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As a trader, when we start to see success we recognize that our hard work, discipline and patience is paying off.  But, we also recognize that we did not get here alone.  People have helped us feel welcome in the live room, people have shared and answered our questions along the way and so while our path looks solitary, it is not.  We at Proact Traders are more than a live room, we are a community and in many ways a family.

From time to time some of our traders get in a bind.  Sometimes one of our long term traders has a major health setback and are not able to trade but do have an auxilliary source of income.  What if we could support them in that?


Sometimes it is only a temporary setback and they find that next month they cannot continue their subscription.  If they could just get a month's reprieve, they could recover and be back on the path to their goals.  We have also seen multiple times where a ProAct Trader has learned of this and has stepped in to help that person (s), and in essence is paying it forward.

To help you in this process, we have set up a scholarship fund for our traders.  It is a $50.00 contribution.  Obviously, if 4 people just make that one time we could help a fellow trader in their time of need and get them through the one month of trial.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • If you have a great month, why not take 50 pips on a 1 lot mini and contribute?  You had a great month, let's help someone else
  • Want to have a good month?  Somehow, doing things like this have a way of coming right back to you.
  • Paying it forward is ALWAYS the right thing to do
  • You will feel better about your own success if you help another trader along the way.

There is no pressure to take part in this, we just wanted to make it available.  And as for our part.  Everytime we pay a scholarship out that y'all (Texas for all of you) contributed, ProAct Traders will pay $50.00 of the subscriber's chart subscription who is in trouble also.


This is only available to current subscribers and is meant to get them out of a temporary hardship.  NEW TRADERS cannot apply.  Why?  If you can't afford $300 a month for your tools you should not be trading at all!

Here's the link


Some of you have said "I want to contribute every month to help a trader in need".  Cool!  The link below will be a $50 a month recurring charge



Thanks for your support - Jerry and Scott


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