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We believe in free training, which is why we offer so much of it to our Demo Traders.  This information is on the Demo Traders’ page, the 6 FREE Beginners’ Lessons, and through the various ebooks and training opportunities we share.  A trader who studies these materials diligently and applies them over time, will eventually learn many of the core concepts of the Forex Target Trading Methodology.  All it takes is the commitment to learn, adequate time studying the lessons coupled with applying the lessons in the ProAct charting software. 

But what if you don’t want study for a long period of time?  What if you are looking to get the most knowledge of our methodology by the fastest means possible?  Then our Fast Track Mentoring Program is what you’re looking for.

Our copyrighted Fast Trackers’ Mentoring program will teach you what the Market Markers, the “Big Boys” are doing and how that affects your trading.  It offers in-depth teaching on the the following topics:

  • The "Structure" of the market
  • The "Real Estate of the day"
  • The "WHY" of the market

Our goal is to help you find YOUR specific trading style using our methodology along with some simple but mandatory rules: 

  • Margin Management Rules
  • Trade Setup Rules
  • Trade Execution Rules
  • Trade management Rules
  • Psychology of Trading Rules, to keep you from yourself!

We have found, over many years of trading and teaching, that traders who bounce from system to system ultimately fail, lose their trading capital, and give up on learning how to be professional traders.  Our Fast Trackers Mentoring program is designed to teach you how to stop this vicious cycle and become a real forex trader.  Traders who enter our one-year mentoring program learn the methodology and the rules they need to follow to become successful forex traders. 

We are Target Traders, which means we trade to known targets, rather than the typical 5-8 pip scalpers’ target.  We believe anyone of normal intelligence can learn to be a successful forex trader if they will devote themselves to learning the basic rules of structure, real estate of the day and the why of the market.  There is no rocket science here, just logical, sensible rules and information for you to apply in your trading.  It’s really quite simple – learn the rules and apply them, do the work and you will be successful.  Forex trading is the most lucrative opportunity around, and our Fast Track Mentored students rapidly learn how to become part of that profession.  It is a one-year program during which you will be taught the methodology in full.


Program Details

The One Year Fast Track Program consists of the following elements:

Instruction time: (Note:  The 3-day webinar and all other classes are recorded for later review at no charge, as long as you are a ProAct Chart subscriber) 

  • A trader evaluation upon entering the program if you want, reviewed with Scott Barkley
  • An intensive, 3-day webinar with Scott Barkley, who created the methodology
  • Market Analysis class Monday-Thursday with Scott, 30 minutes before the NY market opens
  • Daily training Monday – Thursday in a live NY training session
  • Weekly Endeavor classes on Monday nights to expand on the course teachings
  • Monthly live advanced training in the Asian session

Training tools:

  • FXTT Pattern recognition software
  • FXTT Info Center with one-click access to everything you need
  • Large video library to explain the methodology in-depth
  • Recordings of all classes for later access
  • Access to the ProAct Knowledge Base for quick answers to many of your questions

Additional elements:

  • Fast Track traders can also have one-to-one access with Scott via email or online meeting to address any questions traders have, or areas of confusion.
  • 2 months of the monthly chart fee is included in the cost of the initial 3-day webinar – value $400
  • Live Room monthly access fee is waived for one year – Value $1200
  • All Fast Track traders can repeat the LIVE webinar as many times as they want with NO additional cost as long as they are an active ProAct Chart subscriber. 

Total Value:  $17,230 IF we did not bundle it as a mentorship program!


Your Special REDUCED Price is lower on this page


It’s simple, really.  You will be attending live training and receiving copyrighted, intellectual property during the classes.  This methodology cost us thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to create.  Once the mentoring starts, you have the information which you cannot return to us, thus the fee for the knowledge is not refundable.  

Would you like to see what former students have said about our Mentorship Program?  CLICK HERE



Cost $2997.00**  Registration is now closed!


The next Fast Track Program will be  May 20-22 2015



“Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used.” 

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