Our Newsletter

Our Newsletter

ProAct publishes a quarterly newsletter full of trading tips as well as informative articles. They are published in PDF format for download. If you do not have this software, you can get a free Adobe Acrobat PDF file reader by  clicking here.  Click on the Newsletter link you want to review below.

ProAct Traders Summer 2017 Newsletter (PDF) 


ProAct Traders Winter 2016 Newsletter (PDF) 

ProAct Traders Summer 2016 Newsletter (PDF)  - 1 Fantastic article from Andrew Haney!

ProAct Traders Spring 2016 Newsletter (PDF)  - 1 Fantastic article from Elkana!

ProAct Traders FAll 2015 Newsletter (PDF)  

ProAct Traders Summer 2015 Newsletter (PDF)  - 1 guest article by Rande Howell


Here's a bonus article by Boris Schlossberg.  

A good short article.   It explains that your job is to be confident in your system and that a "pure" system will fail.  So, that means the difference is YOU!

ProAct Traders Spring 2015 Newsletter (PDF)  - 1 guest article

ProAct Traders Fall 2014 Newsletter (PDF)  - 1 guest article

ProAct Traders Summer 2014 Newsletter (PDF)  - 1 guest article

ProAct Traders Spring 2014 Newsletter (PDF)  - 1 guest article

ProAct Traders Winter 2014 Newsletter (PDF)  - 1 guest article

ProAct Traders Winter 2013 Newsletter (PDF)  - 2 guest articles from our traders

ProAct Traders Fall 2012 Newsletter (PDF)  - 1 guest article from our trader

ProAct Traders Summer 2012 Newsletter (PDF)  - 3 guest articles for our traders

ProAct Traders Spring 2012 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Winter 2012 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders FAll 2011 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders SUMMER 2011 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Spring 2011 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Winter 2011 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Fall 2010 Newsletter (PDF)

ProACt Traders Summer 2010 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Spring 2010 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Winter 2010 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Fall 2009 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Summer 2009 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Spring 2009 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Winter 2009 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Fall 2008 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Summer 2008 Newsletter (PDF)

ProAct Traders Fall Newsletter (PDF) 2007


"Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used."

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