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Our camp we built in Romania


ProAct Traders Believes In Giving Back

Click the picture (of our Romania camp that Jerry and I built (along with a ton of supporters) upper right  to see full size

Our Giving Projects are below

2016 Christmas Present project


We  believe that our traders would like a place to move a small amount of money that will have a huge difference.  We do two (2) fundraisers per year. 


A Romanian Summer camp project  and our Romanian Christmas present project in cooperation with Samaritans Purse.


Every year we receive in Romania, thousands of presents which are then distributed to underprivileged children in rural Romania.  These presents go to small villages, orphanages (we add a pizza party at each of these), gypsy camps and to children who will never get a present at all unless we can get one in their hands.


This year we have already received 8,000 presents to deliver (see below).  How can we do it? 



Glad you asked.  ProAct Traders sponsors and fills hundreds of volunteers cars up with gas to get these delivered in the mountains of Transylvania.  Gas is $7.00 a gallon and typically represents 23% of an average Romanians daily salary.  As you can see, unless we help this project will not take place.


So, each year Jerry and I match your contributions.  


Here are lots of pictures from 2016!  CLICK HERE


Short videos below - watch in FUll Screen (lower right hand corner)

Wow watch this desperately poor Mom give some joy to here 4 kids life.  WOW - they have never gotten a present so do not know how to open one.

Here's a stoll through a Gypsy village and presents given out

Watch a young boy open his present 


ProAct individual traders donated $3200 and ProAct Traders Inc. Matched that for a total of $6460.00





2016 Summer Camps

Every summer ProAct Sponsors camps for orphans, gypsies and poor children in rural Romania.  You help make this a reality.  100% goes to the camps-no admin costs!  It costs about $70.00 per child for a week in camp.  This includes lodging, food and transportation (we rent buses to pick them up), and pays the helpers a small stipend for helping.  Each camp has about 40-60 kids in them.


This year traders gave $3,340
ProAct had a match of $2,000
All was matched with an $11,000 matching gift

Total raised is $16,340

Summer 2016 Camp sponsorship

Click here to see pictures from the 2016 camps




2015 Christmas Shoe Box Project 


Thanks to all our Traders, Buckner Organization and Central Baptist Church for making these children's lives a little better!

Below is a big THANK YOU from an Orphanage


They took a few videos so you could see what it takes to deliver these presents


Drive to a Gypsy village (they have to follow the river to get to them)  Best Viewed in Full Screen

Video 1
Video 2  Look out for horse drawn transportation
Gyspy kids get their first presents
This house has 9 children in it - it is a one room house - note the stove is also the heat for the house.  No Car - Horseback!


Here are lots of pictures!  CLICK HERE


$6,470 raised from Traders + $2000 Matching Challenge from Pip + $100 in private check (both made to the church)=  $8570

Proact Traders Matched that $8570 x 2 = $17,140!!   


Goal: deliver 10,200 Christmas presents to needy Romanian children

Why?  The gifts are prepared by individuals all over the world and then collected and sent to their destinations by Samaritans Purse. But to deliver this many presents in rural Romania requires hundreds of volunteers to drive hundreds of kilometers.  1 gallon of gas costs the average Romanian 26.41% of their daily income.  We sponsor those volunteer drivers and the kids and we have to make up the difference!  At the orphanages and hospitals we provide a pizza party for all - imagine what that is like for an orphan!

You can donate as little as $10 to as much as you want in multiples of $10 USD - ProAct Traders LLC WILL MATCH YOUR DONATION!  

Here are the presents being delivered to our warehouse:

2015 Summer Camps

Every summer ProAct Sponsors camps for orphans, gypsies and poor children in rural Romania.  You help make this a reality.  100% goes to the camps-no admin costs!  It costs about $70.00 per child for a week in camp.  This includes lodging, food and transportation (we rent buses to pick them up), and pays the helpers a small stipend for helping.  Each camp has about 40-60 kids in them.

Click here to see pictures from the camps


Here is how we did!!!!

Thank you!


Online contributions  $3560

Checks sent  $3290

Pip’s challenge  $1500


Total  $7350


ProAct Traders match  $ 7350


Grand Total for camp sponsorships $14,700



Thanks as always for your generous support!

2014 Christmas Shoe Box Project 


Traders contributed $4150 - ProAct Traders LLC matched that and sent $8300 to Romania!


Note - the sign of Thanks below - you made a differnce!



Above is at an orphanage - More pictures of this project are here!

2014 Camp Project - Thanks to all the traders who helped us with our Romanian Camp Sponsorship Project!



$2470 from Traders

$1650 in Matching gifts from some very special traders! (private checks sent direct)

$4120 total

$4120 Matched from ProAct Traders ( Jerry and Scott)

$8240 to Romania!

Thanks to all of you!  

Scott and Jerry


  100% goes to the camps-no admin costs!


See the Pictures from these camps here

2013 Christmas Box Romania Project CLICK HERE


2013 Summer Camps Project Romania

Raised $3300 + Forex Target Traders LLC Match $3300 = $6600 sent 

07/08/2013 - here are the pictures from the First camp

click here

2012 Christmas Project - Raised $2700 + ProAct Traders LLC Match $2700 = $5400 sent 12/15/2012  CLICK HERE


Here is the link to see the 2011 Christmas project - the Romanian Ophans, Gypsy's, hospitalized kids and rural villages CLICK HERE

All of us at at ProAct Traders have been active in overseas mission work for over 20 years. During that time we have helped 7 orphanages, bought land and built a summer camp for orphans, underprivileged children, girls "at risk" for human trafficing and gypsies and given business conferences in the University system in Bucharest, Romania to help Campus Crusade for Christ.

Up above ( top right) you can see a picture of our camp we built in Romania - click it to make it larger.

We support the following organizations on an ongoing basis. We also have a once a year fund raiser that you can be a part of where we match your gift to put on a week of camps for these kids. If you would like more information how you too can get involved please contact us. We travel to Romania about twice a year. You might even want to come with us.

Below was OUR 2012 SUMMER PROJECT Thanks Traders for below!

From our Romania Camp directors- this is just one camp - we did 6 this year including one for severely handicapped children as well as an orphanage.  Many of our traders helped send these kids to camp.  Click here for more pictures.

one of our camps



Here is the video from the 2012 College Camp in Romania - an English/leadership camp CLICK HERE




Tanners Mission in Rural Romania

They rescue the worst of the worst from state run hospitals and take them home, feed them, educate them (to the best of their abilities) and give them a life undreamed of before. These are the children with Cerebral Palsy, and major mental and physical handicaps that are simply warehoused until they die. They are neglected, in poor health and most were never even held while they were babies. Unless rescued, the girls end up with a worst fate (as you can imagine).  We did a camp for them this year at our camp in Transylvania - WOW!

Casa Elisabeta girls (just one house) shown below. Visit the Tanner's website by clicking on the picture



Vio and Estera (means Esther-from the Bible) have been serving children ages 2-21 for 15 years. During the school year they travel 1000's of kilometers each week teaching in the rural kindergartens and doing "GOOD NEWS BIBLE STUDIES" for children in the small villages that make up the the area of Transylvania (yes, Dracula's old stomping grounds). Because Gas is so expensive in Europe, their gas bill is double their salary - over $800 per month just for gas!  They recently adopted a child (DANI) from an orphanage to raise as their own. His dad had dropped him off at a Gypsy village and just dorve away one day.  We purchased some land for them several years ago and built a Christian camp in that area, right next to a Gypsy village.  You can see a picture of that camp - up top right (click to enlarge).


This is the team who puts together the Samaritan's Purse Christmas Project every year and because they are so good at it, the get over 10,00 presents each December to deliver!

During the summer, anywhere from 200 - 700 kids attend a week long camp. Those that come are Gypsies, orphans and children through High school age to learn crafts, hygiene, Bible study and of course - Sports. The number of children affected depends solely on the funds raised to do the camps.  You can help us do this!

Visit their blog here.



Jerry and Ulli Lillard: Czech Republic

 The Czech Republic is the most atheistic nation of Europe. There are far less than 1% Bible believing Christians in this country. This generation doesn’t understand the validity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they reject the organized Church. Because of this there is a growing drug culture, a 67% divorce rate, poverty is on the increase and people are beginning to look for answers.

So we are using tools that will speak to this generation of Czechs:

  • One such tool is we have started this Community center “Vysocanska Life Center” and through it we can reach families, youth with no perspective, a good cross section of society.  We use everyday programs like fitness and wellness etc.  to create a community of people interested in 3 things we all have in common: Physical Health, Emotional Health and Spiritual Health
  • We teach English to students and this gives us an opportunity to interact "One on One"
  • We are highly involved with the city in our area creating activities for children and youth. Giving new perspectives and hope through our Kids Club
  • Our church reaches out to the gypsy community and a third of our church is Roma gypsy.
  • We are reaching out to the hurting of the city of Prague as well through programs like “Celebrate Recovery”.

We do not charge the community for any of the above - we do ask that they make a donation to defray the costs. As you can imagine, it is never enough.  Thank you for helping us reach a modern atheistic nation.

Visit the Lillards personal website by clicking on the picture


We support 5 families - click on their picture to get more info:

Cristina and Florin Drogomir             Elvis and Alina Filote         Beniamin Husarciuc 

Florin and Christina Dragomir

Cristian & Anna Voiculescu                       Mihai and Mirela Doci


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