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We are not tax professionals so we cannot help you in any way with setting yourself up in your trading business.  Therefore we have 2 companies that you can interview and decide which is best for you.  Either way - you NEED to set yourself up correctly to take advantage of the special status the IRS gives to traders.

NOTE:  We are not endosing either of these companies - only providing this information as a service to our subscribers.  Choose wisely.

Traders Accounting

15396 N 83rd Ave Suite D-100

Peoria AZ, 85381

1-800-938-9513 ext.215

Green Company

Robert A. Green


Mar 03 10 - Dangerous entity scams targeting traders, part 3: Education expenses are a problem in dual-entity schemes 
Feb 27 10 - Dangerous entity scams targeting traders, part 2: Are trading education, seminars and travel expenses tax deductible? 
Feb 15 10 - Dangerous entity scams targeting traders, part 1: Dual-entity schemes don’t deliver business treatment without qualification for trader tax status



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