trade. Not bad considering six months ago it would have been 8 pips.

ProAct Traders charts are the best platform I have also used and they are working on an even better upgrade.


Nigel P

March 2014



"When I became interested in trading I was living in Las Vegas. I quickly became a seminar junkie. I attended as many Futures, Forex Expos, & Money shows as I could. I learned a lot about trading indicators, but little about real trading. The Fast Track Program is nothing short of amazing. I learned more about trading currencies, how they move and how the market actually works in the Fast Track program than I ever did in the Expos and Shows. Just slow down, watch and listen. There is plenty of time to apply the training afterwords. You don't turn pro overnight. Watch, listen and apply.

Glenn E 



By Gillian Huyton 6th March 2014

I have only been with Proact traders for a short while, but after having had a free week in the live training room with Scott Barkley, I knew that the Fast track course was going to take my trading to a whole new level.

Everything I heard in that free week, confirmed that Scott knew exactly what he was talking about. This is not another trainer espousing quick methodologies to get you rich quickly whilst leading you to get poor even faster; he is a successful trader who trains and teaches well, which is a rarity. Many claim that they can teach you to be a successful forex trader, but very few actually can as you may have already discovered at great cost. Their training, whilst also teaching strategies, goes way beyond this, as they teach you to fish, rather than being thrown a fish. If you want to learn to become a successful forex trader in your own right, then I have no hesitation in recommending them, providing you are willing to do the work and practice what you learn.

Combine this with their unique trading charts, which are a godsend, my confidence levels have now soared as have my daily pip results. I am now able to confidently trade with a detailed trading plan and execute it with ease. My stress levels have dropped immensely. I am only at the beginning of my journey with Proact traders, but I am enjoying the daily live market lessons and have plenty to practice in my own time too and I know there is a lot more to come.

Are there still losing trades? Of course, but my winners consistently far outstrip them.

If you are wondering if this is worth your time checking out the live training room for free, please don’t hesitate, I have done enough courses over the years to know that this is the real deal.



Hey Scott,

Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and to say thank you!!!

I am 55 years old and have been trying to learn how to trade off and on for more than 5 years. My story is like so many others who have paid huge amounts of money to attend training classes only to be taught by people who were not qualified themselves! The process is similar to throwing darts blindfolded! Problem was "I did not even know enough to know what I didn't know".

So, slowly, my "reticular cognition" began to pay me back. I was able to spot another "waste of my time and money offer to learn how to trade by another expert with very little effort". I can now see these guys from a mile away!!!

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". And so it was, a video clip somehow showed up in my email. I opened it and immediately saw the real deal. It was one of your short clips demonstrating a trade setup! I accepted an offer to attend the live trading room. And now, I am one of your new Fast Track traders in training!

You have given me tools that I need to become a successful trader in the Forex Market. I understand that there is much more to learn, but I also understand that what I do with these new tools you are giving me, is up to me to pick up and use to "construct my future".

One thing I did not expect however, are the similarities between what you have taught me so far, and life. For example, my wife and I have been an item since I was 15 years old. We have 4 adult children. I knew the real deal when I first saw her 40 years ago. But it was not an easy 40 years. There were good times and not so good. But when things were not so good, we looked into what was not working in order to find solutions. You have said this many times about learning to trade. I was committed to my relationship with my wife and will always be. I am also committed to becoming a successful trader. I know that with the tools you are giving me, that if I apply them and myself, I will be as successful as I want to be!

A wise man once said "life has to be lived forward....but can only be understood backwards!". This too applies to what I have learned in the past two weeks. We cannot predict the future, but if we understand the past, we can make some "predictions" about the direction of the future...and that, with care and awareness (and rules),  we can manage to follow quite safely. Like playing an guitar to a song we have not heard before!  Mistakes will be made, but one can follow along quite well!

My ship is about to sail.....its in the harbor..... but it can only come so far due to the tides. Its up to me to row out to her. That's the effort I must invest! Once I reach her, its clear sailing off into the sunset!!!


So I just wanted to say thank you....for being my teacher! I am ready. My journey has brought me here,  and I am delighted to become part of your growing family of traders. And my wife is behind me completely too!

Happy to be part of the ProAct Trader family,

Ken M


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I started with Proact a little over 10 months ago!!!  At that point I had never even heard of the Forex Market!!!  It has also been the roughest year of my life and after the prior five, I would never dreamt it could get worse.  By the way I am a Home Builder and I built more Homes My first year of business in 1987 than I have built in the last 6 or so years .  I believe I started with Proact on the 16th of February and I could not get enough of it.  I originally started trading with a demo account in the beginning and was very successful, dumb luck I think because I knew nothing at all!  One thing about this journey that is incredible,   every time you think you know or understand something about it you find out there is still lots more!!  My wife & I divorced after 12 years, and I was devastated to say the least.   I threw myself into the classes and consumed my time with everything I could learn through Proact.  I had many break throughs where I thought I got it, only to later feel as though I was a failure and not getting it at all.  It is amazing to me how the learning comes together.  Mean while I have seen everyone and I mean everyone except Pip move on from the New York Session classes that I started with (God Bless PIP What’s not to love about PIP)or the  Mother Teresa of Proact & Forex.  I decided I was addicted to the learning process and even though I had learned all this info I was relying on Scott and the class to make my decisions every day and was not using my learned skills to their fullest potential.  So I made myself start outlining all the currencies pairs every night during the London session and doing my regular job during the NY session in December while checking in with the NY classes time to time .  Well my month of December was very successful and only time will tell if I can be consistent or not.   My record for the month of Dec is 35 total trades, 5 losses, 3 break evens and the rest winners (937pips 20% account growth) which I believe is one of Scott's main rules one of the things on my 8.5 x 11 card yes 8.5 x 11 it and sets in front of my 24 inch monitor so I can’t miss it while I Trade. It is a giant 3x5 card!!!  Be right big and wrong small!  I believe that Scott and Jerry are blessed and embody what is missing in a lot of people today and although they are in business to make a living they truly care about other people and helping them and I thank them for that so much!!!  I believe I could have traded for 30 years and never figured out all the things they have taught me to date.  I look forward to continued success with Scott & Jerry and my family of traders at Proact.  By the way I have sold three homes to be built in the last week and have two more to sign on Wednesday if all goes well.   I will be a full time trader by the end of this year!   I am very happy President Obama forced me to find a new profession since mine all but disappeared,   I would have never found out about Forex or Proact without him.


Michael A.


02/20/2012  Brand new Target Trader


Last week was a good week , made 380 pips , off EUR/AUD ,, AUD/USD , and

NZD /USD .   I got into all those trades between midnight and 2 AM ,


then it took any where from 2 to 4 hours before they got into a 12 to 15 pip profit . Then I would set my limit and 1 pip gain in place and go to bed .

Keven G.



Im so happy with the trading this week that I wanted to share with you! Wohooo! :) 

Made 1 trade on the CHF (buy) and 1 trade on the AUD with 2 entries (sell), each entry having 3 micros and their own t/p goal (9 micros in total).

6 closed micros: 

Aud --> +283 / + 218 / +191 / +120
Chf --> +273 / +191

Total 1,276 pips

3 open micros:

Aud: at the moment +250 / +170 --> targets are both +440

Chf: at the moment +150 --> target +420

Target: 1,240 pips

 (All trades had more than 1;1 risk - reward of course.)

 So great to experience a 283 pipper!!!!!! Yihaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! :))

 Thanks Scott for all your trading advice and Jerry for your support!!! :)) Have a great weekend!!


Cheers!!!! Chris




I wish to reiterate how happy, satisfied and overwhelmed I am with the entire ProAct system, and how lucky I feel to have come across what you guys have managed to put together, which I'm not afraid to qualify as a "Work of Art" in terms of "trading methodology"...

I've been trading financial instruments (such as stocks, options and futures) for the past 16 years), Forex for the past 10 years, and have for the past 5 years concentrated almost exclusively on Forex, which I trade full time for a living... Needless to mention therefore how important it is for me to trade profitably, with consistency and regularity, because having no pension, that's where I derive all my income from...

Over the past five years, I've explored and tried many other Forex systems/softwares, some of which to be honest were not bad and definitely helped me get a winning edge, hence I was already trading profitably before I met ProAct Traders...However none of those others systems came close to the comprehensive "almost perfection" and accuracy of the PA system, which in turn has allowed me to further increase my trading profits..

Bravo and  "Thanks a Million" to both of you...!

Friendly yours,

Bruno   Galardi Este



Since I started at PA traders I have learned so much, its indescribable!!! :)

Since I started with PA 5-6 weeks ago, and 2weeks ago on micro lots, the results are great. Here are some stats from a PA newbie! :) 

  1. last week; +130 approx pips
  2. 38 trades in 10 trading days, 29 positive / BE vs. 9 negative trades.. 76.3%! :)
  3. this week: +400 approx pips

days: 8 positive days / 2 negative days --> Losses derived from counter trend trade on CAD and trading on last a week ago Friday (didn't trade yesterday).

All in all, I am super happy at this moment!!!! :)   A big thanks for you and Jerry!!!! Have a good long weekend!!

Cheers!! Chris C



About 10 years ago, I began my Forex trading journey with a class that cost more than double a onetime classroom expense with ProAct Traders and also paid more for monthly Forex charts.  While I did acquire valuable information and “caught the bug”, I had to stop trading within a year due to family obligations that would not allow for such time consuming study.

This past year I was finally able to delve back into the world of trading and after much research chose ProAct Trading Company.  My experience between ProAct and my previous training is that there is a vast difference of the quality of training and continued education available.  Whether you are a novice, seasoned trader, or even a struggling trader, ProAct’s scheduled live training, access to training tutorials 24/7, and commitment to each trader subscribing to ProAct will surely set you up on a path to success.  Add to that quality technical support, unlimited technical analysis training, daily marketing analysis, live well studied trade set ups in the NY, USA trading session, and private mentoring accountability and you have an excellent and well-formed educational experience.

            ProAct training is not just your 5-10 pip kind of trading; these are real trades (not trading calls) as in 35, 55, 90+ pip trades with intelligent risk/reward trade set ups.  And that is just with one lot.  Combine this with ProAct’s training to scale in/out (i.e.: adding/adjusting your lot size in one trade) and well…you do the math.  This is just scratching the surface of benefits you will find with ProAct.

Several years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet the president of ProAct Traders and to see for myself the character of the man behind the business.  He is a man of integrity who partners himself with staff and support staff who also have reputable character, diverse talent, and skill.  These attributes were also a driving factor in my reviewing and finally selecting ProAct Traders.  The ProAct trading experience and their commitment to excellence has shown me that this was a wise choice.

 Remember, there is no “holy grail” to trading, but there is a difference in the level of education you receive.  ProAct is committed to providing it’s traders with excellent resources and accountability.  Any person committed to do the training, study the material, and continue their education can most assuredly become a successful trader through the ProAct Trading community.

Ruschelle M

August 2011





Pro-Act is the single most profitable tool that has happened to my trading since back when I originally learned how Support & Resistance are used: maybe more.  Being aware of the "desert" adds so much accuracy to my old methodology also assurance from the PATO's; I feel as if the girl of my dreams just told me "yes" to go to the dance w/ me!

 You guys are Great!!!

 In Success,

Jose L Castillo Jr MBA



784 Pips in XAG just last week. 480 the week before and 288 the week before that. Plus 265 in NZD and a bunch in EURUSD.  I’m praising God for what you’ve taught and thanking Him. I’m also back into the Mark Douglas book which is having more meaning than it did the last time through.

 See you this morning in class. 






I have been trading with ProAct for about a year and a half now and have struggled for a long time, as most traders do. I work four ten hour days so I can trade Monday mornings with you in the room. That one morning a week isn’t much and it has taken me a lot longer to catch on than I thought it should but, then I suppose most traders feel that way. I have learned  a hell of a lot from you with your extra classes and meetings in Dallas. You have impressed me a lot more than other instructors and I thank you for that.

Things just started to click for me more after you taught us to use the fibs after a spike in the market and enter on the pullback. It finally started working for me along with the XAG. Since Jan 26 I have entered 13 trades, 10 are now closed. The first trade I lost money on-21p then here is what happened +204,+170,+161,+239,+252,+176,+140,+82,+45=1448p. I have 3 open position at+341 at this time.

I wish I could trade every weekday morning with you and the other traders, it sure gets lonely here by myself! Thanks again. Bob H

Ps: You can share this if you want. I will also send you proof of these trades if you want. Bob H.



Scott, this is amazing – At 12:15PM EST (Tuesday noon) it bottomed at 1.0032 and started retracing.  By 1:30am EST, it retraced to a high of 1.0097, which was 786 on the 10 min chart and 618 on the 60 min chart.  I entered at 500, 618 and 786 on the way up and on the way back down.  It dropped back to 1.0060, .382  on 10 min chart, then bounced back up to a double top 1.0092.  The bounce up caught me off guard and I didn’t get out and watched all the profits go away but I was still in it.  It started falling for the final time at 5:00am EST.  I entered some more on the way down the second time.  It bounced off the -.270 back up 30 pips, then down again to -.618, then up to -.270 and finally down to -1.270 extension at 12:45PM noon Wednesday.  Some of my bounce entries only captured 10-14 pips but they were positive.

Bottom line, it did most all the things you always tell us they will for a run of 91 pips down in 12 hours after 60 pips up in retracement.  But with so many entries I was in it a total of 14 times in the process.  It was stressful each time it bounced back up because I thought I was going to give it all back, but I scaled in and scaled out for a total of 220 pips on that one currency.  If I was smarter, I could have gotten out when it crossed the trend lines when it bounced up and even might have caught some of the bounce up for a counter-trend.  I hope to get smarter so the stress is reduced but a net of 220 pips is twice my target for the week.

 Thanks much for your teaching.


jim C



Yesterday on Nov. 30, I made the most I ever made in one trade.  Before going to bed the night before, I saw a trade lining up and so I opened a sell on the on the EUR/JPY pair.  I opened the same trade on all 3 of my trading accounts (one standard and 2 minis).  When I awoke the next morning, I closed out w/ $5000 profit!  I've been a ProAct chart subscriber for about 4 years and love the charts.  They are paid for virtually every month by my having opened an account with FXDD and making the minimum round trip trades.  I don't even use all the trade set ups as I have, over time, developed my own system.....however, I do use the RF1010!  There is alot of value in just ProAct's charts alone.  I'm self-employed  and have a 3 y.o. and a 1 y.o.......I'm very busy, but plan on maximizing the value that ProAct offers via trade set ups as time goes on.

 Anna M. Smith, USA    (you can use my name if you want)



I am so grateful that I found ProAct. I can only hope that many others get to know what the rest of us know about the organization and the unending support you and the team provide to us. 

I am blessed beyond words. 

Rick C.


11.20.10  I just wanted to thank you for being there and talking with us struggling traders. I appreciate your guys’ vision of “no trader left behind” and that you are the only trading group I have found that recognizes and works with struggling traders to help us become successful. You sold me on your product when I saw that you had an endeavour room/ training. I have learned that if I follow the rules and don’t do stupid things, these charts help show me where price is likely to go. So Thanks Once Again!

Thanks again for all the help you guys give us—I bet it feels like a lot of work, and what for, some days. You guys are some of the few forex angels out there!

Kate R


I just wanted to drop you all a line and to say thank you.

I have had contact with each one of you by email, phone or chat during a webinar and I have to say in my six plus years of trading forex I have not met a group of individuals quite like you all.

I have trained with others from all over the world and I can name one here and one there that have experience, or truly want to help others, or have solid strategies and knowledge of how this market works. However to find your company and specifically this collective group of individuals all with such giving attitudes and work ethic, AND useful experience is incredible.

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Well, I was ready for that last one thing to put it all together and you appeared. I’m not even talking about your charting package which I think is awesome. I haven’t even scratched the surface on know how to use those effectively yet. It is the contact, even a connection if you will with your organization that I know can help me take my trading not just to the next level but all the way to where I want to go.

Since I hooked up with you less than two weeks ago, I have been totally immersed in this forex market like never before. What I have learned from all of you has brought together all my other training in a comprehensive way. I truly have more confidence than ever, I can clearly see in the past what I have done wrong and what I have done right, I can objectively evaluate where am and have been able to lay out MY plan for where I am going. THANK YOU ALL!

I assure you this is a give and take relationship. I may have asked a few too many questions or interacted more than you may be comfortable with, and for that I apologize. It’s more from sear enthusiasm than it is from anything else. I have the knowledge I just need to apply it and meeting you all has helped me do just that.

Humbly I do realize I have so much to learn, but I just wanted to express to each one of you how tremendously grateful I am to be here and to have met you and I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.

May God richly bless you and your families and your company.


Keith S


Hi Bob,

I hope you are well. I thought I'd give you a quick up date on my trading. As I mentioned during our telephone conversation I only get to trade every other week, however I did manage to make three trades yesterday on the New York market at about 3pm GMT. One trade on the EURUSD netted me 45 pips, one on the EJ lost me 30 pips, followed by another on the EJ which made a profit of 41 pips leaving me 56 pips up on the day. The significant thing for me about this is that previously had I lost on a trade I would have either walked away in a sulk or I would have gone straight back in trying to teach the market a lesson. I would undoubtedly lose again, heightening my frustration and leading to further losses, frustrations, etc. A steep downward spiral! On this occasion I accepted that losses occur, waited for another opportunity and entered again when the signs were all there. This then recouped my previous loss and added a nice profit too.

So far in May I have made 21 trades, 5 have been losses, 1 hit my stop at break even. 16 trades have made me a profit 0f $61.13. All trades made with a $0.02/pip and sticking to the rules of the RF1010 as we agreed. My star chart is bulging!

As a result of my sticking to the rules I'm going to treat my youngest son Archie (8) to a new Argentina football (soccer) kit, don't ask me why he wants an Argentinian kit and I'm going to treat my eldest son Alfie (10) to some new Cricket whites.

Thanks again for your help and hopefully speak with you soon,

Kind regards,

Rick H


I've made even more pips today! I've attached my trading journal for you to have a look at. It needs some fine tuning but you can see my progression quite clearly. I must say that I feel a hundred percent better than I did before we had our telephone conversation. In the short time since we spoke I have literally turned my trading around 180 degrees. I have gone from being totally despondent and ready to give in to being incredibly focused and for once I honestly believe that I can make some substantial gains in the years to come. I am 43 now, I've made a promise to my wife that we will be financially independent by the time I reach 55. If I just stick to the RF1010 and follow the rules I could well be there by the time I am 50.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact me Bob. I owe you an awful lot for the support and encouragement.

Hopefully we can speak again soon.

Kind regards,

Rick H


I spent most of last week going through the RF1010 tutorial and then studying the charts logging potential set ups and their outcomes. This week I have made six trades and all have ended in profit. One reached it's target the others have hit their trailing stops, but all in profit. I started the week with $1355.81 and now have $1391.35, but it's not the amount of dollars that are important. At the moment it's sticking to the rules that matters and by doing so I've made 174 pips in two days, trading just two pairs at any one time, at $0.20 per pip and only using the RF1010 strategy. I've been trading the EURUSD and the EJ for no other reason than they were the two pairs that set up first each time the markets opened. I've been trading the London and New York market hours. I'm midway through writing my trading plan and have developed a spreadsheet to act as a trade journal. I'll send them to you later this week.

Rick H.



I wish the ProAct Traders Team a very good year for 2010. A very special thanks to Jerry, Bob, Nick, Jim and Scott for contributing in my growth in trading.

You did a fantastic job in video and material for the tutorials. Easy to understand and easy to go through step by step.

Special thanks for the Advance and Endeavor classes. (No words strong enough will justified my gratitude)

The RF10 has simplified my trading and life, it give me time to work on my charts and take care of my family while waiting for the good setup.

So to you, Jerry, Bob, Nick, Jim and Scott I wish you all the best for 2010 may god bless you for all the good work and time you spend in 2009 for us yours traders followers making us getting better and improving ourselves as traders.

See you next year


Well, you and the Long Horn Five have just done it for us. Words can not express my joy and appreciation for your troubles and dedication. No doubt you'all were wearied and doubtful at times yesterday, but , gosh, fellows, look what you discovered in your hidden potentials. I've bounced around the WEB from Peter Bain to CFG to Wilde and others just to peek: Nice, conventional. You guys are the Olympians in my mind, inspiring us to become self reliant traders.
Further, your commitment to the art and to us tells me more about you as men….Take care, and for Gods sake get some sleep. 

Justin Q.


I waited ten years before I got into forex because I could not find quality training and I was not interested in junk classes or well intentioned mediocre information, which was all I could find in forex classes.

Nor did I wish to lose money due to not knowing what I what I did not know. A very dangerous way to trade, especially since I am supporting 3 people: one 78, one 84 with Alzheimer’s, and one 98 who is dying and has dementia, all who are seriously incapacitated.

Despite my caution, last year, I still managed to waste time and money taking classes that were extremely inadequate, despite the best efforts and honorable intentions of the people who taught them and who really wanted to do a good job. It was frustrating.

I did not even think I would ever be good at forex. Then I found ProActtraders. What a difference! I have done very well and experience a high rate of gains, to few losses.

Thanks to the EXTREME dedication of your teachers, I stay out of bad trades and enjoy better trading utilizing your tools to collect pips.

I am still very cautious and conservative. Still building my trading skills. I still do STUPID things sometimes. But I am amazed at how your teachers are willing to help me polish the tiniest little subtleties that have eluded me for so long, yet your team goes out of its way to help me with till I get it. I have a way to go, after my first bumpy, hair pulling year until I found ProActtraders.

But the difference has been dramatic, and I feel I am extremely close to major trading skills ONLY because of ProActtraders. Your company not only gives you training in the technical and fundamental aspects of the foreign currency trading.

Honestly, even though those are important. I am thrilled that I have a acquired a deeper and crucial, all and most important three dimensional understanding of how the market really works. NEVER GOT THAT!!!! ELSEWHERE!!!!!

Please feel free to give anybody my name, email or phone number It is really a matter of paying it forward. With the kind of burden I am carrying at almost 60 years old, I am sooooooo grateful I found you all.

I am very eager to help anyone blast free from inadequate information and make it into the safe harbor of financial freedom good forex information offers, thanks to ProActtraders. So give out my information as a reference. Sixty year old ladies do not have time to lie or put out baloney.

My thanks to Scott, Jim, James and his Dad, and Jerry who always is there to help with technical questions.

I call these fellows my "Austin Angels." Anybody who doubts that they are great trainers with integrity needs to call me at xxxxxxxxxxxx!

Last but not least I want to say how much I appreciate their help when I first got started taking their classes. My mom had fallen the night before and I was in distress. But Jerry and Scott were wonderful. They were patient and got me on track trading.

Thanks everybody. And God Bless you all for your commitment to excellence, dedication and patience. Anybody who thinks this letter is phony can contact me at (xxxxxxxxxx)

Irene M
Houston, TX


Just wanted to take a minute and tell you and all the folks at PATraders THANKS!!!  Thanks for your charts and endless training efforts, I’ve finally had a month that I traded 100%.  For the month of November 2007 I reviewed each of my trades.  For every losing trade I took, I had broken at least 1 of the trade rules.  For every winning trade I had I followed ALL the rules.   I’m making a commitment to myself that for the month of December I will only take a trade if ALL the rules are met….NO EXCEPTIONS.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 

I feel that with the PATrader charts, guidance, and ongoing training I’m another step closer to becoming a full time trader which is my long term goal. 

Thanks for everything.



Louisville, CO

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