RF1010 Trade Setup

The RF1010 is the first trade setup to learn as a Forex Target Trader.  It is a momentum trade setup that occurs typically at the first momentum push of each session.  It is called the RF1010 because it is located on the ROYAL FLUSH template (RF) and utilizes the two 10 minute charts on this template (1010).

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RF1010 Trade setup - a quick 25 pips multiple times per day

As momentum pours into the market our charts are designed to show the harmony available (multiple timeframes) for that move and the momentum available to accomplish that move (candles turning bright red or bright green depending on trade direction).


The first pulse of momentum to start a move is an RF 1010.   This is a confirmable move for about 25-30 pips with the trend of the day. As market participants recognize the move, more and more traders enter creating momentum and the speed of the move increases. This decreases the probability of the opposite move happening since more traders have entered positions agreeing with the overall move. Ultimately, if enough traders are entering, the market will only slowdown, retrace or pullback as traders take off winning trades since there are too many traders on board for the continuation of the move. This trade is the MOST popular setup we have with our traders.  


We do not take a RF1010 blindly.  Just because there is momentum and harmony does not mean that the move will fulfill.  We take the RF1010 because it is confirming what we already know!  You only take this trade if you have identified the target and it is at least 30 pips away.  You take the trade because you have good reward for the risk!  

junkie  Do not become an "indicator junkie"!

RF1010 trade setup

Your First Trade with ProAct Traders. This trade setup ROCKS! It may be the only trade setup you ever need. Get success faster by absorbing this tutorial. All traders SHOULD watch this video first.

RF1010 trade setup

VERY IMPORTANT: After you have watched the above video - In order to really digest this you should go here now.

NOTE:  A trade Setup is just that - NOT A TRADE!  Our charts can identify harmony and momentum for a move but they CANNOT determine the barriers to that move!  That is the traders job.  You do not blindly trade ANY setup (ours or anyone elses) since you may be trading right into a trend wall, a Fibonnacci level, a previous support or resistance (PSR) or a T30 ( from the Pivot Point).  If what you just read does not make sense-spend some time doing the FREE beginners lessons on the beginners page CLICK HERE

checkmarkHere is a PDF Checklist that you can download and print while you are learning this setup CLICK HERE

This is a trending trade with only a few rules so it is easiest to master. Start with these pairs: EURUSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, NZDUSD ( remember that the USDCHF USUALLY moves opposite of the EURUSD - so don't trade both at the same time).

But how do I find the targets?  Here is the simplest way when you are just starting out.  CLICK HERE for the Video.

(note: if you understand Fibs and Previous support and resistance - look for confluence of those values PLUS the HSI)

Watch a recorded RF1010 live trade

Here's a live trade setup we entered - we cut it down to 2 minutes. 

Live RF1010 trade

Here's another one with 2 trades for +100 pips - edited to only 8 minutes

2 live trades


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